CBD in Dispensaries

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In the past, dispensaries were only a place where you would visit to browse through a variety of cannabis products. From ounces of weed to edibles, THC dominated the industry. Those who either needed the product recreationally or medically would visit these shops to meet their needs. Then, CBD came into the picture.

This substance has managed to revolutionize the hemp industry and you’d be hard pressed to find a dispensary that didn’t have some type of selection of CBD products. To get a better grasp about why CBD is so important or how it has managed to impact the market and create a valuable niche for itself, continue reading the article below.

What is CBD?

The reason why you find CBD in so many dispensaries is due to the similar nature that it shares with THC. THC and CBD are both chemical compounds called cannabinoids, which are naturally found within the cannabis plant. Both of these substances enter the body and act upon receptors to produce a variety of different effects. However, unlike THC, CBD doesn’t provide the psychoactive effects that THC does but is said to provide many of the same benefits. This has allowed more people interested in the hemp industry that were not too fond of the psychoactive high produced by THC but still wanted to benefit from the effects. With CBD, they may be able to.

CBD Benefits

There are a ton of benefits associated with CBD. From its relaxing properties that are said to help with issues such as insomnia and disorders like anxiety to its anti-inflammatory. It even has analgesic properties that make it perfect for those with autoimmune diseases, CBD is said to treat a large number of health issues, making it a versatile substance that meets the needs of many consumers.

When discussing its benefits for the cannabis industry, CBD has managed to improve the overall reach of the market, making it more profitable and helpful for consumers of all legal ages and types. What once was simply a market that catered to a certain population quickly became a market that could meet the needs of anyone and everyone who wants to participate in it.

CBD Market

The CBD market on its own is extremely profitable. This can be attributed to the most recent surge in popularity of the substance in 2017 and 2018 that helped it to spread from doctors’ offices and cannabis shops to a variety of different industries such as makeup and food. In fact, the CBD market is so profitable and popular that it is estimated the market will reach a $22 billion market capitalization by 2022.


When it comes to the types of products that can be found on this market, the options are endless. Consumers have the ability to purchase topical creams, lotions, and salves, edibles such as gummy bears or drinks, vape juices or dab isolates, CBD tincture oils that can be taken sublingually, and even pills that make the consumption process that much easier.

Overall, the CBD market is thriving and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Your budtender will be able to help you more with what you need exactly.

CBD for Pets

Humans aren’t the only consumers benefitting from this market. Although research on the subject is scarce, CBD is slowly moving to the animal industry as well. From delicious organic treats that make it easy for the animal to consume to tincture oils that can be easily added to food or water for quick and simple consumption. The CBD pet market is one that is quickly growing and expanding as well and you can expect the number of offers to grow as we research how it interacts with different species.

CBD in Dispensaries

As we stated earlier, CBD has carved out its place in many dispensaries and it would be difficult to find a dispensary that didn’t sell at least one kind of CBD product.

In most dispensaries, CBD products such as disposable vape pens, CBD vape fluids, and CBD edibles are very easy to find and are the perfect introductory products for those who are new to the CBD industry.

If you are in a much larger dispensary that contains a larger selection of products, you may be able to purchase other products such as CBD isolate in its dab or powder form, CBD flowers, which are essentially like marijuana buds but are actually hemp flowers that contain high concentrations of CBD, and tincture oils.

The availability of these substances in dispensaries makes it very easy for curious users to purchase the product and give it a try.

Even the labels are unique to CBD. There are a ton of companies popping up so there are new containers and packaging labels that are constantly needed.

In Conclusion

In the whole hemp and cannabis industry, the discovery and introduction of CBD is arguably one of the most important developments. Through CBD, the cannabis and hemp industries were both able to expand to a greater market of people and make the whole use of hemp-based products less taboo.

For those who were potential THC users but didn’t want to deal with the “high” that marijuana gives them, CBD allowed them to access a product that would meet their needs and made it possible to actually benefit from the effects of hemp in a way that worked best for them.

Overall, CBD is a profitable and helpful industry that has changed the hemp industry as a whole. We can expect to see further improvements and profitability as the market continues to grow and change in the near future.

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