Father’s Day cannabis gadget gift guide 2023


With Father’s Day approaching we thought we’d take things back to the days of shopping for that high-tech, convenient gadgetry to make the perfect gift. Something you might not need, but that makes for a great tool and a fun toy. Like Brookstone back in its heyday. Break out that debit card for that pot daddy in your life.

Affordable ganga gifts

The coffee table book has always been the mark of an upscale, thoughtful gift. If you’re looking for something a little lighter on the wallet but still with hours of quality entertainment, you can’t go wrong with a good book and these options are sure to provide hours of entertainment, and help enrich their cannabis knowledge.

Higher by Erik Nugshots & Dan Michaels

This well-known photographer and visual maverick has collaborated with author Dan Michaels to detail 100 of the most popular strains of cannabis. This thick tome provides additional details like lineage, history, and humorous stories about its past, you’ll be stuck on every page by Erik’s stunning visual imagery. This is a perfect book for flipping through and discovering the next fun strain you’ll want to hunt down. Released through Penguin Random House books.

www.penguinrandomhouse.com ($40.00)

Weed by Ellen Holland

Wise words from one of the most respected writers in weed today. Created as a “connoisseur’s guide” to help you delve behind the high, this book lets you hear from trusted industry professionals about subjects like cultivation, THC drinks, terroir, and how to pick up on different cannabis flavors, all with tons of engaging photos to keep your eyes busy. More than just a visual compendium or a textbook, this offers something interesting and different for the canna-curious. shop on Amazon ($28.00)

Cannabonsai Starter Kit

What’s cooler than learning to grow pot? Well, what about learning to grow a miniature plant? 

Traditionally, bonsai involves the art of pruning tiny, perennial trees or shrubs, keeping them alive for decades. While cannabis isn’t perennial, a newer branch of bonsai cultivates tiny weed plants in the same dramatic visual style. Pioneered by Manuel Oyarce, the guide gives tons of information and the website has plenty of instructional videos. Additionally, there are links on the website to buy some of the auto-flowering seeds he recommends for the project. www.cannabonsai.org ($42.99 kit / $19.99 book)

Gifts over $150

Høj Klip grinder

Danish design doesn’t just have to be for your IKEA bookshelves. The Klip herb slicer from Høj (pronounced like ahoy without the A) is an example of futuristic, thoughtful design. It’s got magnetic parts so there isn’t any gunked-up threading and is made from anodized aluminum. Inside, a spinning fan blade slices your flower instead of thrashing it between a series of teeth. A keef chamber comes customizable with two different screen sizes. Høj also includes two optional grates that change the consistency to fine or coarse but it’s also the smooth action that makes this feel like a top-shelf way to break down your flower. www.hoj.life ($179.00)

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BEED joint appliance

Created by a couple who wanted more consistency in the pre-roll market, the BEED is the first fully automated rolled joint appliance. Drop in an empty cone and a specially designed pod, then watch as BEED takes the sealed unit of cannabis and releases a joint in 17-20 seconds. While there are many devices on the market to “make a joint,” this uses specific brand partnerships for flower, as well as Nespresso recyclable technology. Even though rolling a joint is sacred for some smokers, we have appliances to help us with all sorts of other things, why not one for joints? www.beed.co ($299)

Tank Glass unbreakable bong

What dad wouldn’t want a bong you can use to hammer nails? This 12” beaker conveniently doubles as a tool in all their promotional videos and while they admit that even Achille’s had a bum heel, their 9mm glass construction was designed specifically to avoid those sad days spent cleaning up broken glass. The company even offers a lifetime guarantee to replace your broken bong for 50% off, should an accident occur. Designed by a five-person team of California-based computer engineers and materials scientists using American-blown glass and a reinforced base, this is as useful in a toolbox as it is on a coffee table. www.tankglass.com ($259.00)

Cannador weed humidor

Keeping your stash fresh takes dedication. What with cannabis being a plant, there’s only so much we can do to keep it around long-term. Still, you can make sure Dad’s stash stays in peak condition by getting them a humidor designed for weed. This nine-jar wooden humidor holds over two ounces of flower safely behind a mahogany interior and walnut exterior. Each jar has an adjustable vent in the lid to allow moist air to travel from the box to the flower. The Cannador has been around for a few years now and still proves how effective it is when you have a lot of strains on deck. www.cannador.com ($259)

dabX go e-rig

One of the coolest additions to the e-rig market last year, was this complete upgrade from the well-known dabX mkultra. This unit is machined from aerospace-grade titanium and comes in a rugged black soft case. Some of its coolest features include a magnetic atomizer top, carb button, and a built-in silicon tray in the base that collects resin so you can pop it into the freezer and use the reclaim pucks in edibles, tinctures, or even smoke some. It has four settings that ramp the temperature up and down in specific waves and most interestingly, you don’t have to clean the atomizer off between hits. See also: the dabX rocket mk. 1 turns any bong into a dab rig. www.dabX.com ($299)

Houseplant standing ashtray

Seth Rogan’s cannabis brand Houseplant has a rep for its classy ashtrays and lighters as much as its actual flower. Part futuristic statue, part classy vintage smoke accessory, this ashtray fits in at a Danish mid-century modern furniture store. Made of walnut, solid brushed brass, and borosilicate glass, this man cave statement piece says, ‘Go ahead and light up.’ You can remove the inner glass cone to easily empty roaches, and the whole thing stands just over two feet tall. Looks perfect next to a massaging chair. www.houseplant.com ($295)

$500 and up dab dad gear

Terp Sous-Vide dab heater

Just like a hot sous-vide bath brings meat up to temperature, this heats up your dab rig’s hot end—the banger—without the need for a torch or e-nail attachment. Lower your glass into the heat guard using the supplied platform and the Terp Sous-Vide bathes your banger or slurper in a tunnel of warm air, bringing the glass to temperature in three minutes. TSV cuts down on scorched terps, butane cans, burnt residue, and wait times (since you can have one warming while you’re still cleaning). This makes taking back-to-back dabs a snap. www.terpsousvide.com ($600)

HIKMICRO thermal imaging camera

Sure—you could dab using a digital timer or thermometer to check your temp when dabbing, but what about doing it using Predator-vision instead? HIKMICRO’s B20 model is a compact, handheld, thermal imaging camera that can register temperatures from -4 °F to 1022 °F. Point it at your glass, get a perfect reading, and go in for a hit. It’s a gadget that any dad will love using since after they’ve finished a session, they can wander around the house looking for air leaks, water spots, or cold spots from ghosts. Amazon ($549.00)

And that’s your Brookstoned guide for 2023. Now, get out there and give Dad his flowers.

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