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Vancouver is now among the most congested cities in Canada. This has led to many people looking for an alternative way to shop for their favorite products, including cannabis.

Luckily, there are companies offering delivery services in the city. For example, you can order foodstuffs like groceries, pizza, and even liquors all within the comfort of your home.

After the legalization of weed in Canada for recreational and medicinal purposes, there has been a rise in the population of people using cannabis. Like other shoppers, weed lovers are also seeking convenient alternatives like ordering weed online.

Fortunately, cannabis shops have integrated their business with delivery services to improve their customers’ convenience and buying experience.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fast weed delivery service, there are online shops like Weed Delivery Vancouver where you can place your order and receive high-quality weed products on the same day.

And while many people in Vancouver are already enjoying these services, some weed delivery companies set themselves apart from others. Here’s what will make or break your weed delivery.

Top 8 Features of a Quality Weed Delivery Service

The following highlights features of the best weed delivery service. Let’s explore!

1. Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery service is an essential aspect of weed delivery service; it guarantees that your order will reach your doorstep on time. This is especially vital for people who use weed for medical reasons. Sometimes you run out of your pot stock and need urgent restock.

An online shop with the ability to deliver your weed products on time will serve you best in these circumstances. Some brands make fast deliveries like 1 hour to 2 hours after you place and confirm your order.

2. Products Availability

Having a broad menu is imperative for a cannabis store to attract customers. A weed shop should create an inventory that captures all the products the customers may want. You should browse their menu and find all the weed products you need in one place.

This will save you the time you could have used moving from one store to another looking for a specific strain. Pick all the products you want and wait without worries to be delivered to you without delay.

3. Exemplary Customer Service

Top-notch customer service makes the delivery service stand out from the competition. If they fail in this sector, it is difficult for customers to come back and shop with them again. Therefore, the best online shop always strives to ensure all customers are delighted with their services and goods.

Having a knowledgeable staff ensures that they can fully and promptly respond to queries from customers. This means you can ask questions regarding the products you need, get an immediate response, make your order, and have it delivered without any delay.

4. Convenience

Convenience highlights the significance of delivery service in the pot industry. A customer should easily navigate through the company’s website without any challenges.

All the weed products offered by the brand should be on the menu to pick the products you want, add them to the shopping basket, and check out easily.

5. Ease of Payment

The mode of payment can sometimes complicate things when shopping online. This is the main reason why most online shoppers fill up their baskets with products and check out midway without placing an order. It is because of the limited means of payment available currently.

A delivery service with an easy payment process is attractive to customers. The best uses Interac e-transfer to receive their payments, where you make online payments without any difficulties.

6. Flexibility

Many people go to work from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the week, making it hard for them to pay a visit to the local weed dispensary. If you are in this kind of work, using a delivery service with flexible operational hours is beneficial since you can request your products delivered when you are available.

Therefore, you can have your weed products delivered to your address when you order, even during odd hours. You don’t have to wait any longer for your goods to be delivered. Some delivery services take up to 3 days to deliver your order.

7. Application of Technology

Irrespective of the industry of your business, technology is an essential aspect of modern business. Investing in technology will help the company to improve its service delivery.

In the weed delivery sector, a technology that enables the customer and the company to track packages during delivery is vital. This will ensure that any arising situation during delivery can be dealt with appropriately. Therefore, a worthy weed delivery service invests in the tracking technology that enables you to have real-time information on the status of your package.

8. Excellent Routing and Directional Skills

The primary function of a delivery service is moving a package from the shop to the customer. This requires efficiency to ensure the parcel reaches the customer without delay. Therefore, couriers must have top directional and high-level routing skills that complement familiarity with the local routes.

Using a courier with routing and directional skills will help you avoid last-minute difficulties to receive your goods in time.


With the availability of delivery services in the cannabis sector, weed lovers now have it easy to buy weed products. You don’t have to step out of the house to enjoy cannabis. However, it’s crucial to find a delivery service you know will make deliveries in time and high-quality products.


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