Gorilla Breath Strain Review


Perhaps you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some nugs of the renowned Gorilla Breath strain.

Maybe you plan on hitting a wake-n-bake and productively carry on with your day as the subtle effects of this magnificent weed gradually take effect. Well, my friend, this strain has some other plans in store for you. 

Sativa/IndicaIndoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
20%/80%1-2 OZ/FT ²9 Oz/PlantFlowering time is 45 to 60 days

The Gorilla Breath weed strain is the Indica dominant hybrid offspring of Original Glue (otherwise referred to as Gorilla Glue #4) and OG Kush Breath strains. 

These are both popular strains known and loved for their potency, so combining the two is bound to create a strain that is liable to lay a gorilla-style beating on you when you consume it. 

For all that can be said for the sheer potency of Gorilla Breath strain, there’s way more to it than just that. 

Loaded with an assortment of terpenes that are not only packed in flavors like chocolate and vanilla but also supply a diverse range of therapeutic benefits, it’s easy to see why Gorilla Breath strain has quickly grown such a fan-following. 

And not to mention, this particular strain has immense growing benefits and rewards, so let’s smack a bong and go through this Gorilla Breath strain review together. 

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Gorilla Breath Strain Information

ORIGINGorilla Glue #4, OG Kush Breath
EFFECTSKing-kong high
FRAGRANCESpice, pine, Diesel
FLAVORSDiesel, pine, vanilla, herbs, spice
ADVERSE REACTIONSRed-eye, dry mouth, and munchies
THC CONTENT %25%-27%
INDICA / SATIVA %80%/20%

Gorilla Breath Strain Effects

This miraculous strain was formulated and bred by the Californian-based Humboldt Seeds Organization.

They clearly knew an average THC content of 25-27% would be enough to take down a Silverback gorilla. 

One can only imagine that these cannabis curators sat down one day and decided that they don’t just want to get people pretty high.

They want to get people king-kong high! You know, Empire State high? 

They want to get you so high that when you finally rise from your couch and emerge from that hazy, dank cannabis cloud that surrounds you, you’ll feel more like a gorilla in the mist than Doug from apartment B6. 

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Gorilla Breath strain lives up to its namesake by coming in hard and fast with a high that comes rampaging on, both mentally and physically. 

This hybrid is indica dominant with an 80% Indica to 20% sativa ratio, giving you the euphoric, mentally uplifted, and introspective mental states that sativa offers and the complete relaxation and physical ease that comes from an indica high. 

The terpene profile in Gorilla Breath includes three powerful terpenes. There’s the floral-scented bisabolol, which can help ease stress and anxiety; linalool, which can aid in pain treatment; and limonene, which also helps treat pain by relieving stress and appetite loss.  

Gorilla Breath Strain Fragrance
Gorilla Breath Strain Fragrance

Gorilla Breath Strain Fragrance 

When it comes to fragrance, we don’t blame you for conjuring up thoughts of a giant gorilla up in your face, breathing on you with its dank, humid, forest-floor breath, especially with a name like Gorilla Breath strain. 

Fortunately, that’s not the case; however, it is still pretty dank -but in a good way. 

Even before you open up a bud, the flavor is evident, boasting a chocolate-meets-fuel kind of scent that’s also felt on the inhale, with subtle hints of spice, piney wood, and floral to round it off.   

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Gorilla Breath Strain Flavors

Not all of Gorilla Breath’s flavor is evident in its scent.

It delivers the expected flavors of chocolate and earthy pine backed by a surge of diesel, as well as the pleasant surprise of vanilla and herbs. 

There’s a wonderful balance of flavors from the bold to the subtle, leading to some complimenting Gorilla Breath strain as a dessert weed, while others are more drawn to the spicy and savory side of what it has to offer.

No matter your taste, Gorilla Breath strain is probably what you’re looking for. 

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Adverse Reactions

Aside from the fact that its potently high THC levels may make newbie smokers slightly overwhelmed, it’s difficult to find any downsides to Gorilla Breath strain. 

So be sure to be a good friend and keep an eye on your novice smoker buddies. Other than that, You can expect to have the typical red-eye, dry mouth, and munchies that often accompany a great buzz. 

Gorilla Breath Strain
Gorilla Breath Strain

Growing Gorilla Breath Strain 

As if the list of reasons to love the Gorilla Breath strain weren’t already stacked in its favor, you’ll be pleased to know that when it comes to growing this strain, it’s relatively easy. In fact, it is an easy grow for almost anyone with any growing experience. 

This strain completely flourishes both indoors and outdoors. Like Gorilla Glue, it can grow to a height of around 12ft, so be sure to have plenty of space before you put those seeds in the ground. 

It can be beneficial to apply extra branch support and low-stress training to the plant to increase yields. These methods allow for extra airflow, which reduces breakages and prevents bud-rot. 

Gorilla Breath cannabis produces large, beautiful neon green buds coated in long orange hairs and a generous layer of trichomes that make it impossibly sticky to handle. 

Due to the resin-packed nuggets this plant produces, Gorilla Breath strain has become a popular choice for making extracts.

Flowering Gorilla Breath Strain
Flowering Gorilla Breath Strain


Gauging by the available Gorilla Breath strain info, if Gorilla Breath is grown under optimum conditions and care, it is sure to give any grower a bountiful yield. 

Flowering time happens around 45 to 60 days, depending on if you’re growing indoors (1 – 2  oz/sqft) or outdoors (9 oz/plant).

FAQ’s About Gorilla Breath Strain

Is Gorilla Breath a strain for beginner or experienced growers?

Experience will always work in your favor when growing cannabis, especially if you want to get the most out of a plant. However, anyone from novice to professional can grow the Gorilla Breath strain. With correct care, attention, and soil preparation, you can significantly increase your yields and get the best out of your plant, so be sure to do a little research before you start.

What’s the best way to grow Gorilla Breath?

Gorilla Breath cannabis thrives indoors and out; however, due to the heights this strain can grow, you can expect larger yields outdoors, assuming you have the space. This plant can greatly benefit from low-stress training (the same technique used for bonsai training to increase airflow and light exposure) and extra support for the branches to prevent breakages down the line due to heavy colas that it can develop.

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