Cool Cannabis Industry Jobs to Watch Out For

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The first thought that comes to many people’s minds when they hear of marijuana, is growing crops in the backrooms of shady dealers. Yet, believe when the experts say that things are on a revolution. There is a change, especially when the stigma associated with the magical plant continues to fade.

Yes, you heard that right!

Cannabis finds use for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Nevertheless, the government recognizes and admits that the economic benefits surely outweigh the dangers. With the greater acceptance of canna products, the marijuana industry is on a continuous upsurge.

What’s even better is that the new reality is developing the industry. A cannabis research group suggests that the industry has been growing to 14%. The sales, too, are on a rapid rise. Career mentors forecast that they’ll be as high as $30 billion by 2025.

These benefits point towards anyone looking out to cash in a career in the industry. If you, too, are eyeing a top-paying position in the marijuana industry- here are some jobs to watch out for:

Cannabis Consultant

Career coaches consider consulting a high-paying career option, and the cannabis industry is no exception.

It’ll come as a surprise to you, but you’ll believe when you hear that cannabis consultants can earn six figures. This amount combines their expertise in local and state regulations and their backgrounds. It can be as accountants, lawyers, or people with experience in some other area of the marijuana industry.

Businesses find suitable locations, gain advice, obtain licenses with the help of a cannabis consultant. And, why not? Enterprises don’t want to be fined and shut down.

Cannabis consultants also assist business owners in fulfilling their tax requirements in addition to bookkeeping. Cannabis is a tricky and cash-only business, so some precautions hold vitality.

Marijuana Edibles Chef

A successful cannabis chef needs more than the mere ability to cook and bake well. They should also know the maxims of infusing marijuana into food to keep overwhelming flavours at bay.

In addition to creating edibles like cookies and candies, chefs use cannabis-infused oils for creatively concocting anything. What’s even better is that cooks use some dabbing tools like puffco peak glass for picking up a dab of cannabis concentrate or consider a steamer basket, pot mini mitts as per your requirements. After this, chefs prepare mouth-watering dishes- from mixed-berry streusel to cheese ravioli.

A professional CBD chef can earn somewhere between $40,000 to $50,000 a year. He/she can blog about cannabis recipes, work as a private chef, and cater to CBD-themed events for cannabis connoisseurs- all depending on the area laws.

Dispensary CFO and COO

You can work in a state-licensed medical dispensary either as a chief operating officer (COO) or chief financial officer (CFO). Hearing the whooping salary package, you may want to quit your regular job. Hold your breath to know that the position of COO and CFO is paid around $125,000 a year, including retirement and medical benefits.

Their job opportunities include:

    1. Managing cultivation operations
    2. Managing company’s accounting department
    3. Supervising financial reporting
    4. Overseeing processing, harvesting, and distribution
    5. Developing as well as monitoring budgets

Even if you don’t have sound experience in the industry, you can still apply for a similar role in some other sector.

The Bottom Line

The marijuana industry has a wide variety of high-paying jobs in addition to the three that you just read about. You’ll be amazed to see that many of these jobs pay excellently well in other industries. These may be management, accounting, or science.

Do you already have skills in a high-paying field? How about combining those with your years of cannabis knowledge to create new-fangled employment opportunities? Working here is as unique as it sounds.

All you’ve to do is research a bit and blaze the new career path to achieve heights of success!

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