The best cannabis seed companies 2023


These recommendations were made by Leafly staff after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you make a purchase through links on this page, we may earn a small affiliate commission.

A quick look at 2023’s best cannabis seed companies

Seed Supreme

Homegrown Cannabis Co

Cookies Seed Bank

Premium Cultivars

Selecting seeds ahead of the planting season is one of the most exciting parts of growing your own cannabis for experts and novices alike. There are thousands of strains out there to try, with more dropping every season, so the only real question is where you want to start.

We’ve put together this list of the best places to buy seeds online to help you navigate where to find quality seeds you can count on. We’ve gone ahead and classified these into several categories like best genetics, best for beginners, etc, so read on until you find the right seed bank to fit your needs. Happy growing!

Best for beginners:

Recommended product: Beginner Mix


  • Expert knowledge courtesy of Robert Bergman
  • Extensive resources for newcomers
  • Highly affordable

The cannabis journey of a thousand harvests begins with a single seed, and tons of happy hobbyist growers get their start with I Love Growing Marijuana, affectionately known as ILGM. Founded in 2012 by the incomparable master breeder Robert Bergman, is our recommendation for the best seed bank to start your growing journey due to their extensive online resources for novices, as well as plug-and-play grow kits that are ideal for those just starting out. That’s not all—ILGM will also include a free download of Robert Bergman’s Grow Bible with every purchase.

Beginner Mix: If you’re just starting out and finding yourself intimidated by all the talk of pH balances and hydroponics, look no further. Start your cannabis cultivation career with this mix of feminized seeds of three famous, easy-to-grow strains—White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble Gum—starting at just $159.

Plug-and-play optionsLimited selection of rare strains
Free Grow Bible

Best value: Seed Supreme

Recommended product: CBD Kush Autoflower


  • Great for medical patients
  • Easy delivery
  • High-CBD options

Many growers first take to the hobby because they get tired of giving so much of their paycheck to the local dispensary. If you’re one of those cannasseurs that got into growing green to save some green, then look no further than Seeds Supreme. They have a massive selection of strains both common and rare, expertly collated into an easy-to-use webpage. You’ll be hard-pressed to find seeds for a better price anywhere, and Seed Supreme even frequently slashes their own already low prices with heaps of special deals and promotions.

Seed Supreme goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their customers who primarily grow cannabis to ease the symptoms of their medical ailments. Not only do they have multiple strains popular in the medical community, Seed Supreme allows you to sort strains via the particular symptom you are hoping to relieve or condition you are suffering from. Customers are able to browse either by ailment, like multiple sclerosis or arthritis, or by symptoms, like nausea or insomnia. This means that Seed Supreme is one of the best spots around for finding the perfect strain to help with whatever ails you.

CBD Kush Autoflower: CBD Kush is one of the most in-demand strains for those who use cannabis as a therapeutic remedy. With its extremely high CBD content and negligible amount of THC, CBD Kush is a great fit for low-tolerance cannabis patients who still desire CBD relief. You’ll be able to stock up on reliable seeds of this medical marvel at Seed Supreme at a price that won’t break the bank. 

Incredibly easy-to-browse websiteAutomated customer support
Extensive options for medical patients

Best expert advice: Homegrown Cannabis Co

Recommended product: Kyle Kushman’s Cherry AK


  • Great resources for growers of all levels
  • Several experts on staff
  • Unique cultivars

The best growers in the business will tell you that there’s always more to learn about cannabis cultivation. Like an iceberg, most of the substance of cannabis growing is below the surface. Growers who are interested in learning from some of the best minds in the cannabis industry should find a home at Homegrown Cannabis Co, a seed bank that offers extensive seed options as well as all the resources you could ever need to take your growing game to the next level. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co has a crew of cannabis-growing heavyweights bringing their knowledge to Homegrown customers by writing articles, producing videos, and recommending strains. These experts are a veritable Mount Rushmore of cannabis legends, including Parker Curtis, Victoria Rouland, Nikki Lasterto, Swami Chaitanya, and the incomparable Kyle Kushman. With combined decades of experience, you can’t go wrong consulting with these legends.

Kyle Kushman’s Cherry AK: Kyle Kushman has produced a cultivar of the famous AK-47 strain that delivers a taste of cherry fit for the candy store. Full disclosure; this strain can be a bit temperamental, but never fear. Homegrown has extensive (and we mean extensive) resources helpful for beginner, intermediate, and advanced growers alike. If that sounds like you’re cherry pie, pick up eight seeds for $111.00 and get eight additional seeds for free. 

Great communityLimited rare cultivar selection
Expert advice

Best exotic options:

Recommended product: Code Red


  • Vast library of unique strains
  • Relationships with several small breeders
  • Rotating breeder of the month

Some growers spend their lives tracking down a certain white whale, trying to find a strain that they smoked in a circle of strangers back in the days before Leafly when each individual grower kept a log of their own genetics. If that sounds like you, if growing and smoking rare, exotic strains is your bag, then is your huckleberry. Since their inception in 2010, SeedsHereNow has expanded to offer a library of over 3500 strains, many of which are unique and exotic varieties. 

