Cannabis For Stress: How To Get Started This Summer

cannabis for stress


Stress and anxiety are rampant among the adult population, and the pandemic has made things only worse. Although they may not appear a dire concern to start with, the situation can easily get out of control.

If left unmanaged, chronic stress can lead to depression and grave health issues. The best way to handle stress is by dealing with it at the earliest. Moreover, you should look for natural measures for anxiety relief because they do not have side effects like medication.

Cannabis shows proven benefits for treating stress and anxiety naturally. The legal status fuels its popularity further. But you must know how to go ahead with this treatment option.

Here are some tips on getting started this summer…

Choose your method wisely

If you are a beginner with cannabis, you must know the various options in consumption methods. Smoking and vaping are ideal for quick relief, while cannabis edibles offer slow yet sustainable results. Sublingual tinctures also act fast because they get the cannabinoids into your bloodstream quickly. Once you understand how these methods work, you can pick the product accordingly. You can explore options like herbs, concentrates, oils, tinctures, and edibles, depending on the choice of the method.

Pick the right strain

The variety in cannabis strains can be overwhelming for newbies. It comes in multiple variants, and each has a specific effect. Some research on indica, sativa, and hybrid strains can give you a good start with the choice. Similarly, an understanding of CBD and THC composition can help. Strains like atomic bomb strain are specifically meant for anxiety relief. So you can rely on it to experience relaxation and calmness. It is a good idea to seek advice from seasoned budtenders or users to identify the ideal strain. Alternatively, you can opt for a hit-and-trial approach.

Play with dosing and timing

Another factor to bear in mind while using cannabis for stress relief is dosing. A little goes a long way for beginners, so starting low and slow is the best advice. It is a wise approach to understand your tolerance levels and gradually work up the dosage. Timing is crucial too when it comes to treating anxiety with cannabis. The evening is the preferable time for your sessions because you get plenty of time to relax once the couch-lock effect sets in. Play with dosing and timing, and you can create a perfect routine eventually.

Keep a cannabis journal

The final piece of advice is to keep a cannabis journal right from the start. It enables you to keep track of the outcomes with specific strains, products, and consumption methods. Record details of every session, right from the dosing size to the effect and time it took to set in. This practice will help you assess your tolerance and determine what works for you in the long run.

The Takeaway

Cannabis is a miracle therapy for stress relief because it delivers results minus any side effects. It is worth trying if you want to steer clear of depression medications but get lasting relief.

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