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CBD is a desperately needed natural way for athletes to recover from minor and major injuries without long-term effects or addictions.”


By the time cannabis is fully legalized in both Canada and the United States, most people will have already accepted that it’s here to stay. 2020 was a defining year for cannabis, doubt about it.

In fact, the legal cannabis industry as a whole is projected to touch north of $24 billion dollars in 2021 alone. Many estimates take this number up even higher and this doesn’t even touch the value of the black market sector.

It’s estimated that around 4.6 million people or around 12% of the Canadian population has already began using or has tried different types of CBD extracts and products.

Thanks to legalization and growing awareness around the benefits of cannabis, the Scope and awareness about the CBD industry as a career option has increased considerably as well.

Recently, Indeed released a report and shared the rising demand for professionals in the CBD industry, which has accelerated many unemployed potential candidates’ enthusiasm to look towards this industry and make a handsome earning.

Furthermore, according to the reports by Indeed, the search results of cannabis-related jobs and work-from-home opportunities have increased four times higher within a year.

One of the biggest examples of accelerating demand for CBD experts in the industry can be figured out by the fact that HEXO Corp is onboarding more than 30 employees in a week. This number includes workers and professionals from different work backgrounds. Such organizations have proved to be major contributors to uplifting the standards of CBD industry.

So, now, if you have been considering yourself capable enough to try your hand at a job in the cannabis industry, then seek all about the leading job profiles to look upon.

#1. Budtender

If you were always curious about cannabis and know how cannabis and CBD extracts work for your body, then it is time that you look upon the Budtender role. It is one of the promising career options to choose from at the current time. The major responsibilities of a budtender are to seek the current trends and let customers understand the major difference between THC and CBD, help them choose the best products for their needs, and assist them with any of their questions about cannabis. Budtenders are typically passionate but very stoners who know their stuff. It’s a great entry-level position and way to break into the exciting cannabis and CBD industry.

#2. Master Grower

A Master Grower is one of the higher-level roles to join in this industry. If you have a degree in a science like horticulture or botany, you’re going to have the greatest chance to land a position for a grow operation. To be eligible for this, you need to have knowledge about environmental factors, hydroponics, clone cultivation, biological pest control factors, and much more. If you are a scientist, horticulturist, or engineer with relevant experience, you may get some leverages to grab a role. Mastering your skills and profession makes it the next big move in your career.

#3 Cultivation Associate

Cannabis plants are grown with some restrictions and challenges and a cultivation associate’s job is to help a master grower carry out day to day tasks in order to ensure a successful grow. A cultivation associate should be familiar with everything from pruning to cleaning cannabis extracts and plants. Generally, the process includes – cloning, transplanting, and mixing. If you prefer the grow side of the business versus the customer facing side, a Cultivation Associate is a great entry-level alternative to a Budtender position.

#4. Extraction Technician

Right up there alongside a Master Grower, Extraction Technicians are another high-level cannabis career choice. Master Extractor Technicians can earn upwards of $250,000 per year. If you have a science background in a respective field such as chemistry, this is a career option that will take your professional and personal life to the next level. Becoming an Extraction Technician requires some serious education, though, so forget about it if you don’t have a college degree.

The Bottom Line

The cannabis industry has touched booming heights in no time thanks to positive legalization waves and general mainstream acceptance due to valid medical research and study proving that cannabis is not just a tool to get “high.”

The myriad benefits of cannabis simply cannot be ignored anymore. Also, CBD has helped change its status in society from being an unacceptable herb to it emerging as a legit medicinal product that can help with pain and inflammation to the reduction of seizures in patients.

Cannabis and CBD are now one of the best industries to start a career. More people are looking forward to CBD products and career options to live a quality life. Many amazing companies have emerged in recent years and tons of great resources thanks to the momentum.

Are you looking for a job in the cannabis or CBD industry? Have you already worked in the CBD or cannabis industry? Let me know in the comments below…

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