The Transition Of Cannabis Retail In The “New Normal”



The pandemic has left no industry untouched, but the impact has been a tad bigger for some sectors. The retail industry is one of these because some retailers suffered massive losses while others realigned to stay ahead of the impact of the changing consumer preferences and shopping behavior. Cannabis retail is also witnessing a massive shift in the “new normal,” changing everything from the way they showcase products, sell, and deliver them. Let us explain some significant facts about the transition of the industry in the post-pandemic world.

Widespread E-commerce Adoption

The first wave of the virus in 2020 locked people indoors and retail traffic went down to almost zero. But essential services took to the e-commerce route as online selling and doorstep deliveries became the only way to sell and stay connected with the consumers. While e-commerce adoption was initially a survival solution for cannabis retailers, it has now become a new method of boosting sales in the new normal. It is more like an opportunity to get bigger by diversifying your retail store. You can invest in the best web design, UX, and digital marketing to make sure that your e-commerce store has the potential to extend your brand’s reach and impress the customers.

Booming Contactless Transactions

Forward-thinking retailers quickly pivoted during the pandemic by leveraging contactless technology to keep the customers and employers safe and maintain consistent sales numbers. The trend will continue in the future as customers are comfortable with the concept of digital payments, and they even prefer the mode because of its ease and security. Having a contactless payment solution with the right pos features will give you an upper hand. It ensures the best in-store experience for your buyers as there is no need for them to wait in queues or flout social distancing rules as you can let them pay anywhere across the floor with a point of sale solution. You can use the same solution for buyers who prefer curbside pickup and doorstep delivery of their orders.

Surging Demand and Sales

Not surprisingly, cannabis demand surged during the first wave of the pandemic, and the trend is expected to go strong in the future. Users across the country validated its benefits as a wellness aid to deal with COVID stress. The word-of-mouth recommendations worked as a shot in the arm for the industry. Many new users joined the wellness brigade, and retail sellers witnessed an uptick in sales. Retailers must keep the momentum going in 2021, and the best way you can do it is by going the extra mile with in-store experiences. It is vital to empower buyers with knowledge, so your sales teams should be willing and able to educate the consumers and answer their questions. It will help you build trust and retail the customer for the long haul.

The Takeaway

The so-called new normal is an opportunity to take your cannabis retail business to the next level. But you have to be open to investing in the right technologies to stay one step ahead of customer expectations. Great products and exceptional services are the other two pillars of retail growth.

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