9 smoking accessories for the outdoorsy toker


There’s nothing quite like getting stoned in nature. Something about it just says, “this is how it was meant to be!”

Sure, a good toke while relaxing at home is great, but what can compare to getting stoned and watching the way the leaves on a tree gently sway in a summer breeze, the sunlight reflecting off the water cascading down a riverbend, or flames crackling while climbing the air in a campfire?

Cannabis and the great outdoors just make sense, and if that’s your vibe, you’re going to want a smoking kit that just makes sense too.

Below, you’ll find choice products for that outdoorsy stoner lifestyle including earth-friendly and portable smoking accessories you can buy online.

Pocket ashtray

Let’s get right into it and talk about how to keep the Earth clean and safe while enjoying our favorite herb outdoors. There’s nothing worse than people who leave their butts behind – and yes that includes joints as well. Not only is it unsightly, but it can pose a fire hazard as well.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints,” as they say.

A pocket ashtray is a great way to stick to that motto, by ensuring your cannabis remnants are tucked neatly away in a smell-proof and easily storable pouch, ready to be safely emptied the next time you return to civilization.

Antler pipe

If you really want to feel one with nature, you might enjoy a pipe carved straight from it. Antler pipes like these may seem alarming at first glance, but they are made from naturally shed antlers – meaning they are cruelty-free. One benefit of a pipe like this is avoiding taking glass out in nature. Accidents happen, and broken glass left in the wild is a hazard to animals and other people.

Plus, if anyone stumbles upon you in the woods smoking this, they’ll assume you’ve definitely climbed right out of the mountainside, and will be sure to steer clear – leaving you to enjoy your bud in peace.

Wooden pipe

Of course, if a pipe made from an antler gives you the ick, you can always opt for a nice wooden pipe and receive the same benefits. Biodegradable, natural, and not easily broken – a good wooden pipe will be a solid addition to any outdoorsy smoking kit.

Another perk to wooden bowls is the ability to find them in all manner of designs and styles, including ones with a swivel lid — perfect for keeping your cannabis flower packed and ready to go as you move from scenic spot to scenic spot.

Not only does that make it convenient and practical, but also more Earth-friendly.

Dangle bong

Let’s keep the momentum going with outdoor-friendly smoking vessels. This titanium bong is nearly indestructible and will let you rip your bong in the great outdoors without worrying about shattering glass. You can get it in classic titanium or blue speckle for cutesy camping vibes.

Waterproof weed bag

If you’re less the “relax by the riverside” type, and more the “splash in the river” type, then it’s good to consider ways to keep your flower stored safely while you adventure.

Backpacks like this are water-resistant and keep your bud fresh while you trek through the unknown in search of a private smoking oasis. Plus, with multiple compartments, you can store multiple strains, concentrates, or small edibles– the sky is the limit.

Waterproof joint storage

Okay so you’re not splashing in the river – you’re white water rafting and you have one joint that you’d like to smoke under the night sky.

Don’t fret, keep your joint dry and smokable with storage that is fully waterproof. This tube won’t be able to store quite as much, but what it does fit will stay safe and secure, meaning that when you get back to dry land you’ll be able to spark one up to celebrate and reminisce over the great time you had.

It’s the perfect accessory for the planned adventure or the adventurer who knows their plans may take them off the beaten path.

Dugout and one-hitter

For the solo smoker and explorer, a combination dugout and one-hitter is the perfect accompaniment to your time outdoors. Dugout/one-hitter combos like the one linked here are made of bamboo are eco-friendly in addition to being the perfect practical smoking tool.

Simply store your pre-ground cannabis in the herb chamber on one side, and use the taster on the other to pack a hit whenever the mood strikes you as you journey forth. It’s discrete, compact, convenient, and made from primarily biodegradable materials.

Mini keychain grinder

When you’re on the go, whether it’s hiking, camping, a day at the beach, or exploring your local park, you don’t want to have to carry a full-sized grinder everywhere you go. All you need is something compact and lightweight that can get the job done in a pinch, so you can stop and enjoy the scenery while rolling one up.

A mini grinder with a keychain attached will also ensure it is never too far and won’t slip out of a pocket while digging for your lighter. It’s the perfect accessory if you don’t plan to grind your bud before you go.

Lighter leash

Speaking of your lighter, last but definitely not least, is a way to keep a safe grip on your fire when you’re outdoors. Not only is it important to keep your lighter on hand for toking, but also for camping needs, and ensuring it does not get lost in the woods and discovered by a child or someone who could potentially start a wildfire.

A lighter leash will keep your lighter secure on your person or bag while still being easily accessible and usable. No one wants to waste time digging for a lighter in their pack while enjoying the view of a mountain peak.

For those who enjoy nature, cannabis can be another way to feel connected to the world around us. However you decide to enjoy the great outdoors, it pays to think ahead and plan your toke just as well as you plan your journey.

Keep utility in mind, but also think about the Earth, and opt for eco-friendly and biodegradable products whenever possible out of respect for the places you visit.

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