Cannabis vs Cigarettes: The Health Benefits of Cannabis



The latest updates regarding cannabis consumption is that it’s not as addictive as most of us believe. And unlike cigarettes, cannabis offers many health benefits.

However, more findings reveal a certain level of dependence on cannabis. However, compared to cigarettes, cannabis is on the safer side and so-called cannabis addiction is quite different.

Here are some of the top reasons why cannabis is safer and more beneficial than cigarettes.

1. Cannabis is Easier On The Lungs

When used moderately, cannabis proves to be relatively mild and less harmful to the lungs. The best part about settling for Marijuana is that there are plenty of ways to consume it apart from smoking. Since it’s available in different forms, you are free to choose your style of using Cannabis. On the other hand, cigarettes require you to puff at every craving that hits your system.

As a result, your lungs become susceptible to all kinds of damages. Not to mention that cigarettes are a possible opening to lung cancer and other lung diseases. Cannabis is accessible to your lungs since it is less addictive. You can only smoke it a few times, such as two or three times a month. Besides, in most cases, cannabis fanatics use different approaches and styles when smoking marijuana. Users tap into these compounds in the form of smoke which is harmless.

2. Cannabis Helps Alleviate Anxiety

Unlike cigarettes, Cannabis contains compounds that interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This interaction is advantageous as it links up with respective mood-enhancing hormones. Cannabis consumption triggers the production of serotonin responsible for general mood patterns. Taking Cannabis in reasonable amounts ensures your system is safe from the effects of an overdose.

What’s more, you don’t have to withstand the harsh effects of smoke if your lungs are not up for it. You could opt for products such as CBD oil, buy twisted extracts online, or even get some creams and lotions. Monitoring your doses is essential because it prevents the possibility of your system becoming too dependent on cannabis. Turning to cigarettes as an option for alleviating anxiety is detrimental to your general health.

Top on the list is that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. A single puff could render you a slave to cigarette smoking in coming years.

3. Cannabis Can Relieve Chronic Pain

Relief comes about as a result of the numerous chemical compounds present in Cannabis. Each one of them has a specific role to play in your body once you consume it. Most of these compounds are cannabinoids, which are present in cannabis used for medicinal purposes. Cannabis is mainly concerned with our brain and interacts with it first through the endocannabinoid system.

When in pain, your brain will send signals to the area inflicted with pain. This signal causes you to swing to action in search of the nearest and best solution to your problem. The release of chemical compounds is a saving grace that moves quickly and soothes the pain. The advantage here is that cannabis embarks on the pain-relieving journey with no known side effects.

When prescribed by a verified medical practitioner, no complicated feelings of getting ‘high’ while under medication can creep up on you. CBD is the primary compound in Cannabis that serves the purpose of relief from physical pain. Cigarettes are only known to cause the user’s head to spin, especially when overdosed. It also brings about a temporary feeling of ‘highness,’ which is then replaced by feelings of melancholy and regret.

4. Cannabis Can Better Help You Lose Weight

Turning to cigarettes as a weight-loss option is as good as giving up on your overall well-being. Using cigarettes from time to time for a successful weight loss project strings along with a myriad of consequences. You’ll eventually get hooked to cigarettes, and your overall appearance will get disfigured. Thanks to Cannabis, you don’t have to go through a series of torturous smoking episodes to achieve your dream figure.

Instead, cannabis will go about it in the safest ways possible and leave no traces of side effects. The chemical makeup of the substance can help in the regulation of calorie intake. It also has the sharp ability to control insulin, which prevents excessive sugary diets and drinks. Including Cannabis in your fitness regime increases your chances of attaining a healthy body weight.

Beginners need to consult their fitness instructors for essential updates such as the best forms of Cannabis for weight loss. However, cannabis is not an instant weight loss sensation. It may require you to exercise a mature level of patience since it works at different speeds due to varying body types.

5. May Help In The Treatment Of Depression

Once again, the chemical compounds present in cannabis interact with the endocannabinoid system to achieve this critical goal. The interaction is vital for stabilizing the moods, which may be otherwise distorted, leading to an upsurge of depression levels.

Cannabis has made it to modern medicine and is usually prescribed to patients due to its mild effects. Cigarettes will only lead to addiction, an even more significant contributor to the global rates of depression.

Final Thoughts

Since its discovery, cannabis has made ground-breaking strides that are taking the world by storm. Manufacturers and researchers dig deeper to find more reasons to settle for cannabis rather than their addictive counterparts, cigarettes.

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