How to Grow Your Career in the Legal Marijuana Industry

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More career opportunities are surfacing in the legal marijuana industry that is crucial for its growth. From financial management and customer service to jobs in research and development, there are many career options available to explore.

Furthermore, several entry-level positions in the industry benefit from career growth and advancement. In this article, you’ll find some most lucrative career opportunities available in the legal marijuana industry.

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Top 5 Ways to Grow Your Career in the Marijuana Industry

If you are looking to grow your career in the legal marijuana industry, here are five ways to kick off your journey.

1. Dispensary or Retail Store Budtender

Budtenders are an integral part of dispensaries and retail stores where customers buy medical and recreational marijuana products. Budtenders help customers pick the most suitable products, provide help on different types of marijuana products (such as oils and edibles), and answer customers’ queries about recreational and medicinal cannabis use.

Also, budtenders are responsible for maintaining inventory in a dispensary, up-selling store products, performing transactions, and enhancing customers’ shopping experience. So, when working in the dispensary of your choice, make sure you have complete knowledge of the products they sell. It will help you make better sales while giving customers a great shopping experience.

2. Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists involved in the marijuana industry usually work with brands and companies to support their sales by marketing the products they sell. A marketing specialist’s role is to analyze marketing data to determine where dispensaries and retailers are most effective. Furthermore, their research tries to find the types of marijuana products customers are frequently buying.

Lastly, yet importantly, marketing specialists can work for individual distributors and established cannabis product brands and help their business find more customers and enhance their revenue.

3. Store Manager

Store managers of a medical marijuana dispensary or recreational cannabis dispensary usually adapt to the same responsibilities as a retail store manager.

For example, a store manager working at a dispensary will undertake responsibilities like hiring and training new employees, organizing schedules, assigning work, tracking store budgets, and interacting with clients, executives, and other specialists involved in the processes of a dispensary.

4. Accountant

Accountants working in the marijuana industry perform various business-related functions that support the financial activities of companies, dispensaries, suppliers, growing facilities, and other institutions that sell and grow marijuana products.

And that’s not all. Accountants help dispensaries and retail marijuana stores to track and record transactions, keep track of assets and liabilities for tax purposes, assure the prompt payment of business debts while monitoring and documenting the incoming revenue.

5. Brand Ambassador

When looking to work as a brand ambassador for cannabis companies, your job is to become the organization’s primary representative or brand. Your main objective as a brand ambassador is to promote your products and make them popular among customers.

Additionally, a brand ambassador will interact with customers through public relations meetings events and by raising awareness of the brand’s products and services to secure clients and individual consumers.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to grow your career in the legal marijuana industry, now is the time. The job opportunities mentioned above will help you find the most suitable position depending on your skillset. Make sure to use this information to your advantage and build a thriving career in the cannabis industry.

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