Benefits of Recruiting Candidates With Outside Experience for Legal Marijuana Jobs

legal marijuana jobs


The cannabis industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. According to Leafly, significant job creation has been seen in the industry. Legal cannabis jobs have been increased by 44% in 2018 in its workforce as compared to the 21% rise in 2017. It is also projected that the cannabis workforce will grow 150% by 2022.

Recruiters are thrilled with the market demand and are onboarding experience executives from the different expertise areas to handle marketing, finance, operations, and complicated issues.  Companies are likely to recruit from the outside talent with needed mainstream business skills and knowledge.

There is a stigma associated with the cannabis industry that makes a significant hurdle for employers. Candidates are often questioning and are cautious about entering into a sector that is often associated with the illegal market.

There are several people eager to work in the marijuana job sector, but they have the fear that they won’t be able to work for the traditional sector later on. Candidates who are concerned about their job roles in one place.

On the other hand, they are not concerned about the stigma that is providing high paid and demanded jobs.

Benefits to Hiring Professionals from Different Job Sectors

Well, the US has kept the recruiting firms to dive the market, mid-sized companies to enjoy success in placing the right candidate. Here are several benefits to hiring professionals from different job sectors such as.

Add Expertise To Your Team

Your team must have experts from the cannabis industry who have tons of experience, but process expertise and deep knowledge of business development professionals can help to grow your business during critical times. Thus, there is a high demand for talented people in the cannabis industry.

A New Perspective

When you recruit candidates from other industries, your team will get a new perspective to think about innovative ideas and opinions. Build a team with a diversified experience to keep a competitive edge over companies. Your focus will soon change from the work you have done before and fatal innovation will be into the picture to achieve the new target for the organization.

Accelerate The Decision-making Process

As your company thrives, you need the hands of experienced leaders from industries in different areas to organize the workflow. Legal cannabis jobs are less than a decade old. So, it is difficult to find the depth of professionalism in the usual recruiting process. With the outside talent, you can bring the leaders who have experience of more than a decade in their area of expertise. Such people carry professional knowledge who comes up with the solutions to overcome the challenges in the industry.

Build A Strong Network With Connectional Intelligence

Use connectional intelligence to grow your network for business success. You can build a good network from conversation to conversation. This practice will help you while hiring talents from a different domain and you can create a skilled workforce. You need to be accountable and transparent with your employees who value your culture with a strong mission to achieve the organization’s goals.

How To Overcome Recruiting Obstacles?

Eradicate The Stigma

There is a stigma associated with the use of cannabis. However, the chemical cannabidiol (CBD) impacts the brain to make it function better without giving it high. While Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has notably function as pain-relieving properties in the body. Both substances can be used to get rid of chronic pain, alleviate anxiety, reduce inflammation, and treat glaucoma and depression. Clear differentiation for the laymen is still muddled, but marketing has highlighted health benefits, and other educational information can be an effective way to fight the stigma associated with usage.

Embrace The Best HR Practices

Recruiting, hiring, onboarding process, and employee benefits for the cannabis employees are the same as in other job sectors. By implementing the best practices such as performance-linked, increment, promotions and rewards, a well-defined reporting structure, a fair evaluation system, open discussions, and feedback mechanism. These policies can help you to hit your hiring targets, yet you can achieve your organizational goals.

Propose A Professional Image

The cannabis job sector is offering an impressive career path to the young workers who are looking for high paying positions without the massive student-loan debt associated with obtaining a degree of college graduates. Put yourself into the talent pool and draw vernacular references related to cannabis, such as weed, pot, and marijuana. Do make sure about your business descriptions and the products you provide that should make you sound like a professionally managed organization.

Hire Experienced Candidates From Other Industries For The Key Positions

The cannabis industry has been brought into the mainstream by pioneers. However, they need assistance to run all functions of the business successfully. The upper-level management and executive positions required candidates with a professional background in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, finance, supply chain, and other industries that offer useful insights for making the best decisions for the organization.

Mitigate Operational Risk From The Outside Talent And Resources

The cost of hiring the wrong employee is unimaginable than any executive recruitments. As a comparatively new industry, recruiters can help cannabis executives to determine the specific area of interest by expertise to help their companies to make a move from a baby step to a mature corporation. Simultaneously, you need to identify board members who have the experience to use strategic resources for future growth.

The Takeaway

There are several benefits associated with legal marijuana jobs. The stigma which people associate with cannabis needs to be done away with. This will boost the employment prospects in the industry. By hiring skilled individuals, you can achieve major milestones in the long run.

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