Cannabis Writing And Reviewing Careers

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Finding a career can be a perplexing journey due to various reasons. Oftentimes, many people do not find a career path from their educational background interesting enough to stick through for years. All things considered, working a job that does not motivate oneself can be a slow journey to burnout and depression.

However, today, we’re seeing a surge in youngsters who are actively taking up professions in their areas of interest. This has led to an increased work-life satisfaction and happiness quotient. For stoners and cannabis enthusiasts, there are many areas that can become lucrative careers, including cannabis reviewing.

But what options does a creative writing professional have?

Five Awesome Writing Jobs for Creative Stoners

This blog will talk about five kinds of writing jobs that a creative stoner can undertake…

1. Scientific Write-ups

If you have a background in science, or even the penchant to research things deeply, this type of writing career would make you very successful! You can start writing about the medical findings of cannabis, which is a highly demanded skill today. There are an extensive number of studies being conducted regarding the health benefits of cannabis. You can cover these findings based on a research paper and gather a substantial amount of revenue since there are not many research writers based on cannabinoids.

2. Reviewing Brands

With the growing number of online marijuana and cannabis retail stores and dispensaries, there is a gap between their products like bongs or vapes and their reviewers. You can partner with an online head shop and write extensive reviews for them. This is a highly profitable venture once you start gaining recognition among viewers. Another idea would be to start a vlog review alongside.

3. News Journals

There are legislations that are constantly changing regarding the use and possession of cannabis. Be it prescription or recreational, a cannabis news writer works for channels reporting websites that dedicate a specific section to only the news concerning cannabis. One of the largest breakthroughs recently made was cannabis being an active preventive compound against the novel Coronavirus, which has increased the scope for related news.

4. Holistic Mental Health

Cannabis and its ancillary product have become an integral aspect of holistic health and alternative medicine in the last decade. Today, these mainstream products are being used by people all over the world and have carved a niche for lifestyle bloggers who know how to use cannabis to enhance their life. Many magazines and online sites are actively inviting bloggers with personal experience in using CBD products for healthcare.

5. Knowledge Blogging

Even with such a wide userbase, there is still a lot to be found out about cannabis and its proper use. A knowledge-oriented blogger has the job of getting such useful information out there regarding cannabis and its various applications.

Wrapping Up

A job in cannabis writing can seem like hard work, but it is rewarding if you’re a passionate writer with a knack for researching things in-depth. Choose one genre from the ones listed above and start creating a portfolio that can get you your first gig. In no time, you will be on your way to financial freedom if you stay consistent!

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