World’s best weed gear for 420 2023


April 20th is undoubtedly the most famous stoner holiday of them all. This year, the world’s 147 million weed lovers gather in every time zone to spark up together. Before you leave for the party, we want to make sure you’re laced up with the best gear on the scene. Here’s everything you’ll need to be the baddest set of lungs, from Hippy Hill, San Francisco to Washington Square Park, NYC when the clock strikes four and 20. Or really, any time.

Beginner level

The ZIG ZAG Flower Mill

Over the last two years, Flower Mill has converted legions of grinder owners to their outstandingly efficient mills. Milling cuts buds instead of just grinding between a series of teeth. That results in more even material when breaking down cannabis. The additional screens give you five variations—from fine to coarse—and it’s surprisingly easy to keep clean. After decades as one of the most recognizable brands in stoner culture, ZIG ZAG has finally put a ring on it with this first-ever official partnership with a cannabis product. This might just be the most important partnership between cannabis and rolling papers since Cheech and Chong released the Big Bambu LP. $74.99, or

Growers Club rolling papers

Grower’s Club rice papers burn smooth and come in packaging and merch designs from fun and dynamic artists like Burrito Breath and Bakers Duzen. With an ocean of options for joints, one thing that sets a brand apart is how they roll (both literally and in their visual impact). $2.50,

Brothers Broadleaf blunt wraps

A 4th-gen family cigar-making company’s two brothers started Brothers Broadleaf to offer fresh, flavorful wraps for the blunted and blunted at heart. Straight out of Florida, not only are they big with blunt lovers all over the US, you can find their fans all throughout Europe as well.

LitWick borosilicate glass Hemp Wick dispenser

Ready to watch someone’s hands go wild when they ask for a light? Hand them your LitWick. Using hemp wick to light your bowls, bong rips, and joints isn’t something new. For years your weird buddy has said wick is more environmentally friendly and keeps you from inhaling lighter fluid or flint dust. With this visually pleasing, handmade piece, you’re no longer the weird person pulling twine from your pocket when someone wants to spark up. A husband and wife team in Evergreen, CO, released the design in 2020. It’s both ergonomic and familiar. You can choose one with solid colors or a clear version. If fancy Scandinavian designers ever created a lighter for eco-conscious weed heads, it would be a LitWick. $40 (Add hemp wick from Hempwick for $9.98). Available at

Intermediate stoners

Puffco Proxy Wizard, and Flower Bowl

Are you ready to whip out the most magical setup at the circle? Just in time for the holiday, Puffco just dropped their new Wizard base for their electronic hash oven, called the ‘Proxy.’ This long, sculpted pipe comes in both regular and desert colors. It’s that perfect combo of Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Merlin, and let’s face it, we ALL want to be a wizard. The magic doesn’t stop there though. Pair your wizardly glass with the optional Proxy Flower Bowl attachment to cast a spell over the party. Watching someone discover the Proxy electronic hash pipe is fun, but it’s even more fun watching their eyes glitch out when you plop in the glass bowl and start smoking some Old Tobey. $34.99 & $89.99,

Focus Carta 2 Color Edition

The Carta 2 is a kickin’ electronic dab rig with an informative OLED screen, push button temperature controls, security lock, and customizable screensavers. Focus V’s newest release is a set of colorful Carta 2 models available in Mint, Purple, Midnight Blue, or Forest Green. I will say though that Midnight Blue looks way closer to the shade of Doctor Who’s classic Blue Box. You can even get a matching electronic dab tool called the Saber, with additional replacement tips. For 4/20, Carta gives customization another dimension by dropping chromatic glass tops that create three distinct ways to colorize your setup. $375 (add on a matching dab tool and an extra tip for $45),

ESP Glass bubblers, pipes, and chillums

Just like the perfect wedding dress, when it comes to the glass you’re smoking out of on 420, you need to show up to the party with something chic, designer, and unique. From his shop in Philly, glassblower Jesse K, also known as ESP Glass, has a gorgeous portfolio of pieces dating back to 1999, each one a swirling colorful expanse embedded in smooth, organic shapes. Usually, you have to wait for his scheduled drops in retailers, but lately, he’s released more pieces online including a new series of chillums and hammers. ESP’s striking work always makes a subtle statement, regardless of size. Prices vary, @espglass

The original Derby jacket of San Francisco

Dress like an award winner with this Bay Area, CA icon. These midweight, durable jackets first started in San Francisco in 1963 and became the model for UPS jackets. Resurrected by Iraq War veteran Victor Suarez around 2010, custom Derby jackets went to the 1st place winners at the Ego Clash invitational in Barcelona this year. With their detailed lining and classy exterior, it’s hard to imagine a better prize for a California competition to offer on its Spanish edition. Derby of San Francisco puts out a new colorway every month so don’t sleep when you see your perfect combo like their Giants colorway or the recent release with well-known SF artist Jeremy Fish. $155-165,

For advanced dabbers

Stache DigiTül dab scale

Espresso fanatics weigh out their morning grounds. Now, hash can be just as exacting. Known best for their Rig-In-One device, Stache creates novel solutions to the problems that come up from being a modern stoner on the go. If you’ve ever had to split up some dabs but couldn’t find the right kind of scale, then you’re in luck. This clever dab tool dubbed DigiTül (“Digi-tool”) from Stache products also doubles as a built-in scale that goes from .05 grams up to 200. (AAA batteries not included). You can also dab off the DigiTül with Stache’s ConNectar, which will turn your standard 510-threaded vape battery into hot-tipped straw for sipping dabs, called a nectar collector. Never get caught without your supplies for emergencies, especially when those emergencies tend to pop up right after four in the afternoon. $29.99 & $24.99,

Dab Rite PRO – Trevy Metal Edition temperature reader

This Mercedes Benz of temp readers has collaborated with a massively talented artist, and Crocs shoes! This very limited model comes with custom decorations, a new startup screen, a special dab towel, and a commemorative sticker. There’s even a custom dab mat to go along with the splattered purple and pink footwear. With its German-manufactured infra-red sensor The Dab Rite has become standard equipment for serious dabbers who care about temperature. The PRO version makes improvements based on feedback from the community—like the ‘silent mode’ added to all Dab Rite PRO models after Feb. 1, 2023. Now, holding down the session light button toggles the on/off sounds. $319.69,

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Toro Glass terp taster

New to dabbing? ‘Slurpers’ make the most of expensive dabs, but the big borosilicate bowls pair best with large hits. Sometimes though, you want to pack a smaller dab or need to consume multiple dabs in a row without having to load big globs. That’s where Toro Glass has stepped in with a miniaturized version that changes the game for competition judges and new heads on the scene. These squat flared “tasters” stand about three fingers tall and work perfectly with smaller but still flavorful dabs. The name Toro in the glass world carries as much acclaim as Pappy Van Winkle does to whiskey, so act cool when everyone wants to take pictures. $435,

And that’s a taste of America’s dopest weed gear for 420 2023. Never miss the latest heat—download the Leafly App (Android, iOS) and turn on notifications to savor those flavors first. 

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