Star signs and cannabis strains: April 2021 horoscopes


Happy Aries Season, Stargazers! It’s shaping up to be a fabulous spring. This month belongs to the Rams. Kicking things off, we have Mercury entering Aries on April 3 for a little dose of direct communication and inventive energy. There’s a new moon in Aries as well on April 12.

It’s a beautiful time of year to appreciate some natural beauty and to speak your mind like any true Aries would!  

Your April Horoscope


Happy Aries Season, Rams! There’s a lot of action in your sign this month. Kicking things off, Mercury enters your sign on April 3. You’ll be at peak decisiveness during this time. Don’t be too quick to judge, though. On April 12 there is a new moon in your sign as well. This is going to be a particularly powerful first half of the month for you. Store up some of that precision decision making and confidence for later in the month.

Your ruler, Mars, is in direct motion the entire month and it enters into Cancer on April 23. You might feel compelled to hold on to slights and criticism more than usual. The month winds down with a full moon in Scorpio on April 27. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. You’ll be drawn to vulnerability and openness at the end of the month. That’s a gift, sweet Ram!   

April strain: Celebrate with something sweet and buzzy like Cereal Milk. This is a hybrid strain known for its density and sweet, delightful aroma that sticks around nearly as long as the buzz does.

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Happy April, Bulls! Things will be relatively quiet in most aspects of your life this month. Your ruler, Venus, is direct motion the entire month and it enters your sign on April 14. You can expect to enjoy some great communication with your partner or romantic interest and a boost in creative energy.

Mercury saunters into your sign as well on April 19. Good ideas will flow freely in the middle of the month. Chase what feels right, you never know where it may lead. There’s a super moon on April 27 in Scorpio. You’ll be craving emotional intimacy and you deserve it, Taurus!

April strain: Dive into some Apple Fritter for a sweet, spring buzz. This hybrid is known for its particularly relaxing high. Users report the aroma is nice mix of earthy and sweet and that it packs a punch without the paranoia.  


Happy Aries Season, Gemini! Your ruler, Mercury, is in direct motion this entire month. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Mercury enters into Aries on April 3. Quick, decisive thinking will take center stage at the beginning of the month. Be careful to avoid absolutely rash decisions. On April 12 there is a new moon, also in Aries. You might feel a little unsettled and ungrounded in the middle of the month. That’s okay! Ride it out. It will be short lived.

On April 19 Mercury enters determined Taurus. This is a great pairing that should leave you feeling more grounded than usual. This is a great time to communicate with friends and family. You’ll be more likely to say what you mean.

April strain: Throw on some Jimmy Buffet and spark a bowl of Mango Kush to evoke true feelings of spending summer on the beach. This hybrid has hints of pine when you exhale, and the bud is dense and gorgeous! Users report this strain makes them bubbly and the life of the party — just like you, Gem.


Happy April, Crabs! This is an exciting month for you, even with all of this fire sign energy going around. On April 3, Mercury enters Aries. You might find that you’re thinking a little quicker on your feet than you normally do. This is great! Just try to avoid diving into any truly rash decisions.

Your ruler, the moon, will be new again in Aries on April 12. This makes some folks feel a little emotionally raw. Take a step back from social commitments if you’re feeling vulnerable. On April 23 Mars enters your sign. Your actions and your desires should be in great alignment at the end of the month. On April 27 there is a super moon in fellow water sign, Scorpio. This should round out the month with a lot of serenity for you. Enjoy it!   

April strain: Boost your confidence with a little help from Alaskan Thunder Fuck. This strain is truly the stuff of legend. Users report this sativa creeps up on you. When used liberally, the bud produces happy, buzzy effects. True fans admit this isn’t the bud to smoke before going to grandma’s for dinner. Unless grandma is into that sort of thing.

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Happy April, Lions! This month you’ll be feeling the weight of your responsibilities in your professional life. Lots of urgency and not enough hands to tackle things as they come up. That’s okay, you’ll make your way through it relatively unscathed.

To start, Mercury enters fellow fire sign, Aries, on April 3. Your ability to adapt quickly will be a hot commodity around this time, and you may find yourself up to your neck in other people’s drama. Fortunately, as Venus struts into Taurus on April 14, you should feel more grounded and capable of asking for things that you need. On April 19 your ruler, the sun, also enters into Taurus. Your confidence can only go up from here. Stick with the course and you’ll find your way out of the woods this month.

April strain: Some items on your to-do list this month will be more important than others. Roll a joint full of Critical Kush to unwind from all that critical decision making. This indica is the ideal nighttime bud. Medical patients use it for everything from muscle spasms to appetite stimulation. Users report this is one heavy-hitting bud, so don’t do any actual critical decision making while smoking it.  


Happy Aries Season, Virgo! Your ruler, is in direct motion the entire month. Breathe that sweet sigh of relief! Aries season also kicks off with Mercury sauntering into Aries on April 3. You will likely benefit from some quick, adaptable thinking at the beginning of the month. On April 19, Taurus also enters your sign. Lots of really powerful energy coming your way. You’ll be able to speak your mind freely and you’ll likely feel very capable of standing up for yourself this month.

There is a super moon in Scorpio on April 27. These super moons have a tendency to draw out our stronger emotions and desires. Be aware of the company you keep towards the end of the month. Reserve your best energy for those who treat you with dignity and respect, always!

