How To Pick The Perfect Marijuana Strain: A Brief Guide for Newbies

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Weed consumers had good reasons to celebrate when it became legal across many states across the U.S. in recent years. States like Colorado led the way, and things are only getting bigger and better with time as users across the country get easy access to medicinal and recreational marijuana.

But it isn’t just about being able to buy weed legally- you also need to understand the basics of picking the best products and strains. When it comes to marijuana strains, things can get confusing because there is such great variety, and you cannot take a product for its face value.

You need to get deeper into what the strain is all about and how it works. Newbies are more likely to be apprehensive about the choice of strains, so here is a brief but handy guide to help.

Know Your Strain Types

Marijuana strains are classified into three significant types, namely, Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Each category has some characteristics that apply to them.


Indica strains are known as relaxing strains, and you will get a feeling of calm relaxation after using it. Indica strains are famous for “couch lock” because of their sedation effect. These strains are great to completely veg out on the couch while watching your favorite movie. These strains also tend to offer additional pain reduction, so if you’re feeling unwell and stuck at home sick, you really can’t go wrong with indica.


Sativa is known for its energizing effect and is ideal for users looking for a kick after consumption. Sativa strains tend to endorse stronger feelings of euphoria and induce creativity. If you’re an artist, sativa strains are perfect to inspire new masterpieces. Do you like hiking or working out? Sativa strains are just the ticket for you too!


Hybrid is a combination of both, which means that different strains will have varying effects depending on the mix of indica and sativa. You can even find 50/50 strains for that perfect balance of relaxation and creativity. My favorite strains are hybrid strains. For example, indica strains are great for movie nights with friends because you will feel relaxed but also still socialize amongst each other.

The choice between one of these three strains will depend on your preference and the feeling you are looking for.

Know Your Cannabinoids

After you have clarity about the variety in strains, you need to understand the options deep down. It involves learning more about the cannabinoids it contains.

CBD and THC are the most important ones to consider, so you must consider their ratio. CBD is more of a medicinal value, while THC is associated with the quintessential high.

You can explore this Rocky Mountain Blaze menu to dig deeper and know more about these components and their ratio.

As you learn the ropes, you will understand that recreational marijuana is more about THC while the medicinal variants are high in CBD.

Know Your Aromas

Another factor that you need to pay attention to is the smell of the product because it links closely with strains.

Each of them has a distinct smell, and you will learn to associate them as you become more seasoned with weed buying.

Some strains smell sweet and fruity, while others smell earthy. Some even come with a skunky smell that stays on, so these aren’t ideal for discreet users.

Learn to recognize the smell of the strain of your choice, and choosing it will get a tad easier.

Know Your Connections

Another useful piece of advice for newbies struggling with the choice of strains, is to seek help. One of the best connections for helping you pick the perfect strain, is your local budtender.

Expert budtenders at dispensaries in Colorado and across the U.S. are willing to help buyers take their picks. They can guide you with everything you need to know about products and strains, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Of course, also have chat with a stoner buddy or coworker. We all know at least one! Most stoners are pretty open about their love of cannabis and are more than happy to share their knowledge.

And don’t hesitate to take along a friend who knows weed well to help you with the choice till you can do it on your own.

The Bottom Line

Gone are the days of being at the mercy of your local dealer, at least in some parts of the world. In my time, I didn’t have much a choice when it came to strains. If my dealer had indica, well, that’s what I’d be smoking for the next month.

Flashing forward to today, many of us has options, and a ton of them at that. If you are lucky enough to live in the USA, Canada or other country where marijuana is “legal” or decriminalized, you can pick any strain you like at your local dispensary.

My advice is to pick up an indica strain, a sativa strain, and a hybrid strain. This way you can consume as you see fit. Solo movie night? Fire up some indica! Going hiking with friends? Get that sativa joint ready to go!

Hopefully this guide has given you the knowledge you need to select the best strain for you. Knowing your strains is important if you’re looking to enjoy and get the most of of this amazing plant.

What’s your favorite marijuana strain? Do you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid? Let me now which one and why in the comments below…

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