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With all of the cannabis subscription services out there, it can be difficult pinpointing which ones actually aim to match the stash style you’re looking for. Enter MonthLeaf. Co-founder Bryanne Vincent helped establish this California-based cannabis subscription service that provides an easier way to get everything you need from start to finish —  all in one box.

Not only do MonthLeaf boxes help customers get familiar with new and trending weed products at unbeatable prices, it also works to make non-storefront delivery services more widely visible and accessible to customers. The brand partners with a new dispensary every month to fill each box. 

The MonthLeaf subscription service is only available in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles, but the company hopes to expand its reach in the future. (Disclosure: Monthleaf participated in Weedmaps’ social equity program).

How does a MonthLeaf subscription work?

To get started, browse through the collection of available boxes. All of them feature a $10 off coupon for Daileaf.com and additional discounts at local pot shops. Each box, save for the Mini, exceeds a value of $150, but most memberships are around $100 per month — $120 if you opt for a one-time box. 

Choose from five box types

  • Puff: Receive 4 – 6 strains and smokeable products like prerolls and vape cartridges, along with a cannabis accessory.
  • Edible: Receive 5 – 6 top shelf edibles like gummies, chocolates and more, along with a cannabis accessory.
  • CBD: Receive 5 – 6 CBD dominant products like tinctures, edibles and flower, along with a cannabis-friendly accessory 
  • Sampler: Receive 5 – 6 different products, such as tinctures, drinkables, flower and more, along with a cannabis accessory. 
  • Mini: Receive flower from the month’s partnered dispensary and 1 – 2 cannabis accessories (basically a mini-version of the Puff Box), with a value at over $75 and costs $50. 

Note: All prices are before tax and delivery with a monthly membership.

After you have chosen your preferred box, you can tailor it to your needs with MonthLeaf’s customization survey. Once your preferences are filled out, decide whether you want a one-time box or a monthly membership subscription. When it’s all wrapped up, MonthLeaf will show you which local dispensaries will be filling your box, along with which days and times are best to receive it — you can tip the delivery driver from there. 

MonthLeaf subscription boxMonthleaf

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a call or text to confirm your preferred delivery date and time. Depending on availability, you should get your box within three days. If you happen to order after the 20th of the month, you may choose to receive your box for the month, wait until the 1st, or receive both. All up to you.

For the month of June, MonthLeaf ‘s partner in the Bay Area was Green on the Go, a local delivery service that offered me a seamless experience. Delivery was fast, discreet, communicative, and my driver was extremely friendly. 

What’s in this month’s box?

June 2021’s box theme is Sugar Daddy, in honor of Father’s Day, Pride Month, and those who love a good, corny dad joke. I chose the Sampler Box and the Mini Box to give it a try. 

Here are short reviews on what was inside:

Sampler Box

STIIIZY LIIIT Presidential OG 3.5g: This indoor-grown flower is out of this world. Its fat, sticky nugs had me feeling euphoric and relaxed. I recommend enjoying this indica strain at sunset. 

Pacific Stone Wedding Cake cartridge: One of the tastiest and terpene-rich flavors I’ve ever tried in a cartridge. Plus the smoothest pull. It’s sweet, herby, and potent enough that the full gram will last me a while.

Bloom Battery: A standard battery, but it’s the battery life for me. I charged it once almost two weeks ago and it’s still going strong. Pretty impressive.

Flav Apple Rings: I’m a fan of gummies, so these were an easy add-on to my evening wind down. These sour apple rings are delicious and have a great texture. At 10 milligrams per gummy, dosing with these is a breeze.

Flav Tropical Punch Mix: One packet of this mixed alone with water tasted a bit bland, but a little bit would probably be great in a summer cocktail. I’ll be daytime sippin’ these on the weekends.

Cosmic Snickerdoodle: The cutest little cookie! It was chewy, sweet and had no weedy flavor. An ideal microdose at just 10 milligrams.

Mini Box

Dime Bag Banana Dream 3.5g: This bright, heady sativa had me energized, focused and ready to tackle my to-do list. The nugs were on the smaller side though.

Sublime Sundae Driver Fuzzie Shortie: Although the sesh was short-lived, this little shortie packed a punch. The infused pre-roll brought me to that perfect level of high and burned beautifully.

Sublime OG Kush King Fuzzie: This gem of an infused pre-roll had me levitating. It truly was a sublime combo of a head and body high, great for watching a movie marathon.

Treat Lemon Cake Pre-roll: A lemony, cheesy, and sweet sativa joint. I recommend this one for when you want to feel social and ready to have a productive conversation.

Both of my boxes had donut-shaped glass pipes, which were adorable and have become my favorite pieces as of late. And of course, all boxes with smokable products come with joint papers, a hemp wick and lighter.

What’s the appeal? 

MonthLeaf box subscriptions have a long list of benefits. They are an ideal option for those looking for a consistent approach to explore and sample high quality products available in their local cannabis market without spending too much money or having to leave their homes. If customers want to try out a box, they don’t need to sign up for a monthly membership, but it is pricier. 

With the monthly subscription, you can cancel any time. Plus, the boxes include coupons to use at local shops, discounts for dispensary partners, and the box has a new fun theme every month. MonthLeaf offers savings, flexibility, and efficiency. And what cannabis enthusiast doesn’t like opening a big box of weed?

As mentioned before, MonthLeaf is only available in certain parts of California, which is a drawback for everyone else. But if you are a California resident in one of their operating areas, MonthLeaf is another great avenue to support and get to know your local cannabis delivery services. MonthLeaf makes spreading your love for local cannabis simple but exciting. 

Bottom line: If you’re into supporting local businesses and personalized boxes of weed at reasonable prices, consider a MonthLeaf subscription.

Check out the MonthLeaf subscription boxes at monthleaf.com. Photos courtesy of Monthleaf. 

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