Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Missing Out On Sleep and How CBD Can Help

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Adequate rest and sleep are as essential for animals as they are for humans. If your furry companion isn’t getting enough of them, you can expect it to be lethargic and restless during the waking hours.

An unhappy pet is the last thing you would want to deal with, so it makes sense to address the problem early. Fortunately, dog insomnia can be resolved easily in most cases, though it may require treatment at times.

Here are the most common reasons why your dog may be missing out on sleep and how CBD can help your beloved furry friend!

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Missing Out On Sleep

You need to understand the reason to decide what would work for your pet. These are all factors that could be negatively impacting your pet’s quality of sleep.

Change in environment

Dogs are sensitive creatures, and a change in the environment can disrupt their sleep patterns. New signs, sounds, and smells can make your pet restless, and you can expect it to feel restless if you move to a new place or travel with it. Further, a new addition to the family (even a new pet) or loss in the family could cause stress and insomnia in canines. You need not worry much because the animal will probably adapt to the new environment with time. However, CBD can reduce anxiety and improve your dogs transition experience.

Pain and discomfort

The most obvious reason why your furry friend may be losing its sleep is pain and discomfort. If you notice signs such as whining, panting, change in breathing, repeated licking of a specific part of the body, an awkward posture of gait, your dog is probably in pain and needs immediate attention. Drooling and gagging with no vomit are signs of bloating, which may deprive the animal of sleep. A dog suffering from arthritis or other ailments also tends to be restless at night. CBD can help with both pain and inflammation.


Like humans, dogs too tend to get restless when they are anxious. Losing sleep over general anxiety is common, while your pet may also suffer sudden stress attacks caused by fireworks or storms. Although it often gets hard to calm down a stressed dog, you can click here to know more about how CBD can help. Thankfully, it serves as a powerful remedy that relieves anxiety and induces sleep in dogs. Moreover, you can rely on it from a safety perspective because it is not psychoactive.

Skin allergies

Skin allergies and issues can be incredibly uncomfortable, and your dog will not be able to sleep well if suffering from them. Problems such as flea infestations and hot spots are particularly hard to deal with because they cause excessive itching, and the animal may not be able to settle for a good night’s sleep. Schedule a vet’s visit at the earliest if you notice any symptoms of skin issues because the problem can aggravate quickly. Also, don’t be afraid to give CBD a try to help with your pet’s discomfort. It can be a great compliment to whatever your vet prescribes for your pet’s skin condition.

Age-related concerns

Surprisingly, age also affects the canine’s ability to get restful sleep. Puppies are prone to sleeplessness because their energy levels run high, though you can work on their exercise schedule to set a routine. Similarly, senior dogs struggle with insomnia because of age-related issues like dementia. It will need professional help to get better rest and be comfortable through the aging years. And of course, CBD can relax your dog which helps with some age-related health issues.

The Takeaway

Our fury friends also benefit tremendously from CBD and alleviating insomnia is one way CBD can help your beloved pet. CBD oil can help your dog sleep better and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Like us, quality sleep is paramount to healthy living.

And so, your pawed companion may need help with better sleep time and again. As a pet owner, you need to be vigilant about the condition and the potential reason to address it effectively. Try to do it at the earliest because sleep deprivation can cause long-term health issues for the animal.

Have you given your dog CBD for insomnia, pain or some other health condition? How did it impact your fury friend? Let us know in the comments below…

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