Safety Tips for First-Time Cannabis Users

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If you are planning to use cannabis for the first time, expect things to be exciting and intimidating at the same time.

Whatever product or method of consumption you choose, going the extra mile with safety can eliminate apprehension for good.

Just following a few safety rules can elevate the benefits and enjoyment as you can focus only on the favorable side of the experience.

A simple checklist is enough to make your first-time experience as safe as you want it to be.

Here is one recommended by seasoned cannabis users in Canada…

Set Realistic Expectations

Depending on the strain you choose, cannabis can get you high or make you energetic. Everything boils down to the THC to CBD ratio. While THC is the psychoactive component that gets you high, CBD is known more for its medicinal benefits and relieves issues such as pain, stress, and insomnia. Having realistic expectations with your first experience makes things easier to handle. Make sure that you know the ratios, yet bear in mind that everyone responds to cannabis differently.

Start out Slow

As a rule of thumb, new users should be very slow to pick up the pace with cannabis. After you have the right product at hand, start with only a minimal dose and see how it works on your system. Dedicate the first few sessions to understanding your response and tolerance levels. Maintaining a journal to record doses and corresponding effects will help. It may take some hit and trial, but you will be able to nail the perfect quantity sooner or later.

Opt for Only the Best Quality

Safety depends on the quality of products, so never compromise with it even if you have to spend a tad more. Thankfully, it is easy to buy weed online in Canada without worrying about quality because many legal dispensaries are selling them. Pick a seller you can trust and go through the reviews of genuine buyers for extra assurance. As long as you invest in quality cannabis, you will be safe even during your first time.

Choose the Right Time

Beginners must assume that the first session will hit them hard, so timing it judiciously will keep you on the safe side. Choose later hours of the day for the first few times because there isn’t much to do. Even if the first dose gets you high, you can sleep over it. Once you are comfortable with the initial experience, you can switch up timings according to your preference.

Talk to an Expert User

The final piece of advice that experienced Canadian users have for newbies is to get some guidance before taking the plunge. It is best to have someone seasoned around because they can help you deal with the first high. You must stay hydrated and have nutritious snacks at hand because you will feel the munchies. Listen to your body and stop when it signals that you have had enough. Ensure that you are in a comfortable setting.

The Takeaway

Safety with your first cannabis session shouldn’t be something to worry about, provided that you follow this checklist. It is worth doing because a safe experience is always a happy one.

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