The Drop: Hall of Flowers special edition


Hall of Flowers commenced on May 4 and 5 in Palm Springs. The event was full of great brands, great people, and most importantly, great weed. After spending the week with a wide variety of different strains at the Hall, I’ve got a whole list of flavors for you to peep.

Here are seven of the best strains from May’s Hall of Flowers.

Compound Genetics: Mellowz

Ay man, listen. That Compound weed is different. Nah, for real. I got some Mellowz nugs from Compound Genetics, and it was legit one of the best feeling highs I’ve had in a long time. The effects were mad relaxing and inspiring. Shit felt like a sound bath in weed form. Flower tasted real grapey, real gassy, which makes sense considering the Grape Gas in its genetics.

Available: California

Blueprint: Item #9

FONKY. WONKY. That’s exactly what Item #9 from Blueprint is. I smoked the flower and underneath that sweet and icing-like flavor was some stank. Then I found out there’s GMO Cookies at play in the genetics and I was like, “ahhh, it all makes sense now.” 

Smoke this strain if you come across it in stores. You will not be disappointed. But with Blueprint damn near sweeping the last Zalympix competition, you probably already knew that.

Available: California

Willie’s Reserve x Huckleberry Hill Farms: Whitethorn Rose

The Whitethorn Rose from HoF was bred and grown by Huckleberry Hills Farms, and packaged by Willie’s Reserve. It’s literally my favorite weed ever. If there’s any way you can get it, get it, and marvel at how incredibly unique and specific that flavor profile is. Every single human that I’ve ever sneakily passed some Whitethorn Rose had a wide-eyed “What the hell is that?!” reaction to the way it smells and tastes. Plus, the high feels great too. Whenever I’m stressed as hell, some Whitethiggity knocks it right on out.

Available: California

818 Brands: 818 Oreoz

I like that 818 weed, man. Any strain I had ever gotten from it was smooth on the smoke with nice flavors. That Oreoz is the one though. It’s a Cookies and Cream cross that screams from the bag with nutty and gassy terpenes. The effects are going to have you stupid dumb high too. There’s no other way of putting it, honestly. If you want a smooth-smoking, great-tasting, powerfully-relaxing, type of flower, gon’ head and peep this one.

Available: California

FloraCal Farms: SlurriCrasher

SlurriCrasher from FloraCal cracked me up. I don’t mean that it was a goofy, laughing type of effect; I mean that I opened the jar, got nose-slapped by the terpenes, and immediately started laughing about how good the weed smells. 

Twisting up some SlurriCrasher is like rolling up an acai bowl. Sweet, berry, tropical, delicious — all of those describe the smoke that comes off this flower. The high was pretty mellow and balanced for me. It was both uplifting and relaxing.

Available: California

Insane: Beam Me Up Scotti

I hit that Beam Me Up Scotti joint from Insane and literally said aloud “Bro, what?!” That flavor is damn near indescribable. It’s like a white grapey, slight apricot, sweet, floral-type beat. The effects had me feeling clear-headed, happy, and extremely hungry. Which was perfect because immediately after smoking that Beam Me Up Scotti joint, I stuffed my face with a big-ass bowl of spaghetti carbonara from Met Him At A Bar. Yes, I did add pancetta.

Available: California

Seed Junky Genetics: Blackberry Pie

That Blackberry Pie from Seed Junky was nice. It has that dark berry flavor to it with a sort of gassy, tart-type feel on the back end. Honestly, it sort of tastes like a blackberry tart from your local bakery. 

The high is a creeper. You’ll be burning and chillin, then the next thing you know — bam! Your eyelids are lowering like motorized curtains in a Joshua Tree Airbnb. Ya know, cause the houses are all fancy and shit out there.

​​Available: California

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