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Equal parts educator and innovator, Bay Smokes delivers perfect cannabinoid blends—made the right way—right to your door.

We’re on a new frontier with cannabinoids, fueled by cannabis scientists doing groundbreaking work with industrial hemp. More than ever, standard THC is taking a backseat to a host of new plant compounds—especially with psychoactive options like delta-10 and delta-8 taking over the world. But with each of these cannabinoids flooding the market once they gain a bit of traction, it’s hard to find quality stuff, especially for volatile compounds like THC-O. It’s even harder to fine-tune a blend of them that works for you, if you can find a blend at all.

Fortunately, not all hemp-based retailers are in it for a quick buck, so the trick is finding a source that really cares about the quality of its product and is equal parts educator and innovator. Brands like Bay Smokes are taking the whole-plant ethos of traditional cannabis and cultivating vapes, smokes, and edibles with an ideal experience in mind—all while keeping up with the latest advances in alternative cannabinoids before they break through to the mainstream.

Bay Smokes was founded by William Goodall and his partner in life and business Katiana Kay, two plant medicine and cannabis enthusiasts who found delta-8 and delta-10 and never looked back. They wanted to make a new kind of hemp brand that’s in it for the long haul, with an eye for quality over quantity. It’s not just the veritable cornucopia of options—it’s the unmatched product purity, too, with above and beyond lab testing practices, product-specific batch IDs, and a commitment to only using pure hemp extracts and terpenes in its products. 

With new discoveries emerging every month, it’s crucial to find a source you can trust

Like with traditional cannabis, hemp-based cannabinoids and plant compounds play better together than they do individually. This is called the entourage effect, the idea that different cannabis elements come together for something that’s greater than the sum of their parts.

With new discoveries emerging every month, it’s crucial to find a source you can trust to both give you the accurate intel and the goods before anybody else—and that packages them into something not just trendy, but thoughtful. Bay Smokes delivers, and with multiple methods for getting your daily dose in, including flower, vapes, and edibles, it’s effortless to find your ideal smoke.

The deal with delta-8 and delta-10

In case you need a recap: The classic THC you know and love from traditional cannabis is delta-9 THC, and it’s federally illegal. Delta-8 and delta-10 are extremely close chemically, but they can be derived from hemp. They have the same federal legal status as hemp-based CBD, meaning they can be shipped through the mail even to many states that don’t have a recreational market yet, although laws vary state by state.

Delta-8 is often described as partway between THC and CBD, with a lighter, more relaxing high. Delta-10 gives more of a sativa-like experience, with a cerebral, energizing effect. Although they’re often sold on their own, when combined, they give a well-rounded feeling like a chill cannabis hybrid. Depending on your preferences, you might want more of one than the other—so having multiple blends to choose from is going to help you land on your ideal hemp-based high.

What is THCP and why is it good for my weed?

Back in 2020, cutting-edge spectrometry revealed THCP and CBDP, two previously undiscovered cannabinoids. One of the main ways THCP differs from THC is that it has an elongated side chain, with seven links, compared to THC’s five. No cannabinoids with more than five links had ever been detected before.

More simply put: THCP has a more active bond with the receptors in your body that process THC, and in a big way. It’s 33 times more active than standard THC on one of the two main receptors, and five to ten times on the other.

THCP has a more active bond with cannabinoid receptors: 33 times more active than standard THC on one of the two main receptors, and five to ten times on the other.

THCP is hailed as a cannabinoid that’s several times stronger than THC, but like with most cannabinoids, that’s not the whole story. Rather than make a direct comparison, you have to look at its role among all its cannabinoid cousins, too!

One implication of the 2020 study is that the high from standard THC might not just be THC—in fact, it might get a potency boost from strong, subtle cannabinoids like THCP. Combined with delta-8 or delta-10, it has the potential to increase its effects and, potentially, break through high tolerances.

So if you’re buying THCP alone, you’re missing out on its full potential. Bay Smokes can hook you up with some broad-spectrum products that include the dream team of delta-8 and THCP along with all the other good stuff like natural terpenes.

Your perfect blend, delivered each month

Ready to find your community of hemp-loving stoners? Bay Smokes is constantly updating its inventory with emerging cannabinoid products, including delta-8, delta-10, and THC-O, so you can discover the latest and greatest—and then discover your favorites. Once you find something you can’t live without (and with all these options, you will!), sign up for a monthly box of essentials at 15% off.

Want more guidance and connection? On social media, Goodall and Kay are there to guide you through the latest and greatest, plus show you how to roll a mean joint.

Get started at baysmokes.com and keep refreshing for the next big thing.

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