5 weed products Stoned+Toned founder Morgan English can’t live without


Cannabis and cardio aren’t as far-fetched of a pairing as one might believe thanks to Stoned+Toned founder Morgan English, an entrepreneurial spirit who’s created a community and lifestyle brand around smoking and sweating. 

The idea originally sparked six years ago when English noticed a gap in the cannabis industry. “Nothing felt created for a productive, go-getter type of stoner,” said English. “Since I was already a photographer, I decided to start an Instagram page dedicated specifically to cannabis lifestyle photography and it really took off. Early on, while I was focusing on cannabis lifestyle photography, I knew I wanted to do something with cannabis and movement; I just didn’t know exactly what it would look like.” 

English shared that cannabis was a turning point for her when it came to working out. “I grew up with all the wrong messaging about exercise and body image, and cannabis was a key piece in undoing all of that and finding joy in movement again … During a smoke session, the name [Stoned+Toned] popped into my mind and I immediately grabbed the URLs for the concept. It took another four years of working, saving up, and figuring out exactly what Stoned+Toned would be before I was able to make the leap and start building it.”

English described the combination of cannabis and movement as pure magic. Some of the sessions that entice Stoned+Toned’s community include plyometrics and cardio, movement and strength, yoga and meditation, and sculpt and cardio.

“Cannabis gives you waves of energy, allows for a deeper mind-body connection, and brings you to the present moment. Movement is medicine. Our bodies were designed to move, not live the lives we do behind computers and working 60-hour weeks. So when you combine cannabis and movement, not only does it enhance the experience itself, it keeps those good feelings lasting even longer than a workout without weed.”

English’s goal is to continue growing the Stoned+Toned community and to welcome “people who feel like fitness misfits.” 

Here are five cannabis products Morgan English can’t live without. 

Mimosa by WYLLOW cannabis strain 

An amazing sativa-dominant strain that pairs well with every type of workout, whether you’re doing a restorative flow or a high-intensity routine, grab WYLLOW’s Mimosa and you won’t be let down. Available in California. 

Find Mimosa by WYLLOW

Find Mimosa

Session Goods pipe

This Session Goods pipe comes with a carrying case which makes it perfect for on-the-go days. You can pack a bowl ahead of time and throw it in a workout bag or clip it to a yoga mat strap. It’s the perfect-sized bowl for a workout and it hits super smooth.

HOJ KLIP grinder

This Klip Grinder by Hoj actually slices your cannabis. It comes with different-sized graters as well, allowing you to decide how minced you’d like your weed to be.

Omura vaporizer

Gentle on the lungs while delivering an amazing high, the Omura vaporizer is a staple smoking device that English keeps in rotation for workouts. Even if you aren’t in California, you can purchase the Omura and flower sticks to fill on your own. 

Raw Cone Rolling Machine

“I won’t lie, I cannot roll a joint!” said English, “And damn do the Raw cones come in handy to roll a perfect joint every time.”

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