The 8 best fire strains


Considered by many to be the most potent of the Kush phenotypes, Fire OG is a contemporary strain with genetics featured in several heady, powerful, indulgent, and uniquely complex cultivars. Fire OG is a cross of OG Kush and SFV OG Kush, delivering brightly euphoric effects with a body buzz that’s both stimulating and restorative.

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Though crosses of this strain may express similar traits to the parent, many are singular strains that, while borrowing some parental qualities, are exclusively their own. But for aficionados of Fire OG flower, exploration of the strain’s many extraordinary phenotypes is practically a requirement.

Below, find eight incredible strains with Fire OG parentage.

White Fire OG

Bred from a cross of Fire OG and The White, White Fire OG (aka WiFi OG) is a turbocharged cross of what seems like two remarkably similar flowers. However, while both Fire and The White’s effects are heady and relaxed, WiFi reportedly delivers a peppier, more uplifted, and altogether energetic high. Therapeutic consumers report relief from chronic pain and nausea.

Expect a pungent, earthy nose and lemony exhale.

Fire Engine #9

Stoners hoping for a social lubricant that will keep them engaged and perky might appreciate Fire Engine #9, a giggly balance of a sparkling head high and a bouncy body. Recreational consumers describe mild to moderately potent highs that are equal parts chatty and chill. Therapeutic consumers report relief from depression, mood swings, and stress.

Expect a flowery perfume and earthy, botanical exhale.

Fire Alien

This cross of Fire OG and Alien Kush delivers a super-balanced expression of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in an even-keeled cerebral and languid high. Wake-and-bake stoners avoiding manic energy boosts might appreciate Fire Alien as a morning toke.

Consumers describe a quick onset and bright, semi-trippy euphoria. Therapeutic consumers report relief from PMS, depression, and fatigue.

Expect a wet-wood aroma and a fruity, funky exhale.

Blue Fire

Those in the market for a Kush/Skunk phenotype with smooth, uplifting couchlock vibes should have a close look at the sugary colas of Blue Fire.

This deeply relaxing cultivar is a panacea for insomnia and anxiety, putting many consumers to bed after extinguishing their stress. Blue Fire reportedly delivers a super potent and lasting high that further develops in complexity after a swoon-worthy onset. Therapeutic consumers report relief from anxiety and insomnia.

Expect a flowery, herbal bouquet and a commensurate exhale.

Rocky Mountain Fire

This mysterious hybrid was supposedly bred in secrecy, so whether it contains Fire parentage is unknown. However, it’s an exceptional representation of a Fire strain, boasting nearly 30% THC and impressively heady effects.

Rocky Mountain Fire reportedly delivers a potent, crashing onset that dissipates into a sedative body high and cerebral buzz. Consumers cite this cultivar’s powerful appetite activation and recommend having munchies prepped pre-sesh, lest your spacey head high leads to some culinary misadventures.

Expect a bright, citrusy-funk perfume and a skunky lemon exhale.


Those who love body-buzz cultivars might enjoy Firecracker, a deeply relaxing strain that is described as peaceful, calming, and “body-centric” rather than cerebral or euphoric. For consumers whose mental relief hinges on their physical state, Firecracker may be the cultivar to soothe them into complacency. Therapeutic consumers describe relief from chronic pain and insomnia.

Expect a funky fruit aroma and a grassy, woody exhale.

Firewalker OG

With blissful effects that are eye-opening rather than mollifying, Firewalker OG should be a stash box staple. This cross of Skywalker OG and Fire OG is a peppy, uplifting cultivar that delivers a bright, sunny head high and an elastic body buzz perfect for waking-and-baking. Therapeutic consumers report this strain’s efficacy in treating chronic pain, headaches, and depression.

Expect a lemon-pine perfume and a wet wood exhale.

Hell’s Fire

Another Kush phenotype to explore is Hell’s Fire (aka Hell Fire OG), a slightly euphoric, deeply relaxing cultivar that delivers a creative, sometimes giddy high. Artistically inclined stoners searching for creativity fuel may find a new fave in Hell’s Fire. Despite the polarizing moniker, this cultivar is renowned for its colorfully cerebral high and smooth, pacifying body buzz.

Expect a powerful citrus profile in both the nose and the palate.

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