How To Grow Bigger Buds On Cannabis Plants

cannabis buds


The cardinal goal of every cannabis grower is to yield the healthiest and the biggest harvest. When it comes to a yield, it refers to the buds obtained from the cannabis plant. It is one of the most commonly consumed parts of the plant, consisting of the spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids contributing to its potency. Cannabis buds brimming with a heavy density of trichomes is the most desirable trait for growers.

While the yield capacity of different strains varies, it is possible to get the best results with increased bud size using specific simple steps. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow during different growth stages to achieve bigger cannabis buds, both indoors and outdoors.

Understanding Cannabis Buds

The buds are a prized asset to a cannabis plant, and they typically begin to appear during the flowering stage. They form at the nodes where the branch or the leaves grow off the stalk. Some plants also contain multiple nodes, which indicate that the plant will support various locations for bud formation. Cannabis bud is the host of several cannabinoids, including THC, a psychoactive compound with potential health benefits. The presence of resinous buds indicates high quality and potency because these trichome sugars are also rich in THC.

Male Vs. Female Buds

When it comes to cannabis, female buds are the preferred choice to achieve the best benefits and effects. The reason behind this is that female buds contain a higher concentration of THC compared to males. Hence, they are highly potent and more useful for smoking and other forms of consumption as well.

Male plants are predominantly used to produce seeds, after which they get removed from female plants to prevent pollination, as it reduces the potency of buds. It is the reason behind the recent popularity of feminized seeds available at shatter store. These seeds produce 100% female plants, which make the total yield usable for growers.

With the right treatment, these buds can grow up to two inches in size and contribute to a hefty yield.

Tips To Grow Bigger Buds

1. Feed Them Well

Nutrition plays a crucial role in determining the quality and health of your cannabis buds. If you wish for your buds to look thick and juicy, then taking special care of its nutrient requirements at different life cycle phases can be the best way to ensure results.

Phosphorus is a crucial element in promoting dense buds. Hence, provide your plant with a mixture of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium)at a 10-30-10 ratio during the flowering stage to enrich the buds with necessary elements. You can also add a natural tea compost mixture to increase your plant’s nutrient absorption during this stage.

Apart from nutrients, pH plays a vital role. Improper pH levels affect the nutrient absorption of the plant that could lead to deficiency and toxicity. The recommended pH for soil growth is 6.0, whereas for hydroponic systems is 5.5. Make sure to regulate these levels frequently to aid healthy bud development.

2. Adjust The Light Availability

Cannabis is a photosensitive plant. Proper light periods or photoperiods are necessary to encourage the plant to enter the flowering state. Even in auto-flowering varieties such as indica flower, the light intensity during the flowering stage dictates the buds’ size and intensity. Exposure to an optimum amount of light helps the plant to grow tall and create potent buds.

Low lighting leads to the plants craving for energy that could cause stunted or uneven growth. The light availability should be such that the entire canopy receives proper exposure to thrive well.

In the case of indoor cannabis grow setups, regulate the intensity and height of light placement as they are crucial to avoid heat stress on the plants. It also makes sure that the system provides the required resources for growth. In outdoor setups, ensuring proper spacing between plants helps avoid hidden parts lacking adequate exposure to light.

3. Don’t Forget To Prune

Pruning is a recommended process for encouraging good bud growth in cannabis plants. Increased nodes mean increased locations for bud formation. But nodes located below the canopy seldom receive enough light to support buds to achieve complete maturity. While these buds consume other plant resources, they can never provide competent potency or quality as that of buds located on top of the plant.

Pruning is a strategic way of eliminating buds and foliage located in areas without inadequate light. This trimming process helps conserve the energy and divert it towards healthier buds that can now grow dense and huge.

4. Train The Greenery

Low stress and high-stress training is a common method used to promote increased bud size. The process involves tying down the top branches that usually show the highest growth. It helps the plant distribute the growth hormones to surrounding branches that promote a somewhat leveled canopy development.

The process will help your plants take full support of the light intensity and spacing and grow well. This method is gentle and helps the plant naturally adapt to a growing style that effectively supports bigger and denser buds.


Apart from these techniques, ensure proper temperature and humidity levels in the growing areas, both indoor and outdoor, to encourage bud growth. These simple, growing, and grooming tips will ensure your buds receive the necessary care and resources to grow bigger and better.



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