Best Soil For Outdoor Marijuana Plants


When it comes to the best soil mixture, growing marijuana is more complex than simply sticking the seeds into the ground. You have to find the method that works best for you, whether it’s planting your cannabis directly into the earth, or using a bucket or other container for it. Both of these methods work fine, and, as with anything, each has its own set of pros and cons.

In this article, we will cover the methods and techniques for growing your cannabis, as well as the basics of soil information. The greatest benefit of soil is its ability to provide nutrients to your plants so we will cover which nutrients your plants need and how to maintain this balance as well.

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Outdoor cannabis growing basic soil requirements

You can create your own special mix of soil in order to make sure your plants are getting lots of nutrients. This helps you in the long run because it means you will not have to add in extra additives later on in your plant’s life. Click here if you want to buy soil directly.

You also won’t need to be as particular about the conditions of your growing site, so you will have more options available and might, therefore, be better able to choose a well-hidden place.

If you prefer the more natural route, however, you also will be greeted with plenty of benefits. For example, if the soil is high quality, you will have access to quite a few more nutrients than with container planting.

The roots of your marijuana plants can grow extremely deep and thick since they will not be limited by a container. This method also has its own set of disadvantages, however, as it means you will need a lot more preparation in advance.

Planting marijuana outdoors
Planting marijuana outdoors

You will have to till the soil and change the pH level of the current soil that is located there. Your hard work would pay off, however, since your extra nutrients won’t wash away as easily from rain or watering, and the roots will take in those nutrients whenever they need to.

Regardless of which method of planting you choose to use, the soil will need to be rich in nutrients and well balanced.

The best soil mixture for outdoor plants

The best soil mixture for outdoor plants
The best soil mixture for outdoor plants

The “you are what you eat” concept applies to people as well as plants. This is what makes soil so important in growing high-quality cannabis plants. The better the soil, the better your harvest.

So what makes a soil higher quality? If you hold it in your hands, it should feel fluffy. It should be able to drain well, as well as already possess plenty of nutrients.

If you are using large pots for planting the marijuana seeds, you have a much easier way of controlling the quality of your soil. You can use things such as compost or store-bought fertilizer to form a base that is fertile and rich – perfect for planting. If you are planting in the ground instead, you will need to prepare and test the soil to make sure that it is conducive for growing your plants.

Best nutrients for outdoor soil

Best nutrients for outdoor soil
Outdoor soil with nutrients

Cannabis plants will need plenty of some nutrients from the beginning of its life until its end, or else its yield will not be optimum. Three foundational nutrients that you will need to focus on are nitrogen (N), potassium (K), and phosphorus (P). The fewer these nutrients, the less weed you will get.

When looking at fertilizers in the store, you should be able to see exact percentages of each nutrient (listed in N-P-K order). These three nutrients must always be present, throughout the entire lifespan of your cannabis plants. You must carefully maintain the balance of these nutrients, regardless of which life stage your plants are in.

Maintaining this balance is made easier by using store-bought fertilizer and the container planting method. This is because the fertilizer mix probably already has a  pH value of 6, which is not too acidic nor too alkaline, making it the perfect pH level for marijuana plants.

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Do not be surprised, however, if your marijuana plants start showing signs of a lacking of one or more nutrients – this is simply because plants don’t use them all up at the same rate. Some nutrients are consumed faster than others, which means you will have to replenish the ones that are consumed at a faster rate. You can do this via feeding into the soil, or just with adding it into your normal watering.

So how can you identify a plant that needs a specific nutrient? You can see and feel differences that will tell you which nutrient your plants are lacking.

The best soil for planting in containers

Planting cannabis in container

Although container planting is easier in many ways, it also means there is less room for error and more maintenance required on your part. You are the only thing that is providing nutrients for these plants, so you need to make sure you are constantly aware and observant of your plants’ needs.

Do you think that container planting is the way for you? (click here for the best pots) If that is the case, you will need to be careful of a few key factors. To choose the correct type of container, it’s always good to go for the lightest one possible. The reason for this is simple: you will need to move your pots multiple times, and lighter containers make that movement easier for you.

Try out a plastic bucket that is about five gallons in volume.  You can find these from restaurants that have used them, which is good because it means there were no hazardous materials stored in them at any time.

Bets soil for planting in containers
Bets soil for planting in containers

By contrast, clay pots are definitely not ideal. They are also an unnecessary expense and even absorb some of the water that your cannabis plants could use. If you do happen to use clay pots, make sure you spray the pot with water so that it isn’t absorbing any of that plant’s water, especially during the hot, dry summer season.

You can also find grow bags, which can be a good substitute for clay pots or plastic buckets. They can hold quite a bit of soil and are also fairly durable. The only potential issue with grow bags is that they allow for a lot more bumping around of the plant and its roots whenever you need to move it.

So if you choose to use them, be very careful whenever you need to transport plants inside of them. If the roots are damaged, your plant will need to focus all of its energy on repairing the roots rather than growing, so it would then slow down its growth.

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Whichever container you decide to use, make sure it has holes in the bottom so any extra water can drain out, so you don’t drown your plants. Just make sure that these holes are not too big, otherwise, soil could tumble out the bottom. Another idea that could work is to keep a few rocks (not too many) inside of the soil to help with drainage.

FAQs About the Best Soil for Outdoor Marijuana Plants

How does topsoil differ from potting soil?

Topsoil is used for planting directly in the ground, whereas potting soil is for planting in containers. Topsoil is composed of sand or clay that is mixed with organic materials such as compost. On the other hand, potting soil contains peat moss and other organic materials such as composted sawdust.

What is super soil?

Super soil is a term used and by well-known grower and seed producer Subcool to describe a soil recipe they use to simplify the process of attaining a successful harvest regardless of your growing expertise level. It is a highly-amended grow medium that allows growers to eliminate the need for liquid nutrients.

What are the foundational nutrients that cannabis plants need?

The three nutrients you will need to focus on are nitrogen (N), potassium (K), and phosphorus (P). The fewer these nutrients, the less cannabis yield you will get.

Becoming an expert cannabis grower requires practice and learning. Let my blog be your informative guide.

Have you grown your own marijuana outdoors using soil? Please share your experience or leave your questions below.

Happy growing!


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