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Hope you got milk.

When it’s time to fire up some late-night relaxation and munchies, America keeps turning to the indulgent, sweet, self-care strain Oreoz. On shelves nationwide, Oreoz is a Leafly Strain of the Year 2022 runner-up, as well as a top 150 strain on store menus, and a top 15 strain in search traffic. Oreoz reigns as part of the dessert strain dynasty that rules modern weed. The cross of Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon goes great with some me-time snacks—eliciting hunger, relaxation, and smiles. That makes Oreoz our Leafly HighLight for May.

Premium Oreoz buds induce drool with this sweet, hashy, gassy vanilla taste, sometimes with tobacco and coffee notes. Oreoz has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating after 208 reviews on Leafly; our first review of Oreoz dates back to 2020. With its glacial, dark, dramatic look, Oreoz resets the bar for bag appeal; it’s highly Instagrammable weed. Notes of chocolate and diesel bloom from the best bags, and the high-THC effect can knock down even veteran smokers.

“Fire strain helps me see the field in Madden NFL better,” said one reviewer.

“Oreo’s is one of the most hard-hitting strains I’ve smoked.”

Leafly reviewer

Medical patients like high-THC indica hybrids like Oreoz for stress, anxiety, and depression.

“It took my mood from bleak and shitty to a pleasant meadow of tranquility. I brood like Batman so that’s saying something,” said one reviewer.

“It helps calm down my brain and my neurological issues it causes, down to straight relief,” said another.

Oreoz is hella strong, so newbies should start slow to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the euphoria of THC.

How much does Oreoz cost?

America’s cultivators are farming tons of Oreoz in 2023 coast to coast; call it a commodity crop with a top-shelf premium.

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Good Oreoz goes for just $30–$45 per eighth-ounce in LA. It’s in carts for $20–$25 a gram, or batter for $18 per gram.

Oregon has high-end 0.5 gram rosin pods for $37, $20 eighths, and $10 grams of flower or wax. Washington has $15 quarter-ounces of bargain Oreoz, but goes all the way up to $60 eighths of top-shelf; and $25 1-g carts.

Colorado had $50 ounces of it, as well as $30 eighths. Eighths go for $50 in Illinois, and Massachusetts loves its prerolls at $12.

Eighth-ounce of flower$10$30$60
1-gram cartridges$25$35$60
Average Oreoz prices in the US

Oreoz seeds and clones

Michigan breeder 3rd Coast Genetics made Oreoz out of Cookies & Cream (Exotic Genetix) and Secret Weapon (In House Genetics). Both strains have lots of siblings and children—they’re some of the hottest pot in 2023. Many seed makers promise Oreoz flavors now, including Blimburn. Envy Genetics has OreoPopz, and Dr. Blaze has an Oreoz S1 on Seeds Here Now (where Oreoz is a top 5 hot strain of 2023). We’re also seeing clones of Oreoz and its crosses in recreational states like Michigan. Look out for the Oreoz analog, Carbon Fiber. Oreoz is also in the hyped Dante’s Inferno strain.

Oreoz strain awards

Dessert strains dominate cannabis competitions, and Oreoz is no slouch. In 2022, Oreoz took second in recreational hybrid flowers at the Colorado Connoisseur Cup, and second in Alaska that same year. It took home a first in Oklahoma in 2021.

Oreoz terpenes

The dessert strain Oreoz gets its best dank fuel notes from a mix of gassy caryophyllene, and pungent limonene and myrcene. Terpenes are the fragrant cannabis oils that power flavors and amplify effects.

Similar highlights for May 2023

Did your friends consume all the Oreoz in town? No sweat—here are three more dessert cookie smokables for an equally tasty time.

Cookies and Cream

Go with the parent of Oreoz, Cookies and Cream. It’s vanilla, sweet, and nutty with similarly calming effects. Padlock the fridge.

Grease Monkey 

For more fuel in your dessert, check out Grease Monkey—a cross of Original Glue and Cookies and Cream. It’s even more relaxing than Oreoz, for those who enjoy some rowdy diesel, funk, and skunk.

Kush Mints

Even more popular than Oreoz—check out Kush Mints for a similar indica hybrid effect, but a more minty take on a dessert strain; it’s Animal Mints x Bubba Kush.

And that’s your box of chocolate dessert strains for May. We hope you learned about a new flavor, and come back on June 1 for our next Leafly HighLight. If these picks are too basic for you, make sure to explore the cutting edge of cannabis with our Leafly Buzz columns.

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