Cannabis for Multiple Sclerosis? Does it help?

cannabis for ms


Multiple sclerosis is one of those diseases that affect the central nervous system and cause a lifelong series of hardships. And since there is no cure for this condition, all we can do for now is deal with the symptoms and reduce their impact on the patients as much as possible. One way to deal with MS is by using cannabis.

Medical marijuana is now legal in most states, which means doctors can now prescribe it to their MS patients. Doctors can also aid in providing easy access to marijuana by providing medical marijuana cards.

How Does Marijuana Help with MS and its Symptoms?

The immune system of patients with MS is overactive and causes damage to the brain, spinal cord, optic nerve, and other parts that are connected with the central nervous system. Since marijuana affects the brain, it is also used to treat symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis.

Benefits of Marijuana

benefits of marijuana1. Pain relief           

Muscle and joint pain are common in people with MS. But pain often comes with a bunch of painkillers, and we are all already aware of the side effects of painkillers. But marijuana, on the other hand, is a great analgesic, which is so good that it is on par with popular painkillers like ibuprofen and naproxen. Not only that, but studies show that marijuana is well tolerated by most people and the severe side effects are very rare.

2. Muscle control 

Muscle spasms are common in patients with MS, and marijuana is a great way to calm the muscles down. Even 2010 research shows that a group of people who took nabiximol, which is a cannabinoid-derived mouth spray, had lower levels of subjective spasticity.

3. Ease bladder problems

People who face bladder problems due to MS can try cannabis, as it has shown significant results in improving bladder problems. But it is advised to get a medical cannabis recommendation before buying marijuana for your condition.


Marijuana is a great way to deal with several symptoms while minimizing the harmful side effects. Marijuana helps reduce or avoid the need for painkillers and other drugs that have severe side effects. To get legal support for cannabis purchases, you can get a medical marijuana card for yourself with the help of your doctor.

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