Tempting Career Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

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With the ongoing legalization of medical and recreational cannabis across the United States, more and more career opportunities emerge in the legal marijuana industry.

And a thriving industry it is. The aggregate US economic impact from cannabis sales last year crossed over $92 billion and is expected to go beyond $160 billion in 2025 – a recent report from MJBizDaily concludes.

As a result, when you look at cannabis-related job portals, they show a plethora of career opportunities that support the growth and sales of legal cannabis.

Fortunately, there are jobs available in several areas and numerous skill sets. Take a look, and maybe you stumble upon your dream job.

Top 3 Tempting Cannabis Career Opportunities in 2022

1. Budtender

A “budtender” is one of the most functional parts of a dispensary. Their main job is to answer customer queries, give them the correct information, and customer’s resourceful guide to help them make the right purchase decision.

For instance, you are working as a budtender at a dispensary, and you come across a customer who is unable to choose the cannabis-infused edible they want. Your job would make them understand the benefits and differences among different edibles. Also, you’ll be supplying customers with all the information they need on a particular product. To know more about edibles, and various types of products consumers prefer, follow seek assistance from reliable resources like buymyweedonline and learn about the wide variety of edibles. Knowing more about cannabis-infused products will help you in your career and in selecting the right products for your personal and professional needs.

2. Delivery Executive

Most cannabis dispensaries offer delivery services to customers who are prescribed medicinal marijuana. However, not everyone can make it out of their house and buy their prescription from the dispensary. Consequently, delivery executives are hired to deliver products in different locations.

To grab this job, applicants must have a valid driver’s license, a spotless driving record, and no criminal record in the past. Some companies may require you to have your vehicle and GPS device for legitimate reasons. In some cases, you may need to have your own physician-authorized medical marijuana permit to work for the facility.

And when you reach out to your customers, you’ll also require first-rate communication skills.

3. Website Manager

Official websites, emails, and social media managers are required to manage the digital presence of dispensaries and marijuana companies. And these businesses may also have to hire the agencies that strategize and implement their marketing and PR activities.

Additionally, several cannabis-related websites and apps are springing up that need staffing. However, knowledge in digital media, communications, or web and graphic designs is essential to secure a job in one of these fields. Since advertising a federal-level product comes with numerous challenges, an applicant must know digital marketing rules and techniques.

In Conclusion

Are you looking for a job in the legal marijuana industry? Don’t worry, based on your skill set, you will find several job opportunities. Since marijuana is a growing industry, the need for skillful and hardworking individuals will only rise. So, if your goal is to have a stable job that also provides you with chances to grow career-wise, the marijuana industry can be your answer.

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