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If you plan to grow some marijuana this season, you have probably started perusing the different strain options. Online seed banks have a dizzying array of types of strains for sale, so it isn’t always easy to decide which one(s) to buy. Buying a feminized cannabis seed variety pack is a great way to try different strains out without breaking the bank.

Should You Buy Feminized Seed Variety Packs?

When deciding which seeds to buy for your marijuana garden, you can’t go wrong selecting a feminized seed variety pack. Variety packs are a great way for beginners and veterans alike. They allow the grower to try many different types of seeds and have a variety to choose from at the end of your grow, all from ordering only one package of seeds! The various themes of the variety packs mean that you can select the most important quality to you — whether that means fruity flavors or THC-heavy attributes — and you can be sure to try new ones while enjoying yourself.

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Whether you are interested in trying out different strains to see how they suit you or just want a wider variety of options to use after harvesting, you can not overstate the mix pack’s value. It is simply a lower price point than buying each seed separately and gives you more bang for your buck. It’s all the better when the seeds are all feminized since you’re less likely to waste your time growing males.

The Best Deals on Marijuana Seed Variety Packs Online 

Not only are there tons of different strains to choose from, but there are also lots of different online seed banks to choose from! To make your decision a little bit easier, let’s take a look at some of the best deals on feminized seed variety packs out there now.


I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM has a huge selection of variety packs as well as different types of individual strains. We like to provide detailed information on every strain (and every mix pack). We also guarantee germination. That means, if any of your seeds have any issues with germination, we will send you replacements for free. We are based in Holland and have been around for more than two decades — which is ancient when it comes to the internet and marijuana legalization! The following variety packs are just three of many options.

Beginner Mix

Beginner Mix is a variety pack ideal for those who are just starting with growing. The three strains included: White Widow feminized, AK-47 feminized, and Bubble Gum feminized, are popular favorites that are especially known for being easy to grow.

ILGM - Beginner Mix
Beginner Mix

Buy Beginner Mix

Amsterdam Classics Mix

Amsterdam Classics Mix also includes the strain White Widow (60% indica), as it is a popular strain found in all the Amsterdam coffee shops and grown around the world. The other two strains, Power Plant (65% sativa) and Jack Herer (60% sativa) are other Dutch classics that bring high quality and a nice variety of balanced hybrid strains.

ILGM - Amsterdam Classics Mix
Amsterdam Classics Mix

Buy Amsterdam Classics

Autoflower Sweet Mix

Autoflower Sweet Mix is just one variety pack of a number of autoflower mixes; the others are Autoflower Mix, Autoflower Super Mix, and Autoflower Snack Mix. Autoflower Sweet Mix is for those who want to grow autoflowers and have a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to their preferred weed flavors; Zkittlez Auto, Gelato Auto, and Wedding Cake Auto are all included in this one.

ILGM - Autoflower Sweet Mix
Autoflower Sweet Mix

Buy Auto Sweet Mix


MSNL is another solid seed bank that ships all over the world. They are known for their affordable prices and are particularly good for those planning to order their seeds in bulk. That said, they also have a large number of mix packs available; these are just three of their many options.

Budget Feminized Seed Pack

MSNL’s Budget Feminized Seed Pack is a reasonably priced option for those wanting to grow some classic marijuana strains. All three strains, OG Kush, Blue Dream, and White Widow Skunk, are feminized, so there won’t be any strains wasted here. You get 5 seeds of each (15 total) or 10 seeds of each (30 total), depending on how many plants you want to grow.

MSNL - Budget Feminized Marijuana Seed Pack
Budget Feminized Marijuana Seed Pack

Terpenes Mix Packs

The Terpenes Mix Packs are different variety packs based on specific terpenes. In other words, you can sort out your favorite flavor, figure out which terpenes bring out those flavors, and choose a variety pack based on that. If you want warm, spicy scents, you might want to go with the Caryophyllene Terpene Pack. If you love more citrus flavors, go for the Limonene Terpene Pack.

MSNL - Limolene Terpene Pack
Limolene Terpene Pack – one of MSNL’s Terpenes Mix Packs

Super Strong Pack – Feminized

The Super Strong Pack – Feminized is a value variety pack with three marijuana strains. It includes Bruce Banner #3 Feminized (25% THC), Sunset Sherbet Feminized (25% THC), and THC Bomb Feminized (22% THC). All three strains are known for packing a potent punch of THC.

