How To Help A Friend Smoke Weed For The First Time

friends smoking weed together


The legal status of cannabis has made it popular, and people want to try their hand at it. But one thing that every newbie needs to understand is that there’s nothing like one-size-fits-all with weed.

The experience differs for every person, so one cannot expect to feel the same as someone else. Still, having someone experienced around brings confidence for the first-timers. If you are a seasoned user, you can play the role of a mentor or guide for a friend who is just starting.

And while only being around for them definitely helps, there are some things you can do as a trip-sitter to make their first experience safe and pleasant.

Create the Right Environment

If you remember your first experience, you will probably know the value of the environment. Focus on creating a set and setting that makes the first-timers feel easy and confident.

A little anxiety is natural, but your support can make all the difference. Your friend may want to do it at home or opt for an outdoor experience, so discuss the preferences and point out the pros and cons so that they can make a wise decision.

Order their favorite snacks because they may feel the munchies. Have a couch ready because first-timers often hit the bed after the experience.

Make it Easy and Simple

When it comes to smoking for the first time, everything boils down to the choice of the right equipment.

You cannot expect a first-timer to get comfortable with a complex bong for the first time. Rolling a joint may also sound confusing, but they will want to be independent rather than get your help.

Weaning a beginner with pre-rolled cones is a good idea, and they can gradually move to more complex accessories later. The simpler it is the first time, the more they will enjoy it.

Doing it independently will also give them more confidence, and they will be willing to go ahead with the next session soon.

Pick the Right Strain

When a first-timer trusts you, go the extra mile to ensure that they have a great experience. As a heavyweight user, you may want to initiate them with a THC-high strain.

But it may not always be an apt choice for starters because THC is psychoactive. Recommend a CBD-high strain instead because it will give them an experience without getting them high. It works well for someone just looking to dip a toe.

Gradually, you can introduce them to hard-hitting strains high in THC. By the time, you will have a good idea about their tolerance levels, and they will also know the basics of CBD and THC. It is easier to move to other choices without compromising safety.

The Takeaway

The key to becoming a successful trip-sitter lies in empathy, remembering how your first experience was, and using the knowledge to make it a good one for your friend. Be there for them and help them with the best choices to ensure that their first is the one they will always remember for good reasons.

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