Cannabis Concentrates: Safety Tips to Follow

cannabis concentrates


Cannabis comes in many forms, and both newbies and seasoned users want to experiment with them. If you have some experience, you will probably have tried flowers, edibles, and maybe even topicals. But concentrates are perhaps the most daunting form of cannabis because they have a reputation for being a bit hard to handle.

However, it is a misconception that stems from the experiences of people who haven’t followed the “rules” while using them. Cannabis concentrates are as safe as any other form and deliver the best experience if you follow some basic safety rules.

Here are some tips that will assure the safest ride with a concentrate…

Understand What Concentrates Are All About

If you have apprehensions regarding this form of cannabis, you need to educate yourself first. Concentrates are essentially a pure form of cannabis as they are processed to remove the excess plant materials or impurities, leaving only the must-have cannabinoids and terpenes in the product. It makes them a potent form with a high percentage of THC. It is the reason you can expect them to deliver a stronger high. But everything boils down to doing it right so that you can be comfortable and safe.

Know the Method and Tools

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, you can explore a host of variants like hash, butter, shatter, rosin, and live resin. Consumption techniques differ, and you will require a set of tools to use these products. Vaping is the best way to smoke hash, so you should be willing to invest in a vaporizer and learn the technique before going ahead. Dabbing also goes well with concentrates, and you will have to get a dab rig and master its use.

Prioritize Quality Products

Safety goes hand-in-hand with the quality of cannabis products, regardless of the type of product you plan to experiment with. Pick only a quality product from a legit and legal dispensary if you want to ensure a safe experience with concentrates. Read the labels carefully and get a clear view of THC content to set your dosage and expectations. You can seek advice and recommendations from a budtender or a seasoned user.

Start Low and Slow

With concentrates, low and slow is the rule of thumb to follow for safe dosage. Since these products are known for their potency, a very small quantity gives you a good start. Gradually, as you learn more about the experience, you can consider going high with the dosing. But make sure that you are judicious even with increasing the dose because a little goes a long way.

Begin With a Familiar Strain

Another useful piece of advice for the first-timers with cannabis concentrates is beginning with a familiar strain. Each strain has specific CBD to THC ratios, which impacts the psychoactive effect of the experience. The higher the THC level, the bigger is the hit. So stick to a strain that you are used to, and you will be most likely be able to handle the effects better.

Start With a Friend

Even if you’re a seasoned smoker, diving into concentrates for the first time may still lead to an intense experience. And if you are reasonably new to cannabis, trying concentrates for the first time will likely be a wild ride. Jumping into your first experience with an experienced friend can go a long way if your high blasts you off to the moon. An experienced buddy can not only help you with the proper consumption procedures, they can help keep you in check mentally and emotionally if your high happens to be more intense than anticipated.

The Takeaway

Although cannabis concentrates sound overwhelming, they can be a great choice if you are careful with the chosen product, dosage, and tools. Just do your bit for safety, and you can have the best experience ever!

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