Popular Cannabis Industry Jobs

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The cannabis industry is a booming and lucrative one. As of now, the cannabis industry is estimated to be worth upwards of $8 billion annually and is expected to reach $25 billion or higher by 2020.

The highest paying jobs in the cannabis industry are those that involve managing, consulting, and advising a company or business. These jobs can earn an annual salary of up to $200,000 with some companies offering benefits such as health insurance and retirement packages.

However, there are many jobs which cover a wide spectrum when it comes to pay. Some of the most popular jobs available in the cannabis industry include the following…

1. Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are the people who provide medical care to patients and make diagnoses. They may be a physician, a nurse, or a physician assistant. The dispensary is where medical professionals can get their supplies of marijuana. There are many dispensaries in the United States but they are not legal everywhere.

Hence, a marijuana doctor is a medical professional that provides advice on how to use marijuana as medicine.

For example, a doctor may advise on dosage for certain conditions and what type of cannabis will be most effective. A marijuana doctor can also prescribe medical marijuana to patients who are suffering from specific conditions.

2. Budtender

A budtender is a person who works in a dispensary and assists customers with the selection of cannabis products. This is the person who helps customers in buying the best products for them. They are knowledgeable about what different strains are available and how they can be used. They also know which strains will work best for different conditions or experiences. According to mmjexpress, the budtenders can help you find the best bud in order to treat your ailment. Even online dispensaries have budtenders available on chat for their customers so that they get the best experience.

How much does a budtender make?

Budtender salaries vary depending on location, experience level, and company size. For example, budtenders at large dispensaries in California can make around $14 per hour plus benefits. Budtenders at small dispensaries in the state usually make around $10 to $12 per hour, with no benefits.

What are the requirements to become a budtender?

A prospective budtender must have a high school degree and experience working within a dispensary or cannabis industry.

3. Dispensary Manager

A dispensary manager is a person in charge of running the day-to-day operations of a cannabis dispensary. They are responsible for everything from hiring and training budtenders to oversee inventory and managing customer service. Dispensary managers are also responsible for ensuring compliance with all state regulations, including those that govern how and where cannabis can be sold. They typically have a background in business or retail management, but they may also come from other fields such as finance, law, or healthcare.

4. Grower/Trimmer

The grower is the person who grows weed, and the trimmer is the person who cuts off parts of the plant to make it look better. The grower usually does not have any experience with trimming weed, and many growers hire a professional trimmer to do this job.

5. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are the ones who bring food to your doorsteps, and they are also the ones who deliver weed.

Delivery drivers are a crucial part of the cannabis industry. They help distribute cannabis products to dispensaries, and they also deliver goods to customers who have ordered from dispensaries online.

The Takeaway

The cannabis industry is a $7 billion dollar industry that is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, so it will be important for you to understand and do something about the various job opportunities coming your way.

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