How To Increase Your Rosin Yield

cannabis rosin


The cannabis industry totals an accumulative amount of $61 Billion. It has increased its sales by 68% in the past year. With the increased popularity, there is no doubt that the market experiences novel consumers daily.

The product has brought in a lot of perks to so many consumers. One main reason why the industry is booming is that it can generate a lot of products.

For instance, when subjected to heat and pressure, it results in a sappy product called rosin. The heat and pressure eliminate the components such as the cannabinoids and terpenes in the trichome glands.

This outcome is very beneficial. It is a versatile concentrate efficient in; Dabbing, vaping, bongs and bowls, and edible products. You can also reach out to the experts to learn more about rosin yield calculators and other considerations you need to have in place.

How to Achieve The Best Yields

There are various ways you can implement to achieve good rosin yields. To get to that, first, you should arm yourself with the right tools. They are:

  • A Rosin Press
  • Parchment Paper
  • A Collection Tool
  • A Dab Rig
  • A glass container

The following tips will then guide you for the best results.

Ensure that you have a High standard Flower

Great quality bud will give out the best results. A low-quality one will emit a low-quality fluid. Hence, you need to identify the best flower.

You should note that the most expensive one does not necessarily mean that it is the best caliber. It may be ineffective for you. A common criterion in choosing the perfect one is that the quality flower should be fresh.

An old one will produce less oil. Other qualities include: having the right amount of moisture and high-quality genetics.

The Humidity of the Flower matters

A well-moisturized flower will give the optimum rosin yields. A dry one will sack its oil into itself, giving you poor outcomes.

You should therefore ensure that the bud has a relative humidity of 55% to 62%. There are several apparatus that you can use to check its moisture.

For instance, a hygrometer will aid in getting the right humidity measure. It will cost you an average of $25 to purchase one. Buying a hygrometer will help bring in the results you want.

Make sure the buds are in Little Pieces

Before you start the procedures, break down the bud into small pieces. Do this as gently as possible. The small parts of the flower will get easily crushed compared to when it is a big chunk. This way, you will achieve the best results of the whole process.

Prepare It For The Process

Before you dive into squishing the bud, make sure that you warm it a bit. On top of it, place the heated plates. Perform this for a minute, then squish it.

The heat will energize the components inside it, and you will get a good outcome. See this link for some insights on how you can prepare your rosin

Opt For A Good Micron Filter Bag

The purpose of the filter bag is to eliminate any toxins in your residue during the whole process. It is such a vital tool in operations. If you choose the perfect filter bag, you will be confident that the outcome has no harmful properties and is fit for usage.

There are various types of Filter Bags. The two most common ones are:

    • 90 Micron
    • 120 Micron.

The 90 Micron one has smaller pores, therefore filtering out a large quantity of the product. It will then generate good quality. The 120 Micron one has wider pores. It will bring out an increased amount that is of less quality than the former.

Choosing a perfect Micron filter will depend on your preference. Do you want higher quality or a higher quantity? Averagely, most users will recommend the 120 Micron one. Other materials that will aid in getting perfect results are:

    • A monofilament filter mesh ( It should be 100% Polyester )
    • Stainless steel screens

Give it the Right Pressure

The whole operation requires you to subject the bud to high amounts of pressure to get your product.

Hence, you ought to identify the most applicable force that will generate the right outcome. The recommended pressure for a flower is 500 PSI to 2500 PSI. If it is a hash, it should be about 300 PSI to 2000 PSI.

However, these figures should not limit you from trying other ranges. As a user, you should know which pressure range brings out the perfect results.

Ensure Proper Heat Range

The press and the strain used will determine how hot you will go in the operations. The average heat range is about 200-220 Fahrenheit. If the heat is okay, you will likely hear a sizzle. The sound symbolizes the process is going well, so no need to panic when you discern it. You might hear a cracking sound as well. Click here to read more on how you can increase your rosin yield.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to improve your rosin yields, the following tips in this guide will help you achieve the best results.

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