MSNL - Super Strong Pack Feminized
Super Strong Pack Feminized

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is a well-known online seed bank based in Canada. This seed bank is reputable and reliable, offering services such as guaranteed shipping for an added fee. For now, they offer two variety packs, both of which are “mystery bags,” meaning you don’t know exactly which seeds you’re going to get. This helps keep things interesting and makes your decision process way easier.

Feminized Mix

The Feminized Mix offers a mixture of random, unlabeled seeds, where your only guarantee is they will all be female plants. The buds will be high quality and will generally be easy to grow as they weed out the expert-level strains. THC levels and CBD levels vary, as do genetics.

Crop King Seeds - Feminized Mix
Feminized Mix

Auto Feminized Mix

The Auto Feminized Mix offers a package with beginner-level seeds of different varieties. You can expect them to be beginner-friendly as well as strong in THC. This package specifically contains autoflowers that are also feminized. If you are interested in growing autos but are indecisive about which strains to try, this is a great deal. You can either buy 10 seeds or 25. The seeds come unlabeled, making the mystery even more fun!

Crop King Seeds - Auto Feminized Mix
Auto Feminized Mix

Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis is an online seed bank based in Spain. They also happen to be one of the first in the world to sell autoflowering strains online. They have 5 mix packs in total at the time of writing, three of which are autoflower variety packs. They call them Combo Packs and contain all feminized seeds. These mix packs are smaller than the previous ones, including just 2 seeds of each strain (6 seeds total). This small amount makes it ideal for anyone wanting to grow only a few plants.

Auto Chill-out Combo

Auto Chill-out is an autoflower variety pack that includes Auto Blueberry Domina, Autopilot XXL, and Auto White Widow. This pack is sorted for the best strains to chill out with, enjoying a relaxed feeling and happy vibes.

Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Chillout Combo
Auto Chillout Combo

Deep Relax Combo

Deep Relax includes all indica-dominant strains, making it perfect for physically chilling out or relieving yourself of aches and pains. The strains included here are Big Bud XXL, Northern Lights MoC, and Zensation. Each seed option is feminized and photoperiod (not autoflower).

Ministry of Cannabis - Deep Relax Combo
Deep Relax Combo

Auto Fun Combo

Auto Fun is another autoflower combo pack designed with everyone’s favorite fun, social strains in mind. It contains 2 seeds, each of the following strains: Auto Blue Amnesia, Auto Mandarin Haze, and Auto White Widow. These strains also have focused and creative effects, in addition to the fun and uplifting ones.

Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Fun Combo
Auto Fun Combo

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seed Variety Packs

The number of seeds

You may have noticed that some variety packs come with as many as 30 seeds (such as ILGM), while others only contain 6 seeds (like Ministry of Cannabis). If your main goal is to get the best value for your money, buying in bulk is going to get you there. If you purchase high-quality genetics, you can always buy more seeds than you plan to grow and store the rest for next season.

Variety of experience

The beauty of mix packs is that they let you try out growing different types of strains. If you’re in it because you can try different kinds, we recommend choosing one that maximizes this variety — ones with beginner through challenging strains, short through tall plants, etc.

Buying seed mix packs offers a variety of growing experience
Buying seed mix packs offers a variety of growing experience

Germination Guarantee

If you have ever tried growing weed and your seed did not germinate, you know the pain. You also know how useful a germination guarantee can be. Make sure your seed bank offers this. After all, if it doesn’t sprout, it’s just a seed.

Germination Guarantee
Make sure your seed bank offers germination guarantee

FAQs About Feminized Seed Variety Packs

Can you store cannabis seeds?

Yes, you can! This is why buying in bulk might make a lot of sense, even for small grows. Store them in an opaque glass container in a dark, dry, cool place (somewhere around 40 degrees Fahrenheit), and they will last a long time. Read more tips in this article

How do feminized seeds differ from regular seeds? 

Regular seeds include both male and female plants. If you have both in your garden, the males will fertilize the females, leading to the production of seeds. While this is great for breeding, it is ideal to have only unfertilized female plants for harvesting their buds. Feminized seeds are all female, meaning you don’t have to sort out the males and throw them away. 

Have you tried any of these variety seed packs? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Happy growing!


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