3 new weed products you should try from B-Real x Wonderbrett, dosist, and more


With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by B-Real and Wonderbrett, dosist™, a collaboration by Burb and BLLRDR, and a true dance battle event in Michigan.

B-Real and Wonderbrett: Limited edition pre-roll

B-Real and WonderBrett: Limited edition pre-rollGallery PR

B-Real announced a new collaboration with popular cultivar brand Wonderbrett, along with Dr. Green Thumb and High Hopes Supply. This partnership has brought about the debut of a limited edition pre-roll containing Pineapple OZK — a cross of Pineapple OG and Wonderbrett’s own OZK. Not only will you dip into a dreamy and relaxing high with creamy notes of pineapple, B-Real has decided to pair it with his new track, “Mother Mary.” 

Pick up the pre-roll at any of Dr. Greenthumb’s California locations, and download the single for a unique experience where music and cannabis collide. 

Available: California

dosist™: Performance Gummy Collection

If you’re looking for a non-GMO, fast-acting, and vegan gummy, look no further than dosist™’s newly launched Performance Gummy Collection (pictured at the top of the article). The sweets are infused with the company’s nanoblend technology, which provides a faster onset. The moods range from Sleep (5:1 THC:CBN), Bliss (THC only), and Calm (1:10 THC:CBD). Bonus: dosist is also featuring a 10 milligram THC Live Resin gummy in partnership with Bear Extraction House in the new collection.

Available: California

Keef Brands: Available in Maine, Missouri, and Ohio

Ranked by BDS Analytics as the number one cannabis beverage brand in the US, Keef Brands is expanding its reach to Maine, Missouri, and Ohio. If you live in any of those states — along with their already established Arizona, California, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico, expect to find tasty drinks including Keef Classic Original Cola (10 milligrams THC — Maine), Keef Mocktail Lemonade (100 milligrams THC — Ohio), and Keef Classic H2O Strawberry Kiwi (200 milligrams THC — Missouri), among many more stoney flavors. 

Available: Arizona, California, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, Missouri, and Puerto Rico 

Bonus: Limited edition hoodies from Burb x BLLRDR 

Limited edition hoodies from Burb x BLLRDR Gallery PR

Burb and BLLRDR collaborate for the first time with a limited edition hoodie featuring a quote from the legendary grower and breeder Jef Tek. The 100% cotton hoodie is $120, keeping you cozy while shouting out your favorite plant. 

Available: Nationwide

Bonus: JARS Dispensary Dance Battle

JARS is a chain of dispensaries in Michigan and Arizona, boosting cannabis and community through unique events. To celebrate their West Detroit opening, they’re throwing a dance battle, complete with a $500 cash prize and budtenders onsight. Below, check out all the info you need to enter or watch the show:

Who: Hosted by JIT Happens, a dance collective specializing in the style known as “Jit.” Judges include local dance legends Mav one, Standing O, and Queen Gabby.

What: Open to all (18+) and free, the JARS Dance Battle will be a fun and competitive reason for West Detroit and the surrounding area residents to revel in the talent of its own in a real-life setting. All forms of street dance are encouraged:

  • Hip-Hop freestyle
  • Breaking (aka B-Boying)
  • Locking
  • Popping and House, and of course
  • The Detroit-created dance style known as “Jit”

Registration is open to anyone looking to take home the cash prize of $500 and bragging rights.

In celebration of the West Detroit Dispensary opening and its opening day Dance Battle, JARS Cannabis and partner Viola will also be donating $3,500 to Motor City Street Dance Academy.

When: Saturday, May 1, 2021, from 3 — 8 p.m.

Where: JARS West Detroit — 7461 W 8 Mile (M102), Detroit, MI 

**Dance Battle will take place in an adjacent large open-space building.

Featured image courtesy of Gallery PR

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