Give your cannabis an upgrade with PAX® Era Pro™


Canada’s highest-quality cannabis, vaped as it should be.

We all love the ease and portability of a cannabis extract vaporizer. But your vape doesn’t have to just be a battery; it can be a sidekick, too. The PAX Era Pro extract vaporizer, like other products from PAX Labs™, is sleek, portable, and easy to use. It can also read your cannabis pod automatically and remembers your preferences for a smooth sesh from start to finish, every single time.

The PAX® Era™ vaporizer family takes the guesswork out of cannabis for both new and experienced users alike by only allowing high-quality, trusted producers that meet strict standards fill the proprietary pods—so you always know you’re getting the good stuff. Each pod is clearly labelled and snaps right in, no fiddling required.

The Era Pro vaporizer builds on the ease of the original Era device with PodID™ technology, gathering all the essential info straight from the producers, including safety reports and ideal temperature suggestions. It then continues to learn about that pod from your experience, all right in the app. Consumers that need a little more versatility can adjust Era Pro right down to the degree.

Use as intended

It’s often hard to trust a standard cannabis extract cartridge or even verify its quality and authenticity.

The pods used in PAX Era vaporizers are only distributed to cannabis producers that care deeply about their products, so your pod doesn’t just have high-quality extract, it gives your Era Pro device a user manual.

Each time you pop a specialized pod into your Era Pro device, it automatically starts at the manufacturer-recommended temperature for the best flavour and a pleasant draw. If that doesn’t work for you, open the app and adjust it—your Era Pro device will remember it for next time.

A better battery

If you’ve used a standard vaporizer battery, you know that sometimes they just don’t get the job done. They’re often cheaply-made and break easily. If they have temperature settings, they’re usually incredibly limited. 

PAX Era Pro, with its smart features and user-friendly design, is more than a battery. It also wasn’t designed to be disposable. It’s the first cannabis-only vaporizer on the market to be UL certified, a vigorous international standard for electrical safety. Its high-quality construction means it’ll be with you for years, not just a few weekends.

Getting the most out of the PAX App

The full PAX® experience is available for Android and iOS: just visit for full details.

Experience excellent Canadian cannabis

PAX Labs™ only works with the highest-quality cannabis producers, and those brands have a lot to offer. 48 North extracts are designed for hitting the trail. Expand your mind with strains from Edison. Live in the moment with Solei’s cannabis blends. Whether you’re looking for Granddaddy Purple or Jack Haze, you can find something for every cannabis type in Era™ and Era Pro™ pods. Some of those companies, like Namaste and 7Acres, partner exclusively with PAX Labs for their vape carts.

Ready for an elevated cannabis experience? Canadians of legal age can find the PAX Era Pro available for purchase at and at licensed retailers.

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