Top 7 Ways to Save Money While Smoking Marijuana

saving money

Smoking weed can become a costly habit. Maximize your marijuana investment but ensuring each hit is optimal and that little to no weed goes to waste. Don’t let your savings go up in smoke. Cash in on these money-saving tips for marijuana smokers.

1. Upgrade Your Smoking Accessory

Many of us drop money on marijuana without thinking twice about the cost. Then, we skimp out on the accessories we use to smoke our cannabis. This decision is a bad return on your marijuana investment.

While glass pipes are convenient and do the job, they offer very little filtration. That makes each hit a bit harsher on the lungs.

Since the pulls are so hot, you are less likely to inhale for an extended period. That means a lot of THC and bud get wasted with each light.

Upgrade your hand pipe to a water bong. Water bongs provide filtration that cools down the smoke. Cooler smoke is easier on the lungs, which allows for longer inhales.

Since the inhales will be longer, lighting up should be less frequent. So, you’ll save money on your cannabis and breathe more comfortably.

Sometimes you need to spend a little to make a little. You can get an excellent return on your investment if you upgrade your rig to a recycler.

Recyclers continuously filter your smoke. That way, no THC gets wasted while you work your way up to clearing your piece.

Each inhale is purer than the last due to the continuous filtration. You can get the most out of every hit with very little marijuana waste and while protecting your lungs and throat.

2. Use A Rolling Tray

Many of us are proud leg rollers. Whipping up a tight joint on your knee in one minute looks impressive. However, it can also look pretty wasteful.

Rolling up on your knee leaves room for kief and weed nugs to get stuck in your pant fibers or leg hairs. Many of these pieces will succumb to the hand swipe to the floor.

At the moment, the loss might seem insignificant. However, you might find yourself scrubbing those carpet fibers for remnants when your savings funds get a bit low.

A rolling tray is a cost-efficient way to save your weed. Many will balance comfortably on your knee. So, you can still whip these bad boys up in a minute tops, impress the crowd, and save some money.

3. Grab a One-Hitter

For many people, smoking is a long game. If you enjoy riding the high, you might light up multiple times per day.

That doesn’t mean you should have a full-blown smoking session. Sometimes a hit or two is all you need to do the trick.

Eyeballing a couple of hits in a bowl can be challenging. The tendency will be to overpack your bowl.

Limit these chances by getting a one-hitter. One-hitters give you a quick jolt of THC that can help you ride your high throughout the day. They’re also convenient for quick slip-outs at gatherings or smoking on the go while traveling.

4. Bake Out the Area

Don’t smoke more. Smoke more efficiently.

Smoking cannabis is the quickest way to get high. You inhale the smoke directly into your lungs, and you feel immediate effects.

Exhaled smoke still contains tons of THC. However, it just vanishes into the air above for the birdies and clouds to enjoy. That is unless you trap the smoke around you.

Baking out your closet, room, or car is a cost-effective way to amplify your high. Being trapped in your own smoke allows you to inhale all the THC you couldn’t get the first go-around. It’s like recycling, but with your own breath.

5. Buy In Bulk or Shop Deals

Buying larger quantities of products tends to come with a discount. Save up so that you can buy weed at a higher weight.

Many dispensaries also run daily specials or happy hours. Browse your local dispensaries to determine when the best deals are…and if they coincide with your pay schedule.

Also, many dispensaries have last-minute specials. They might be selling shake or older inventory at a discounted price. Always chat up your budtender to see what specials they have.

6. Catch Your Kief

The magic of marijuana lives within the tiny hairs on its flowers. These hairs are called trichomes, and they house THCA, the precursor to THC.

When you light marijuana flowers, the trichomes combust, activating THCA, and turning it into THC.

Unfortunately, many people lose valuable THC by taking poor care of their cannabis buds. Trichomes come loose when weed is in transit, as we break it up to pack a bowl or grind the flowers. Capture this kief to get the most out of your next high.

Get a herb grinder that has a kief catcher. This little compartment at the bottom of the grinder collects all the dustings that fall off during grinding. They are great to add on top of a freshly packed bowl.

Also, get a little tool to clean out your marijuana travel case. Lots of good kief can collect in the corners of the containers.

7. Store Your Stash Properly

When a car leaves the lot, its value begins to depreciate. The same goes for marijuana.

When you pick flowers, they start the dying process. Marijuana is no different. All of the chemicals that make marijuana…marijuana begins to oxidize. That includes THC.

The only way to prevent oxidation is to cut off oxygen supplies. Airtight containers are the most efficient way to preserve your cannabis potency. This storage method also helps maintain flavor.

Also, be sure to keep your weed out of direct sunlight. Store in a dark, dry place to maintain optimal flavor and effects.

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