Top 4 Reasons to Try E-juice Over Cigarettes



Smoking has evolved since time immemorial. We went from heavy hookahs and fat cigars to slim pen-like cigarettes. And now we’re looking for better, more convenient, and safer options to satisfy the need for smoking for everyone alike.

An excellent innovation in the 20th century has led us to the discovery of vapes. Vapes are nothing but portable instruments that create smoke on being filled with vape juices called e-liquids.

E-juices are the future of the modern world. There is no going back once someone experiences the benefits of e-smoking over traditional, old-fashioned cigarettes. It is safer, cheaper, economically feasible, and provides a more apt environment for the people nearby to prevent infection from second-hand smoke. People have now slowly started accepting e-cigarettes as a common addition to their lives, given their multiple advantages.

Let’s delve more into this topic and figure out how and why e-juice is bound to increase in 2021 and the following years.

Why E-cigarettes are Better Than Traditional Cigarettes

Here are four reasons why e-cigarettes and e-juice are a better and healthier option over traditional cigarettes…

1. Safer

Research has suggested that vaping is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. One cannot negate the fact that E-juice also contains nicotine which could be addictive. However, that still rules out the possibility of being a chain smoker or developing a severe and chronic addiction that is more common in people who smoke traditional nicotine cigarettes.

Also, health professionals suggest people use E-juices as a stepping stone to get rid of their smoking addiction. Moving from smoking to vaping can give you a gradual transition to relieve you of your addiction faster than you’d anticipated.

Vape juice sure does contain nicotine, but it is devoid of other hazardous chemicals and contaminants that are highly prevalent in traditional cigarettes.

Using and discarding cigarettes frequently pollutes the environment in more ways than we’re aware of. Not only that, but it also burns a deep hole in the pockets of individuals, especially the ones who rely on frequent smoking in their daily life.

2. Better Variety

It is not for no reason that vaping is rightly the future of smoking, especially in 2021. There are ample varieties to pick from with multiple flavors at your disposal. There is no more trouble of unhealthy smoke and its stench polluting the air around you or lingering on your body for far too long.

The vapors of E-juices evaporate pretty quickly. And even if they leave behind traces, they don’t make you stink of cigarette smoke but envelope you in a pleasant smell that leaves your body in a few minutes.

While health professionals recommend using high-quality vape juices for the best health results, cheaper options are always available. The good news is that there always is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for long-term usage or trying it once, there is always a suitable E-juice option for everyone regardless of the nature of their need.

3. More Affordable

Vapes and vape juices are a one-time investment. They can be reused several times before being discarded, unlike traditional cigarettes that often burn a hole in your pocket. True, investing in a vape and good quality vaping juice gets expensive at first but often proves to be cheaper in due course of time.

You can have your vape and e-liquid near you at all times without worrying about your supplies running out. All it takes is a leap of faith to make the shift from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and watch your life-changing for the best shortly.

When compared to regular cigarettes, this situation is quite convenient since vapes don’t pollute the environment in any way. They are timely, reusable, and prove to be cheaper than regular cigarettes in the long run.

4. Highly Convenient

To first-time users, it may seem that e-cigarettes are pretty expensive and inconvenient, given that they are a relatively new addition to our lives. However, using them frequently will prove that they are quite the opposite. Vape smoke does not linger in the air for too long.

It gets dissipated pretty soon and, hence, dramatically reduces the chances of air pollution and contamination. Also, the possibility of people falling prey to lung disorders due to second-hand smoke reduces by quite a margin.

Unlike regular cigarettes, one can vape in public places as well. Vapes also work as a good initiative for teens curious about smoking and looking to experience it. Vaping instead of cigarette smoking will prevent any probable addiction while also satisfying the curiosity of youngsters to experience smoking for the first time.

Other Added Probable Benefits of Vaping:

  • It helps reduce high blood pressure substantially
  • Clears the nasal passage and airways to aid in smooth breathing
  • Aids in better lung performance
  • Boosts the immunity with long-term use
  • They’re less addictive and hazardous than traditional nicotine cigarettes
  • Environment friendly
  • Negligible contribution to dangerous pollution

Are Vapes and E-juices the Future of Smoking?

Vapes, e-cigarettes, vape juices, and e-liquids are the future of the modern world regarding smoking. It is now time to leave the traditional, old-fashioned ways of smoking behind and adopt trendier and classier practices of satisfying our smoking urges.

The world is moving towards convenient and financially feasible options for smoking. Hence, people are now ditching regular cigarettes for want of better alternatives like e-cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, one can rest assured that their health is in safe hands with lesser fear of addiction in the long run.

The Takeaway

We cannot completely negate the fact that the overuse of e-cigarettes can also be detrimental to health. As a thumb rule, we must always keep our e-cigarettes under check and constantly monitor our smoking habits to ensure that we don’t fall prey to addiction or even dependence on the substance.

However, one cannot deny the fact that E-juices and vapes are here to stay. They’re only getting better with innovations in style, technology, and design for convenience of use. So, if you’re looking to try a vape, the best time is now!

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