6 best strains for Aquarius season


Aquarius, the eleventh sign in the zodiac represented by the water-bearing Greek hero Ganymede, is both charming and iconoclastic and, ultimately, the most individualistic of all the zodiac signs.

Folks born between January 20 and February 17 can seem both familiar and mysterious in the most captivating ways. This Uranus-ruled air sign boasts creators and destroyers, outcasts and icons — the wild, free thinkers that, for better or worse, push our society forward. The range is vast and includes Frederick Douglas, Paris Hilton, Audre Lorde, Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, and Angela Davis.

Aquarius energy is more than just a counter-cultural cornerstone; it’s a force to be reckoned with. Even if you don’t know anyone born under this zodiac sign, drawing on your own innate Aquarius power could put you in a perfectly revolutionary state.

Below, find six Aquarius-adjacent cultivars.

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3X Crazy

Also known as Optimus Prime, 3X Crazy is a hybrid bred from OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. It usually leans into a euphoric and stoney high.

When the Aquarius vibes go off the rails, and you’re suddenly organizing some manner of overthrow, 3X Crazy is the cultivar to curb the impulsivity of Aquarius season without sacrificing the “all for one, one for all” Aquarius spirit. Therapeutic consumers report 3X Crazy as being potentially efficient for ADHD, migraines, nausea, and stress. Recreational consumers report a cushiony euphoria in the body and a low-key inspirational, galaxy-brain head high.

Expect a skunky-sweet nose and an exhale reminiscent of overripe summer berries. 

Alien Tarantula

Alien Tarantula is a sedative cultivar that activates an Astro-traveling cognitive shift. It’s a cross of Alien Technology and Tarantula and delivers solidly stoney, mind-expanding effects. If the Aquarius vibes you’re trying to manifest are lifted, creative, and social, this cultivar might be worth an audition.

Recreational consumers report heady highs swaddled in a cashmere body buzz that hovers on just the other side of couch-lock. Therapeutic consumers describe potential relief from depression, anxiety, and stress, which the enlightened Aquarius has no time for anyway. 

Expect pepper, honey, and gas in the nose and a flowery, honeyed exhale.

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon reportedly lives up to its psychedelic namesake, delivering highs that are soothing in the body and introspective in the head. Bonus: it may activate your arousal centers, so prepare accordingly.

Recreational smokers celebrate this cultivar for its peaceful head effects that are both grounding and expansive at once. Therapeutic consumers describe relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cramping.

Expect a funky, berry-sweet nose and a spicy, botanical exhale.

Fruity Chronic Juice

Bred from White Widow and Chronic, Fruity Chronic Juice is a bit of a wunderkind. Originally formulated as a medicinal strain by Delicious Seeds, this low 1:1 THC:CBD — 7%-12% on average — has been reported to potentially relieve a long list of ailments, including gastrointestinal disorder, tremors, and arthritis. For recreational consumers on the lower end of the tolerance spectrum, this cultivar may deliver a physically relaxing body buzz and a spacey-yet-sociable high that could be perfect for highlighting your inner Aquarius.

Expect big, tropical fruit energy from this phenotype, with a citrusy bang in the nose and a burst of fruit salad in the exhale.

Willy Wonka

Arguably, Mr. Wonka has the most potent Aquarius vibes of all time, so it tracks that his namesake cultivar would be included on this list. It’s also very Aquarian that multiple breeders have bred Willy Wonka, and as such, its origins are hard to nail down. However, the most popular iteration is an energetic cross of Chocolate Thai and Cinderella 99.

Consumers report highs that focus a racing mind without sedation and invigorate without jitters. It also maintains a lower THC percentage — less than 20% on average — which could make it an appropriate cultivar for those with a low tolerance. 

Expect an exhale true to the Wonka name, both chocolatey and hard-candy sweet.

Sweet Cindy

A cultivar bred for an energetic high, Sweet Cindy is a cross of Sweet Tooth #3, Cinderella 99, and BOG Bubble. This cultivar reportedly delivers mentally clarifying, effervescent effects that pair well with low-stakes social settings and deep, interpersonal conversations. Some say it also delivers a fiery creative streak that can be successfully transmuted into an engrossing personal creative project.

Therapeutic consumers report potential relief from chronic pain, stress, and ADHD. Though low-tolerance recreational consumers champion the low THC percentage — 15% on average — varsity potheads will appreciate the nuanced terpene profile and complex cannabinoid balance, which is very Aquarius of them. 

Expect a citrus-sweet, earthy aroma and a lemon sour exhale. 

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