Founder James Bean spent over a decade traveling around the United States, attending trade shows, and building relationships with the best breeders around. These relationships form the backbone of SeedsHereNow, and many of those contacts James made still send their best seeds and strains to be sold at SeedsHereNow. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out each month’s featured breeder. You can be sure whoever earns the SeedsHereNow spotlight is well worth your time.

Code Red: You may not have heard much about Code Red yet, but believe us when we say this hybrid is about to make headlines all over the world. A dynamic cross between the oh-so-delicious Red Runtz and a heavy-hitting indica-like known as Scotty 2 Hotty, Code Red is a true best-of-both-worlds hybrid that will elevate your mind and relax your body. With buds boasting royal purples, deep greens, and plenty of icing, Code Red has the potential to be some of the most beautiful weed you’ve ever grown. Code Red is the brainchild of internationally known breeder Exotic Genetix, so you know that these seeds will have the special sauce that makes good strains great. Exotic Genetix is selling Code Red exclusively through SeedsHereNow, so beware of imitators and wannabes—you’ll only find a strain this rare from a respected outfit like SeedsHereNow.

Several rare strainsMany seeds require significant experience
Great relationships with breeders
Regular deals

Best unique strains: Cookies Seed Bank

Recommended product: Wet Wet


  • Very innovative
  • Embedded in San Francisco culture
  • Originated world-famous strains

If you’re a seasoned hand at cannabis cultivation, and you find yourself craving something new and exciting to grow to keep the hobby fresh, then Cookies Seed Bank would like a few words. Cookies are legendary in the business, creating multiple world-famous strains, like GSC, a strain whose name pays homage to both the brand itself and the girls in green sashes. While picking up strains you’ve heard of before is certainly an option, in our opinion, the real reason to check out Cookies is the strains you haven’t. The team at Cookies is constantly cooking up new, unique strains that push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation. 

Cookies was founded by the dynamic duo of Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr, AKA Berner and the enigmatic growmaster known only as Jai. Berner is nothing short of a cannabis mogul in the mold of Jay-Z, hip-hop career included. His partner Jai is a pillar of the San Francisco Bay Area community and a foundational part of the broader cannabis culture. His creativity has influenced the makeup of American cannabis forever, and if you want to know which strain will take the country by storm next, there’s a decent chance Jai is dreaming it up right now. Get your seeds from Cookies and impress your friends with a harvest of the next big thing.

Wet Wet: We spend a lot of time looking at weed (a perk of the job) so it takes some seriously special bud to get us to stop and stare. Believe us when we say that your Wet Wet seeds from Cookies will grow into some of the most aesthetically pleasing weed you’ve ever seen, with deep purples, vibrant greens, and stigmas the color of ripe peaches. This indica-hybrid cross of Cheetah Piss and Runtz is covered with more frost than a November morning, and can only be added to your garden by ordering straight from Cookies Seed Bank.

Lots of unique strainsPremium price point
Killer legacy

Best user community: Premium Cultivars

Recommended product: Jealousy


  • Impeccable genetics
  • Outstanding user community
  • Resources for all experience levels

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to inspire trust, and a company that isn’t afraid of letting their customers speak freely is usually one you can bank on. Such is the case with Premium Cultivars, our selection for the seed bank with the best user community. Each strain available on the Premium Cultivars storefront features insightful, relevant reviews from growers all over the United States. This creates a dedicated community of growers that customers have access to, without digging through a dozen Reddit threads to find a worthwhile review from a real person.

Premium Cultivars was able to cultivate this online community because of the undeniable quality of their genetics, and the care they take in preserving that legacy. Growers respect quality and hate a scam, and the fact that Premium Cultivars has been able to inspire such a loyal community speaks incredibly well to their product. See for yourself what these seeds can do in your garden, and then pay it forward and leave your own review! 

Jealousy: Jealousy is currently having a moment, earning a slew of accolades including the big one; the coveted Leafly Strain of the Year award. All this popularity has made Jealousy a hard girl to find, with many dispensaries selling out as fast as breeders can grow. Now, thanks to Premium Cultivars, you can snag Jealousy for yourself with these autoflowering, feminized seeds. The word from the Premium Cultivars community is that Jealousy is an easy, low-maintenance strain to grow, so pick up a pack of twelve seeds for just $129.00 and get to planting.

Excellent user reviewsNo information listed for strain effects
High-quality genetics
Fast delivery

Final thoughts

No matter the season, these seed banks are the best in the business. With options for every type of grower, from horticultural novices to captains of cannabis cultivation, our selections are poised to kick off a renaissance in homegrowing. A greener world is a better world, so find the seed bank that’s right for you and get your hands in the dirt today!

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