Common Vaping Mistakes

common vaping mistakes


It’s no secret that vaping is on the rise, especially among young people.

If you’ve been tempted to try vaping, there’s no better time than now. Vaping can seem overwhelming if you’re new to it but once you know the pitfalls to avoid, it’s quite straightforward and enjoyable.

To get the best experience possible, you’ll need to know the common mistakes with vaping. That way, you can avoid the frustrations of learning on your own and get down to the good stuff!

Top 7 Common Vaping Mistakes

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1. Buying a Poor Quality Vape

You’re new to the world of vaping so it’s understandable if you are eager to buy the first vape you can get your hands on. The truth is, there are all types of categories for vapes and you should get acquainted with what they all are before making a purchase.

There are options for every budget but one of the first mistakes beginners make is trying to save some pennies when purchasing their first vape. You may think it’s not worth dishing out a lot of cash, especially if you’re not sure how you’ll feel about it but purchasing a cheap vape will end up costing you more over time.

After all, you probably don’t want to deal with clothes getting spoilt from e-juice spills or malfunctions. The device could even explode, so it’s best to take precautions by spending a little bit of extra cash for a reliable option.

2. Mixing Too Many Flavors

You were probably already aware of all the different flavors you can get for your vape and you may have heard about blending different flavors but it might not be the best idea when you’re learning how to vape.

The internet is sure to show you how to make your juice for vaping and all the different flavors for vaping but you’ll need to be careful. Mixing flavors is simple but it doesn’t guarantee that the results will be good. Instead of a delicious fruit blend, you may end up wasting your time and stuck with a gross taste.

You can avoid this problem by leaving the mixing to the professionals. You can also buy ready-made e-juices from vape stores.

Vapes are impressive because you can also use cannabis products with them, just read about botanical derived terpenes if you don’t believe us.

3. Not Priming the Coil

If you decided to buy a vape, you’ll likely think replacing the coil is as simple as unscrewing it, filling the tank, and firing it off. However, there’s more to it than that.

Replacing vape coils is a skill. You may be tempted to ignore the coils but it dictates your vaping experience! There’s a variety of coils and they all differ in subtle ways that change different factors of your smoking experience like the flavor or how smooth the hit is.

Many newcomers tend to make the wrong mistake of not priming their coil. This can lead to strains or completely burning your coil which is sure to ruin your good time.

All you need to do is place a few e-juice drops on the wick lying on the coil, leave it be for a moment, and then put the coil in its place. Then you should be all good to go.

4. Choosing Wrong Nicotine Strength

Now that you’ve got the right vape and know more about maintaining the coil, don’t stop your momentum by choosing the wrong nicotine strength. You’ll want to avoid choosing the wrong e-juice and wrong nicotine strength to get the best vaping experience.

Vape juice flavors don’t only come in a variety of options but they also contain calculated nicotine strengths. As a beginner, you may choose uneven flavors or strengths that aren’t suitable.

To avoid this, go for the flavor and strength that best suits you. This way, you’ll avoid wasting your money.

5. Poor Maintenance

Some vapers have the ‘buy it and forget it’ mentality. They use their vapes but they never maintain them properly. Then they’re surprised when they get burnt or dry hits from their vape.

This can occur from an old coil or a variety of other problems. Be sure to regularly maintain your device by cleaning it, changing broken parts, and changing any ruined batteries. This will help avoid bad flavors, short-circuiting, and other frustrating issues.

6. Forgetting to Charge Your Vape

This may seem like an easy mistake to avoid but you’d be surprised by how many new vape owners forget to charge their vapes. The battery is the source of power and vape coils use this battery to vaporize the e-juice. If you’re not used to this, you might forget to regularly charge the device.

This can result in damaged batteries or harm to the coil. A vape that has a low battery won’t work properly so it’s important to charge your device to evade these problems.

7. Vaping Like You’re Smoking

Finally, as mentioned earlier, vapes are not cigarettes. You do not want to draw quick and hard puffs, this is not the best way to vape. The correct way to do it is to take long, soft puffs and exhale the vapor.

This will give you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

Avoid These Common Mistakes for an Amazing Vaping Experience

If you come from the world of tobacco cigarettes, you should know that it’s completely different from vaping. You can’t go into e-cigarettes thinking the same rules apply. Vaping is a lot less intense.

Vaping requires a different technique and maintenance that is tricky to understand at first. Whether you’re used to smoking or brand new to it, knowing the common mistakes with vaping can help you make the best of your smoking time.

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