5 Must-Know High-Paying Jobs in the Hemp Industry

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The hemp industry is on a steady rise, both in popularity and societal acceptance, now that hemp is being regulated in many states in America. In fact, GlobeNews Wire stated that hemp’s global market size could reach a CAGR of 16.2% by 2026.

With that said, hemp enthusiasts are now more eager to get into new jobs and opportunities that the industry offers. Many are now considering hemp farming, as well as other careers that benefit from hemp cultivation. Here’s a list of high-paying jobs you can try in the hemp industry.

#1. Dispensary Owner

Owning a hemp dispensary is profitable despite the challenges and regulations it faces. As legal hemp continues to be widely accepted, the number of users will increase. Many dispensaries have annual revenues ranging from 500,000-1,000,000 US dollars or more.

Long-established stores are reported to reach an annual $10 million in sales, while those located in remote areas are reported to earn $3 million. Being a dispensary owner can generate up to 200,000-2,750,000 US dollars, depending on the store’s performance. In general, the national average salary of an owner is 685,000 US dollars.

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#2. Dispensary Manager

Facilitating a store’s operations, ensuring employee and customer safety, establishing a relationship with the community are some of the jobs of a dispensary manager. They also implement policies and ensure that the employees are following the company’s rules and regulations.

Generally, their job involves managing the hemp store itself. If an applicant wishes to apply for this job, it’s recommended if he or she has related experiences in retail or have a bachelor’s degree in it.

According to HempStaff, a professional hemp dispensary manager can earn an annual salary of around 40,000-95,000 US dollars. The pay is highly dependent on how profitable a store is. Also, bonuses for dispensary managers are generated from the store’s sales. For instance, the more customers a store will have, the higher the dispensary managers’ salary will increase.

#3. Edibles Chef

A hemp edibles chef is a person that legally creates food with hemp oil infusion. They should have prior experience in the kitchen or proper culinary arts training. Awareness of legislation, licensing, and packaging rules regarding hemp-infused products is recommended, but not required. Even so, some states require hemp edibles chefs to get a manufacturer’s license before selling hemp-infused products at a dispensary.

Starting a job in a hemp kitchen might be below America’s usual median salary. They usually earn an annual salary of $65,000. However, being head edibles chef in a large facility can reach up to $100,000.

#4 .Hemp Master Grower

A master grower is the overseer of the operations at production facilities for hemp products and farming. This job involves sourcing, transplanting, cloning, and providing nutrients for different strains of hemp plants.

In addition to its job responsibilities, a master grower would also have to train and manage supervisors and warehouse staff. Maintaining irrigation systems and implementing environmental controls are also part of their work, too. More importantly, a hemp master grower must ensure that the facility where the hemp grows is pest-free.

Being a master grower involves experience with managing different crops, as well as a greenhouse or indoor farming, as hemp is usually grown indoors. To get the job, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in agriculture or related fields. The best part is that being a master grower can earn an annual salary of 104,000 US dollars.

#5. Hemp Extraction Technician

An extraction technician is in charge of converting different parts of cannabis plants into medical oils and liquids. There is no official certification for this position yet, but these technicians usually have science-related degrees or experiences.

The position might have risks, but the salary makes the job worth it. The yearly salary for this position can range from 45,000-75,000 US dollars. A master extractor can earn up to 80,000- 180,000 US dollars every year.

The Bottom Line

Because of the continuous increase in the demand for hemp, its market grows larger and larger every day. Not only in agriculture and medicine, but the hemp industry has opened up a wide variety of new opportunities in the field of culinary, cosmetics, chemistry, management, and many more.

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