It’s time for a Northern Lights resurgence

It’s time for a Northern Lights resurgence

Northern Lights is one of the best strains ever, but chances are, you haven’t come across it in a while. It’s become a rarity from the surge of crossbreeding with so many other strains on the market. Its original genetics seem to be almost extinct. 

And though you may have an easier time finding it on the East Coast, unless you grow it or know someone who does, you probably won’t come across it in a dispensary any time soon. So it’s time for a Northern Lights resurgence. 

How does Northern Lights smoke?

Well. Very well.

Not to be confused with the polar lights, Northern Lights is an old-school strain that’s a descendant of Afghani and Thai landrace strains, though its exact parentage is unknown. Afghani strains are the backbone of indica genetics and can be found in the lineage in most of your favorite slobber-knocking cultivars if you trace their genetics back.

Pipe full of cannabis on table with jar of weed and lighterGina Coleman/Weedmaps

You get a vast array of flavors with Northern Lights. The most commonly reported are spicy, herbal, and floral; it definitely tastes like an old-school indica with that classic hashy-earthy flavor. It also has a slight sweetness — shoutout to those Afghani genetics, amirite?

Effects-wise, the top reported are relaxed, sleepy, and happy. Simply put, you’ll be absolutely smacked if you burn down a full joint of Northern Lights. It should probably be reserved for when the day’s more important tasks are complete. 

The magic of the first hit of Northern Lights

I first smoked Northern Lights in 2009 as a college sophomore. There were no legal dispensaries around then, just random dudes skipping class to keep campus highed up. And what you saw was what you got. 

One time, and only one time, I happened to luck up on some Northern Lights from “the dude.” Boy. He had outdone himself with that one cause it was the definition of loud — some real deal stank. An eighth in a sandwich bag stunk up the entire car on the drive home and then the apartment when I brought it inside.

The same held true when I broke it down, rolled it up, and lit that bitch. A lil’ paper full of some dark-green-leaved Northern Lights stunk up the entire apartment complex. I was on the third floor, and when I walked down to the first floor, that funky ass weed smelled like it was right next to me. Immediately, I fell in love. 

Joint burning on ashtray Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Then, the high. 

Man, listen — eyes were low, spirits were up, and I was sunk deep into my seat. My roommate and I passed the joint and sat out on the balcony for hours. Damn, I’m so thankful that good weed exists.

Since then, I’ve smoked hundreds of other cannabis strains and a thousand more joints, but my first Northern Lights experience was one of the most potent smokes I’ve ever inhaled. 

Why Northern Lights needs a comeback

We need Northern Lights back on shelves and back in this world — and I mean some high-quality Northern Lights. 


These days, it’s hard to come across cannabis strains that will sit you on your ass. If there were some genuine Northern Lights or Northern Lights #5 buds on shelves, we could end the search for that elusive experience where you damn near forget your name while sitting on the couch in a stupor.


Aside from potency and relaxation, a reintroduction of Northern Lights can keep other classic strains alive. Have you ever come across authentic Durban Poison? Or real deal Super Silver Haze? There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment when you know you’ve stumbled upon a piece of history that your homies probably haven’t smoked in a long time.

It also feels good to smoke something that’s not called Lemon Cherry Purple Nurple Razzle Dazzle Runtz or whatever. 

That prideful feeling is why keeping those classics alive is so important. Just as we honor legendary growers and OG brands, we should honor legendary strains and products. It sucks that choosing strains has to be a smart business decision, but man, I hope some expert cultivators sit that thought aside for at least a few runs of Northern Lights. 

New and unique crosses

The appearance of Northern Lights would bring out new-school crosses and flavors. Just think, what would Northern Lights crossed with Zkittlez or Gelato hit like? No clue, but I would damn sure love to find out. 

Sanoma Farms outdoor grown cannabisGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Bringing back Northern Lights would present breeders and growers an opportunity to get creative. And if they happen to find some hitters, we’d likely see those strains in cannabis competitions like Zalympix and at trade shows like Hall of Flowers.

A final plea for Northern Lights

Anyone who’s ever smoked Northern Lights will surely tell you how potent and fire it is. The flavors hit, the smoke hits, the high hits — everything about it is great. With that knowledge, I plea for a resurgence so that new consumers can experience and enjoy one of the best cannabis strains that’s ever existed. 

The people need it.

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