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Can any strain compare to Girl Scout Cookies? The tasty original is known for high-quality buds and strong effects.  It may seem unlikely, however, as this Cherry Cookies strain review will show, this progeny has more than passed the test. A combination of Cookies F2 and Cherry Pie, Cherry Cookies from Purple Caper Seeds has become one of the most favored Girl Scout Cookies descendants in existence. 

Sativa/Indica %Indoor YieldOutdoor YieldFlowering Period
30%/70%Moderate to highModerate to high8 to 10 weeks indoors, early October outdoors

The Cherry Cookies strain THC level has a range of 14% to 23%, most commonly sitting at 20%. The intensity depends on how you ingest it, making this a versatile strain suitable for any time of the day. 

Cherry Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a 70/30 genetic split. That said, neither of the Cherry Cookies strain Indica or Sativa genes takes precedence when it comes to effect. This strain offers a balanced high of the mind and body, hitting all the right notes in all the right places.  The high, recognizable by the cerebral elation and tingly physical sensation, comes on within a few minutes and can last for hours. 

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At A Glance

ORIGIN Cookies F2 and Cherry Pie
Dry eyes
Hunger pangs
FRAGRANCESweet, fruity, floral, citrus, pine, pungent
FLAVORSNutty, woody, sugar, cherry
THC CONTENT %14% to 23%
INDICA / SATIVA %70%/30%
INDOOR YIELDModerate to high
OUTDOOR YIELDModerate to high

The mind-altering effects leave your thoughts unrestrained by logic and reality, offering an almost psychedelic experience. It is the perfect companion to join you at the museum or a walk through the park with headphones and a diverse playlist.  

While perfect for consuming alone, it is also great for socializing. This exquisite blend of euphoria, calm, and giddiness will have you blooming from wallflower to social butterfly with ease. Who has time to worry about social anxiety when you feel this good? If you tend to overthink to the point of losing all inspiration, Cherry Cookies will help you find your way back to being focused and creative. But do not rely on her when you have a lot to get done – once the physical relaxation sets in, you will be more thoughtful than active. 

Cherry Cookies is ripe with anti-inflammatory properties that come in handy if you suffer from headaches, nausea, or indigestion. The deep body high helps with body aches, and the Myrcene terpene acts as a much-needed sedative for combating insomnia. It also offers relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even PTSD, as well as increasing your appetite. 

Cherry Cookies Fragrance 

As the name suggests, the Cherry Cookies fragrance is a blended scent of sweet and tart fruitiness. The white trichomes bring earthy undertones, while the traces of Skunk #1 in its lineage come through with hints of skunky florals. These elements come together to create a scent that is sweet and floral, with touches of sour citrus and woody pine. It is not necessarily a terrible smelling strain of marijuana, but it is considerably pungent. 

Cherry Cookies Flavors 

Just like actual cherries, this one tastes pretty much how you would expect it to taste. The trichomes bring an earthiness that adds a nutty, almost woody overtone, balancing the sugary sweet tartness of the cherry flavor. It is a lot smoother on the inhale than the smell would suggest and offers a sweet yet smokey oak swirl on the exhale. How you consume it also plays a role in the strength of flavors experienced.  

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Cherry Cookies Adverse Reactions 

At the risk of this Cherry Cookies strain review appearing less than impartial, it’s difficult finding notable adverse reactions. The most common side effect is a severe case of cottonmouth and dry eyes, which is a small price to pay for such a potent strain. You may also experience some dizziness. 

Still, this is one of the best strains for someone with a low THC tolerance because you are unlikely to feel paranoid and not because the high is mild. Cherry Cookies strain THC level averages at 20% and can knock the socks off even the most experienced chiefer. While it may not cause hallucinations to the extent of harder psychoactive drugs, it is still psychedelic, and you may experience visual distortions as a result. 

It can be anxiety-inducing if you are not fully prepared for the full extent of this high, especially if you go into the experience already nervous or uncomfortable. Because it stimulates the appetite, it is also not the best choice if you are not a fan of the munchies.  

The high sets in fairly quickly and can last a few hours, and the tingling felt throughout the body is similar to pins and needles, which can be off-putting to some, especially as the novelty wears off. Start slow if you are concerned about the effects. 

Growing Cherry Cookies  

Cherry Cookies strain seeds are not readily available; however, you can find them in some places or purchase clones. The plant grows easily indoors, outdoors, and with a hydroponic system. Growing Cherry Cookies is moderately easy, depending on which method you choose. Advanced growers will have the least hassle using a hydroponic system, where it can flower in as little as 63 – 70 days.  

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The Cherry Cookies plant is identifiable by large, spade-shaped flowers entwined with flaming orange pistils. These emerald buds drip with pearly white trichomes – a teaser of her psychoactive qualities. When you expose the buds to cold temperatures during the blooming stage, they also present streaks of purple.

This strain needs a stable environment to thrive, which can be tough outdoors. Keep the environment semi-humid at all times, and the temperature a constant 70°F-80°F (or 21°C-26°C). The plant reaches only medium heights, and the buds grow closely together in a dense formation, making indoor growing very manageable.  

The buds are so firmly compacted, you may have some trouble breaking them apart, but don’t let this deter you.  


Both indoor and outdoor growing will offer a moderate to large yield. To develop its vibrant purple shade, expose the buds to cooler temperatures at night just before flowering begins.  


Cherry Cookies do best indoors.  Flowering takes 8 to 10 weeks and has an average yield.  


If you can provide a Mediterranean-like climate, this hybrid should thrive outdoors. Expect to harvest in early October.

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  1. Cookies F2
  2. Cherry Pie

FAQs About Cherry Cookies Strain

What is the Cherry Cookies strain yield?

You can expect a moderate to large yield when you grow Cherry Cookies either indoors or outdoors.

How much THC does Cherry Cookies have?

Its THC level has a range of 14% to 23%.

What are the origins of the Cherry Cookies strain?

Cherry Cookies was bred by Purple Caper Seeds by combining the genetics of Cookies F2 and Cherry Pie strain.

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