Everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer


A dab rig and flower vape all in one handheld vaporizer, the Dr. Dabber Switch offers convenience for newbies and dabbing veterans alike. 

The relatively compact set-up is a streamlined luxury item for those who are used to more precarious rigs, and it’s easy enough for first-time dabbers to use without any problems. The main game-changing feature is the machine’s patent pending induction heating system, which offers lightning fast heat with no hot spots and temperature accuracy within one percent. Controlling the heat up is key to getting a good hit, and users can choose from 25 settings to optimize flavor or cloud density. 

In general, it has a high-tech feel and will delight the tech-obsessed and anyone who’s looking for an easy way to dab on the go.. Learn everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Switch below.

What is the Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a rechargeable electronic bubbler that has an internal induction heat source. 

The only one of its kind, this rig’s technology provides almost instant high heat vaporization for cannabis concentrates, extracts and flower. Included in the basic package are these ten items:

  • Battery charger
  • Charging cord
  • Ceramic oil induction cup
  • Ceramic flower induction cup
  • Induction cap cover
  • Dab tool/carb cap
  • Induction base
  • Bubbler 
  • Reverse tweezers
  • Silicon box 
Dr. Dabber switchDr. Dabber

How do you use the Switch?

The key to successfully operating the rig is to master the light indicators. The instructions are detailed, but come off a bit confusing with a lot of overcomplicated language. With four possible modes, all for different functions, it does feel fussy and overly complex. Then again, techies who love digging into a gadget to discover hidden features will likely enjoy the process. 

And while controlling the modes can be tricky, the clearly marked “main button” that allows users to switch from oils to flower couldn’t be easier. 

Temperature settings and modes

The rig offers a temperature range of 300 to 800°F, with lower temperatures being ideal for flavor extraction, and higher temperatures pulling dense vape clouds — which some usually associate with a more intense high. 

The rig is pre-set to its basic mode, which comes with five heat settings indicated by the five vertical lights on its face, easy enough. A few clicks on the buttons allows users to activate the “advanced mode” with 25 temperature settings to calibrate precision heat, which is how most people will likely operate the rig in order to customize their hits. 

There is a definite learning curve to operating the Switch, but worth it to take the time, as the customizable features are what makes this tool special. Additional modes include crystal mode, which only works with an extra attachment, and stealth mode, which eliminates the internal lights when operating. 

Regardless of the mode, each induction cycle can stay hot for up to 20 seconds, another feature that can be customized. There is an automatic cool down that kicks in between rounds or if it gets too hot. Because the induction heat is internal, there is minimal risk of burning yourself or anything else while handling. 

Set-up and design 

The unit needs to be assembled, which is quick and fairly easy: 

  1. Add a few inches of water to the bubbler before fitting it on top of the base. 
  2. Next, the induction cups can be pre-loaded and placed inside the rig using the reverse tweezers. 
  3. It’s ready to turn on by switching the main button to oil or flower, then time to choose the temperature setting. 
  4. Note: regardless of the temperature setting or mode, the lights flash red when heating up, and green when it’s ready to go. 

As a whole, the unit feels good in the hands, with an hourglass figure and smooth matte finish. It’s big, but not heavy, and would be easy enough to transport if packed in the original protective packaging. The rechargeable battery life is good for over 100 hits and takes just an hour to charge, which makes it practical enough to keep out as a permanent fixture. 

With so many features to be controlled by just a few buttons and lights, I can’t help wishing there was a digital read thermometer for temperature control rather than a system of light codes. 


When dabbing oils, you can preload the induction cup with the extract, or you can load an empty induction cup and use the loading tool/carb cap to dab directly onto the induction cup once it reaches temperature. It vaporizes almost instantly and consistently every time. 

As expected, temperatures in the lower half of the range produce exceptional flavor, with higher temperatures yielding dense, puffy clouds. All said, the hits produced with extracts are reliably impressive in quality and speed. 


For a machine primarily designed for dabbing, the Dr. Dabber Switch does a decent job vaporizing flower. While the instructions recommend using the induction cup cap to avoid loose particles from getting messy, it seems to interfere with vapor production and generally works better without it — and without making any significant mess. 

The biggest issue with flower is that it tends to burn. Low settings produce a good flavor for a hit or two, but don’t adequately extract vapor from the flower, and even medium temperatures char the flower right away. 

It works, but it’s clear that this rig is designed for extract rather than flower. 

How do you clean it?

The unit comes with a self-cleaning mode that helps keep the induction cups in good shape. Even so, it is recommended that you clean out the induction cups after each use with a cotton swab and some alcohol. 

The bubbler attachment can also be cleaned by soaking in alcohol, though the design with small tubes can make it a little tricky if it gets significantly dirtied. Dr. Dabber sells a different top piece that is easier to clean because of the more streamlined design. 


There’s no shortage of extras for this rig, at least one of which feels like it should have been included in the standard package. Notably, the carb cap and dab tool-in-one fits precariously as a carb cap, and seems like an accident waiting to happen — especially after a few hits. One of the brand’s other carb caps, including the least expensive updated carb cap offers more stability. 

Additionally, there are at least four different bubbler attachments available, including one that is easier to keep clean, and one that is electroplated to have an iridescent hue that changes color with heating. There’s also the quartz crystal induction cup that allows users to operate the enticingly named “crystal mode.” 

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch worth it?

It’s a fun piece to own for anyone who likes dabbing and digging into high-tech toys with lots of features. The versatility of being able to control precision heat is great, and can make a real difference in the efficiency and quality you get from cannabis extracts — even if it does take some practice to learn. This gadget can be a bit polarizing, some will absolutely love it, while some will find it overly complicated.

At the end of the day, it’s a Dr. Dabber product, so it’s no surprise that this machine’s specialty is dabbing extracts rather than flower. While not great for flower, the versatility is a nice feature and would absolutely do the trick for a group of people who were split between dabbing and flower vaping. 

The overall safety, battery efficiency and speed of the rig make it easy enough for first timers to get into the world of dabbing, and embodies technological advancements that will intrigue long time dabbers. 

At $400 it’s an investment piece and luxury item, but worth it for anyone who is looking to take their dabbing to the next level of comfort and precision. 

Photos courtesy of Dr. Dabber.

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