How To Keep Your Weed Budget In Check

budget weed spending


While you may love cannabis, there’s no denying the fact that it costs money and can be a considerable expense every month.

It makes sense to go the extra mile to fit it into your monthly budget because, ultimately, it should not pinch your pocket.

But budgeting must not be about compromising with the quality of products, only to save dollars because it can affect the experience.

Instead, you should look for smart ways to save as you spend on your favorite products. Here are some strategies that can help you buy weed within your budget.

Look for deals

When it comes to buying weed at a budget price, it is not as challenging as you may imagine. You can easily pick from a wide range of products available at local dispensaries and online stores in the states where it is legal to buy, own and consume. Start by comparing prices and finding deals, and you will surely get more than one around you. Online stores often offer first-time discounts, and you can also shop on special days to take your dollar farther. Just keep your eyes open and grab the offers as they come.

Buy in bulk

A smart shopper finds ways to pick stuff at the best prices, which often happens when you buy in bulk. There are some state limits to the quantity of cannabis you can purchase and possess legally at a time. These apply to various forms as well, from buds to oil, weed candy, and concentrates. Make sure that you know these limits and pick as much as you can to secure a lower price. Pick larger quantities and ration their usage and you will make significant savings in the long run.

Switch your consumption method

Another smart way to save up on weed is by switching to an economical method. Rolling blunts isn’t a great one from the budget perspective because it uses a lot of weed. Move over to smaller pipes and bowls because they cut down the quantity and give you more with less. Transitioning from flower to dab is also a good idea because you get incredible effects only with a point-sized portion of concentrate. You need to buy less and end up saving a considerable amount every month.

Limit your consumption

Fitting cannabis into your limited budget may also require you to lower your daily consumption. You need not steer clear of it completely, but consider spacing the sessions further to go with a smaller quantity every day. Taking tolerance breaks at regular intervals is also a smart move. While it lets you cut down the quantity, you also get a reset for your tolerance levels. Eventually, you will get high with a smaller amount of cannabis, which again works in favor of your wallet.

The Takeaway

Although cutting your monthly cannabis bills sounds tricky, it is easier than you believe. Just getting a bit smarter with shopping and paying attention to your intake can help you fit your sessions into your wallet.

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