7 best online head shops for glass and weed accessories in 2023


Today, you can shop for high-quality cannabis glass and accessories from the comfort of your couch — no need to walk to the random smoke shop down the road. 

Below, find seven online headshops for new and unique pipes, bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, papers, trays, and anything else you need to bulk up your cannabis stash.

The best online head shops

Smoke Cartel

Whatever you’re searching for, Smoke Cartel most likely has it. The site features robust sections dedicated to bongs, vaporizers, pipes, and rolling papers, and it’s well-organized and easy to navigate. 

Price-wise, there’s something for everyone, including some real steals in the sale section — right now, they have sales on popular devices like the Puffco Peak starting at $199.99 (usually $279.00) and the Dr. Dabber Switch for $374.95 (usually $399.95). They also offer fast and free flat-rate shipping in discreet packaging.

Stella Vaporizer Kit by Dr. DabberDr. Dabber
Find the Dr. Dabber Stella on Smoke Cartel

Founded in 2013 in Savannah, Georgia by a couple of art school students with $600 and a dream, Smoke Cartel’s Derby Cox and Sean Geng saw that cannabis consumers needed an easier way to shop for high-quality glass, so they created it. And since its conception, it’s become one of the best-known and most-awarded online headshops.

In addition to the many other brands it promotes in the shop, Smoke Cartel has its own in-house brands of glass and accessories. In 2018, its glass brand won the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Glass. Additionally, Smoke Cartel took home Second Place in the “Best Glass” category for the Sesh Supply Nymph Propeller Perc. Sesh Supply is one of the company’s popular in-house brands known for its innovative designs.

Like the majority of the head shops on this list, Smoke Cartel is owned by High Tide Brands.


If you’re looking for a head shop that prides itself on superb customer service, say hello to DankStop. One of the world’s largest online retailers of smoking accessories, Dankstop has served over 1,000,000 customers. 

It currently boasts a selection of over 173 dab rigs, 228 hand and glass pipes, 225 vapes, and 77 e-nails. They carry glass from many highly respected brands like AFM Smoke, Empire Glassworks, Grav Labs, MJ Arsenal, and more. They have bongs of all different types and shapes, including silicone, glass, and ceramic — they also sell merch.

Dankstop was founded in 2014 in Edison, New Jersey by Feliks Khaykin and Louis Coniglio. Their goal was to create a website with a great selection of bongs and effective customer service. In 2021, they were acquired by High Tide Brands.

For bargain shoppers, DankStop has 344 products in its “Under $100 Bongs” section. If you’ve only got $50 to spend, you’ll be able to find a decent piece here.

420 Science

420 Science is a trusted online head shop known for excellent customer service, fair prices, and high-quality smoking accessories. The website started as a haven for custom stash jars in 2004. It’s now grown to feature dab rigs, vape pens, bongs, rolling trays, and more high-quality products.

Session Goods pipesSession Goods
Find Session Goods products on 420 Science

The brand’s stash jars are so revered that 420 Science is consistently tapped to make the official stash jars for the High Times Cannabis Cup. The brand also donates money to the Marijuana Policy Project, which goes towards the fight for legalization efforts.


Founded over 20 years ago, Grasscity exists as a place to buy pipes, bongs, and grinders for affordable prices. It’s also an online forum where the cannabis community can come together to discuss all things weed. According to its website, the platform has amassed over 650,000 forum members with 20 million posts across the website.

Grasscity launched in 2000 from Amsterdam and was initially called Coffeeshop-Amsterdam. When creating the site, the goal was to sell smoking accessories while providing tourist information, so you could visit Amsterdam already knowing where to find the best weed and where to go for fun after you get elevated. Eventually, it evolved into an online headshop and community forum.

Grasscity carries American brands like Medicali, Grav, Jerome Baker Design, Cheech and Chong, and pieces from top-rated European brands like Roor, Ehle, Black Leaf, and Blaze Glass. It also sells products from some of weed’s biggest brands, including Raw, Vodka Glass, Empire Glass, Storz & Bickel, PAX, and more. 

Grasscity provides fast shipping — to date, they have shipped over 1,000,000 packages. The brand has warehouses in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, and Calgary, which allows people to get their packages quickly. For orders over $50, shipping is free.


SMOKEA is a pioneer in the online smoke shop world — it’s been in business since 1998. The brand’s shtick is being able to beat its competitors’ prices by up to 5%. 

The SMOKEA website offers free shipping on orders over $10; products typically ship within 24 hours of your purchase. Popular brands on the site include 7Pipe (glass blunts), Banana Bros, Cookies, GRAV, Stundenglass, and more. If you need wholesale orders, SMOKEA has you covered there too.

Daily High Club

You can get various items like glass water pipes, vaporizers, and other in-demand consumption accessories on Daily High Club. What gets them on the list is the subscription boxes that make grabbing your basic smoking essentials a cinch. 

Daily High Club subscription boxDailyHighClub
A subscription box from Daily High Club

The boxes range from $10 for regular rolling papers to $100 for the monthly box, which includes some sort of glass bong or dab rig, a pipe, a nectar collector, and various stickers, lighters, and other accessories.


Inhalco offers free shipping for all orders over $40. The site has products in every category, like bongs and water pipes, hand pipes and bubblers, and vapes and e-nail kits, but its true claim-to-fame is its collection of concentrate consumption devices. The best-selling products are the silicone nectar collectors.

How we decided on the best head shops

There are plenty of great online headshops with top-quality products. However, choosing the best ones for this list came down to product selection, product quality, pricing, shipping options, customer service, and customer reviews. 

Whatever you’re looking for, be it bongs, pipes, papers, or glass cleaners, the websites above got you covered. If you want a wide selection, sites like Smoke Cartel will hold you down. Need fast shipping? Grasscity has your back. Into subscription boxes? Dailyhighclub is on deck. So skim through the websites, fulfill your needs, and enjoy the high once those products are delivered directly to your doorstep.

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