5 Tips for Getting a Job in a Cannabis Dispensary

cannabis dispensary

The cannabis industry is growing, and opportunities or jobs in the cannabis dispensary are also experiencing an upturn. Thanks to the increasing demands of medical cannabis prescriptions and the legalization of recreational marijuana, this industry has become one of the fastest-growing job markets today.

In early 2019, Leafly’s data team learned that over 211,000 people have full-time jobs in the cannabis industry in America, and it won’t be long before that number closes in on half a million. With these promising prospects, there’s no better time to consider a career change.

How to Find Jobs in the Cannabis Dispensary

Interested in a job in the cannabis dispensary? Below are some tips to get you started:

Learn and explore the cannabis industry.

Did you know that business opportunities in the cannabis industry started in the mid-90s? When the legal landscape changed with the legalization of recreational marijuana, the conditions in this industry also changed. With over 29 U.S. states now favoring cannabis, including the country’s capital, there are more opportunities to learn and explore.

As a job hunter, there’s a variety of options at your plate if you’d like to work in a cannabis dispensary given the changing landscape. Since it is experiencing growth, people with different skill sets are in demand in this sector.

In essence, there are four main areas to explore if you’re looking to work in the cannabis industry. Figure out where you fit best in this set up to brush up your resume:

  • Cultivation – for those with skill sets related to gardening and the science of growing crops, e.g., biologists
  • Extraction – for the experts in chemistry and processing at the laboratory, e.g., chemists and lab technicians
  • Marketing and retail – for those with people skills who can work with different customers and creative skills to plan business strategies, e.g., sales, consultants, graphic designers and writers
  • Support Services and E-commerce – for those with technical know-how in accounting and taxation and who understand the World Wide Web, e.g., accountants, IT and web design

Research dispensaries in your area

Part of your exploration into the cannabis industry is to look for dispensaries near your area. Are there existing business or will new stores be opening soon? If they are hiring, learn about their business via their online website or social media profile, if any. Then find out what you can about the store by searching for reviews and feedback on the internet.

Understand and compare the mission and values of the dispensaries to see if this aligns with your own. The more you’ll know about the business, its needs, and its challenges, the better you can offer what the company might find valuable.

Attend industry events and build your network

The cannabis industry is composed of people with common activism. In a way, they are quite tight-knit because they need to work together to fight the restrictions since not everyone is still open to the use of medical or recreational marijuana.

This doesn’t mean, however, that newcomers aren’t welcome. In fact, the pioneers of this industry organize annual events and conferences to help raise awareness and broaden their network. Some of these big-ticket events include the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo, the NCIA California Business Expo, the Marijuana Business Daily‘s trade show, and the GrowUp conference. However, there might be other smaller events in your area as well.

Attend these events to get to know the people behind the industry and increase your chances of landing jobs in the cannabis dispensary.

Stay on top of the trends

It’s essential to be on top of the trends in the cannabis industry, especially since it’s still a heavily-regulated sector. You have to be well-versed about the products, the laws, and regulations so that you can perform your job better.

For instance, if you’re looking to get into advertising at a cannabis dispensary, you have to be aware of the legalities in crafting advertisements and marketing campaigns. Even in states like California or Colorado, where cannabis is legal, there are still certain prohibitions when it comes to promoting the products.

If you’d like to be in the sales team, it would work to read up on the innovations and science behind cannabinoids and terpenes. This way, you can connect better with your target market because you understand how the products work to change their life.

Some employers might prefer to hire people who actually consume marijuana, but in general, this is not required among the companies.

Don’t lose your chance of volunteering

Are there groups in your area that are pushing for cannabis reforms? Marijuana advocacy groups can put your foot in the door to this industry if you spend enough time volunteering at these causes. It’s also a great way to demonstrate your talents and potential to future employers because they can see your passion for it.

Best Way to Begin Job Hunting

The truth is, getting jobs in a marijuana dispensary is more about service and adding value to this sector. There are major challenges in this business but the future can be brighter as the perceptions shift.

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