April strain: You know what, Virgo? You really can have your cake and eat it too this month. Pack a bowl of Vanilla Frosting to really treat yourself. This hybrid has a creamy aroma with notes, as the name implies, of vanilla towards the end. Users say this strain is absolutely no joke, so don’t sign up to do anything that requires too much thinking before you medicate with this bud. Instead, stream some shows and enjoy a hearty buzz.


Happy April, Libra! This month is shaping up to be transformative for your relationships. On April 3 Mercury enters Aries. This is a fairly fiery pairing. Passions will be high. This could lead to really great communication, or it can lead to some foot-in-mouth situations. Tread lightly at the beginning of the month.

Your ruler, Venus, is in direct motion all of April. On April 14 Venus enters Taurus. Confidence should be free flowing in the middle of the month. If you’ve been quietly crushing on someone, now is the time to say it! On April 27, there is a super moon in Scorpio. If you’re feeling a little more sensitive to feedback around this time, that’s totally fine! Take some time for yourself and recharge.

April strain: The juice will definitely be worth the squeeze this month. Celebrate with some Lemon Tree. This hybrid is balanced with some strong citrus notes to delight your nose. Medical patients report this is a great strain for inflammation and chronic pain. Fans of this bud report it provides uplifting effects and a buzz that doesn’t bog the mind down.

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It’s Aries Season, Scorpio! Water signs are definitely more susceptible to all of the Air sign energy going around this month, so take it easy on yourself. The good news is that your ruler, Mars, is in direct motion the entire month. April kicks off with Mercury entering Aries on April 3. People around you may be quick to act and quick to judge. Try not to take anything said at the beginning of the month, personally.

On April 19 the sun enters Taurus. This should bring a bit more of that Earth sign balance to your life. On April 27 there is a super moon in your sign! You should be at the peak of your powers and in command of your emotional spectrum at the end of April. Use this time to recharge and make a plan for the summer. Treat yourself to something good.  

April strain: Wind down after a long day with a little Sunset. A little of this indica goes a long way and users report the strong buzz is a great for a nightcap. When the day is done and you’ve got nowhere else to go, give this bud a try.


Happy April, Sag! The good news is that your ruling planet, Jupiter, is really quiet this month. This means you can probably expect things to be a little boring. That’s great! And, with Aries season in full swing, you’ll be capitalizing on all of the Fire sign energy going around. On April 3, Mercury enters Aries. You can expect communication to be pretty blunt around this time. Try not to take too much to heart.

There is a new moon in Aries on April 12. Problems at work might appear to be a little bit bigger than they actually are during the middle of the month. On April 27, there is a super moon in Scorpio. You might be a bit emotional, but so will everyone else. Journal, take some time in nature and this too shall pass!

April strain: You contain multitudes, Sag. Your weed should, too! Pack a bowl of Layer Cake this month for a tasty treat. This hybrid is 21 percent THC and users report it’s definitely not for beginners. Fans say it’s their go-to strain for bad days and long work weeks.  


Happy April, Crab! The month kicks off with Mercury entering Aries on April 4. Communication will be brief and to the point at the beginning of the month. It might feel a little prickly coming from people you’re close to, but it’s not personal.

On April 12 there is a new moon is Aries as well. This is the perfect time to lean into a new hobby or skill — quick, decisive thinking will be at an all-time high. On April 24, your ruler, Saturn, trine node will have you feeling extra helpful. Be a warm ear to someone you love. There is a super moon on April 27 in Scorpio. Round out the month tuning into your full emotional spectrum. What self-care acts have you been neglecting lately, and how is it showing up in your day to day life?  

April strain: Everyone knows you’re a big softy on the inside, Capricorn. Embrace it with the help of Oreoz. This hybrid comes with a warning to new users: tread lightly. The aroma has hints of chocolate and diesel and fans report it has a mellow buzz with uplifting effects.

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Happy Aries season, Aquarius! It’s turning into a gorgeous spring and, like all air signs this month, you’ll be feeling the heat of the fire sign energy a little extra. On April 4, Aries gets a visit from Mercury. Communication will be blunt and to the point at the beginning of the month.

On April 14, Venus enters level-headed Taurus. Your love life should benefit greatly from this alignment. Communication should flow easily between you and your partner. Let them know what you need. On April 27, there is a super moon in Scorpio. Emotions will get a little murky — that’s just fine. You have plenty of things to quietly reflect on. Turn inward and treat yourself to something nice at the end of the month.

April strain: Don’t shy away from a little decadence this month, Aquarius. Tuck into a bowl of Truffle Butter for a truly regal experience. This indica turns active stoners into couch ornaments and, really, what’s wrong with that? Users report they feel sedated and stress-free when they smoke this bud.

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Happy April, Pisces! What a spring it has been, huh? This month kicks off with Mercury visiting Aries on April 4. Communication will be perfunctory and to the point. That’s just fine! You’ll still get what you need from those closest to you.

Your ruler, Jupiter is in direct motion the entire month. On April 23, Mars enters fellow water sign, Cancer. You should reap some good financial benefits from this celestial alignment. There’s a super moon in Scorpio on April 27. Not only will this light up the night sky, it should also fire up some deep emotions for you. Lean in. What parts of yourself have you been neglecting? Reflect through some journaling or meditation, and then do what you can to restore the internal balance. You are a gem, Pisces!

April strain: Zodiac Babe, you deserve all the Pink Starbursts in the world. This hybrid, like its namesake, is special. Let a haze of sweet smoke envelope you and melt your stress away. Users report this bud is tranquil and stirs up positive emotions. Uplift your spirits and always remember you deserve the best, Pisces.

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