Great Remote Jobs for Cannabis Lovers

work from home cannabis jobs


While there was already a trend of more and more people working from home, the amount of remote employees has skyrocketed over the past year.

The work from home trend is expected to continue in coming years as well as technology and acceptance of remote work is making this more and more possible.

Today, there are a variety of great jobs that you could get that will allow you to work from home for much of the time.

Online Cannabis Writer

As the cannabis industry continues to thrive, online cannabis publications are growing substantially. Rather than relegating cannabis to its own fettered category, innovators are finding avenues that appeal to the interest of artists, athletes and stoners. Cannabis publications act as a great way to connect all the cultural dots and continue to further cannabis into the mainstream. For the hardcore stoner, this is the ultimate work from home job.

Virtual Assistant

For those that enjoy working from home, one career option is to become a virtual assistant. Many companies today are hiring virtual assistance that are able to handle many of the administrative tasks that are needed to run a place of business. A virtual assistant can handle tasks needed by the company, which can include booking travel, writing emails, organizing electronic files, or answer phone calls. A virtual assistant could be hired directly by an employer or could be an independent contractor, which will allow you to work for multiple companies at once.

Virtual Tutoring

If you enjoy educating and tutoring other people, becoming a virtual tutor can be a great option. For the past year, many children across the country have been placed in remote and virtual learning environments. While it is not necessarily an ideal environment, it has continued to show that kids can learn while receiving a remote education. Due to this, the demand for virtual tutoring is continuing to increase. A virtual tutor can be matched up to educate someone anywhere in the world. With this job, you can work comfortably from your own home and will also have flexible work hours.

Local Delivery Services

The use of local delivery services has increased substantially over the past year as people have been able to get the products that they need without going into crowded stores and restaurants. Along with this, the need for delivery drivers has increased as well. While being involved in grocery, restaurant, or cannabis delivery in San Diego will require you to leave the home, you can still work for yourself without having to go into a traditional office. This provides a lot of flexibility and autonomy to all delivery professionals.

Customer Service

For larger organizations, having a dedicated customer service team is very important. Traditionally, a customer service department would be located in an office building where dozens of people would work at once. However, due to the cost of running an office and the challenges with finding a full staff in one city, many companies are finding value in having a remote customer service team. When you are part of a virtual customer service team you will receive the training you need to be successful and can have a flexible schedule. As long as you have access to a phone, computer, and Internet, you should qualify for one of these roles.

Website Development

The importance of having a strong online presence is continuing to be very important. Due to this, there will always be a need and demand for website development and improvement. Today, there are many different roles that involve website development that will allow you to work from home. This can include the development and coding of the website, improvement of SEO, or the creation of online marketing campaigns through social media and other channels. While there are web development positions available through established companies it can also be a good option for those that are looking to branch out on their own.

Medical Coder

A medical coder is an important part of the healthcare system in this country. They are responsible for properly coding medical charts, which will help to ensure approval and appropriate payment from insurance companies or Medicaid and Medicare. While some medical coders work in an office building there are also many opportunities to do this job from home.

The Bottom Line

Working online from home is quickly becoming the norm in many cities and industries. For those that enjoy working from home, there continue to be many great professional opportunities to consider. These are just a few examples of great jobs that can be had and will rarely require you to leave your home. Just don’t start smoking weed on the job, ok?! ?

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