Top 10 spooky strains for a high and haunted Halloween

Top 10 spooky strains for a high and haunted Halloween

Pumpkin spice is in the air, severed hands are in the front yard, and everything feels a little…spookier. By now, Leafly nation, you probably know what strains do and don’t work for you. Anxiety is one of cannabis’ most common side effects, and we usually agree that no one wants to freak out during a sesh. That overwhelming feeling that ‘something is wrong’ is what we call The Fear.

But, as Hallow’s eve is just around the corner, we must argue that now is the perfect time to bust out that strain that quickens the pulse and sends a shiver down your spine. Line up the scary movie marathons, pull out the decorations and fake blood, and pack a bowl of that scary dank! Here are some of the boldest strains around that will heighten any jump-scares, and have you double-checking under your bed.   

Holy Moly!

Fig Farms has garnered a reputation in recent years for pumping out strains that hit as hard as they look good. Critics agree—they’ve been racking up Cup awards, including multiple placements in the prestigious Emerald Cup. Holy Moly! took fifth place in the Cup’s 2022 indoor flower category for its sumptuous terpene profile and zany effects. It easily passes 30% THC, making it the perfect paranoia partner for your local haunted house.

Jack the Ripper

While Jack Herer was undoubtedly a chill guy, his namesake strain has birthed a family of cultivars that make consumers feel anything but. Jack the Ripper, a sativa strain bred by longtime California breeder Subcool, combines another of his creations, Jack’s Cleaner, with a Space Queen phenotype. Our research indicates that strains that descend from Hazes and other intense sativas tend to give you the creeps, and Jack the Ripper has a palpitation pedigree. After a few hits, you may feel like someone is…watching you.

Cap Junky

Breeders Capulator and Seed Junky Genetics are kind of like the Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees of the cannabis world, and we’re very lucky that they aren’t enemies. Instead, they joined forces to create some of the most ‘proceed-with-caution’ strains on the market today, and none sum up their combined potential better than Cap Junky (at least for now). This hybrid cross of Alien Cookies x Kush Mints is not for the faint of heart—Leafly users consistently point to its potency—so fire it up only if you’re prepared to get lost in the sauce. 

Durban Poison

In the vein of Michael Meyers, if it ain’t broke, don’t funk with the formula! Like the classic slasher films of yore, Durban Poison has long been a go-to for cannabis lovers with a love of peppery palates and intense cerebral stimulation. If you up your dose, however, this “poison” might turn your home into a little shop of horrors, and your loved ones into gargoyles and gremlins. 

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Ghost Train Haze

If you find yourself under a witch’s spell that compels you to party all night, or need to run through a cornfield to escape a masked killer, Ghost Train Haze might give you the edge and terror you need to survive the night. This terpinolene-forward strain comes from Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, two parent strains with creeper effects of their own. Like a solid franchise sequel, this Haze builds on its parents for a high that’s sure to have you breaking a sweat.  

Animal Face

Werewolves and bats and goblins—oh my! With Animal Face, an Emerald Cup winner from Seed Junky Genetics, you may see the beasts in all your friends. Face Off OG and Animal Mints make one potent progeny, with many reporting well over 30% THC. be careful if you dare the leave the house after ‘facing’ some of this; you may find yourself getting more tricks than treats. 


This one is for the Jennifer’s Body lovers—who says horror has to be gnarly and nasty all the time? Glitterbomb proves that scary things can come in sparkly packages, and this Compound Genetics is about as blinding as the beams from a UFO. Compound Genetics took this cross of Grape Gas #10 x OGKB x Blueberry Headband to space; Leafly reviewers lament its intensity in multiple languages, so don’t feel bad if you get the urge to ‘phone home.’


Call it Mars A-MACks, because this combination of  Alien Cookies with Starfighter and Columbian brings with it extraterrestrial anxieties. MAC packs a wallop of effects and pungent potency; you’ll feel it from your enlarged brain all the way to your long, bony fingers, and your native language might start sounding like Martian.

Bruce Banner

Marvel movies aren’t exactly a scary franchise, but the Hulk has definitely had his share of frightening emotional outbursts—after all, he’s always angry. Bruce Banner is a strain that could inspire you equally to heroics or villainy. OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, both known for their heebie jeebies potential, make a fragrant, electric green baby strain that will have you ripping your clothes off and howling at the moon.

White Widow

Not all widows wear black, but it seems all good ‘90s screamers need a reboot. The Dutch breeders Green House Seeds concocted this spooky hybrid nearly 30 years ago, but its cult following makes it a prime option for reviving scares of yesteryear. White Widow’s landrace genetics means it never goes out of style, and will never stop you from flinching when your favorite movie protagonist opens the door they really shouldn’t.

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