Seek Success with the Highest-Paying Jobs in the Legal Canna Industry

high paying cannabis jobs


The cannabis industry is booming. It’ll come as a surprise that people compare the growth and expansion to the 2000s broadband internet speed.

While researchers are paving a path to discovering more and more about the industry, they usually come up with predictions with each passing year. And, one of the latest predictions for the year 2021 and beyond is that there will be more jobs in the legal marijuana industry.

Thus, it is worth trying for the people who look forward to taking up extraordinary and out-of-the-box jobs. Quite excited to know more?

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Well, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the highest-paying jobs. After all, you need to decide if these are right for you or not.

1. Store Manager

Like any other retail outlet, cannabis industry stores too need managers. What’s even better is these store managers do pretty well financially and earn around $75,000 per annum.

Thus, all a store manager needs are explicit knowledge of cannabis products and accessories.

For instance, when you reach out to KING’s Pipe, the manager must answer all your questions. Their straightforward advice must help you make a trusted decision about whether you should go with Sativa or hybrid, or bong downstems or eRigs.

What’s even more exciting about their job is that they enjoy vacation time and medical coverage. These professionals receive bonuses in addition to their standard pay, which can be substantial when they’re managing their successful stores.

2. Dispensary Owner

The dispensary owner’s job is significantly different from that of a store manager. Cannabis laws vary state-by-state, and dispensaries usually operate in places where growing cannabis is legal for medical purposes and not recreation.

Thus, changing laws require owners to stay in touch with these laws and strictly adhere to the changes. Also, they must ensure fulfilling their responsibilities of running a business with due diligence.

Dispensary owners tend to earn an additional income of $100,000 as compensation for their efforts.

3. Grow Masters

One of the most desired yet sought after professions in the cannabis industry is the grow master. These people are responsible for cultivating the marijuana plant strains, which they later sell to their clients. This profession is in high demand, and these people tend to earn somewhere around $100,000 an annum.

The experts say that becoming a master requires a specific skill set. What’s even more, is that researchers expect recreational marijuana to shape cultivators just like celebrity chefs.

4. Cannabis Sales Representative

Cannabis sales representatives work just like reps of any other industry.

It is worth knowing that these salespersons have the responsibility of visiting dispensaries and stores. And, then their work is to forge business relationships between their company and the growers.

To be successful in the career of a cannabis sales representative, you need to be knowledgeable about business aspects. Yes, they have to be well aware of the products and relevant regulations.

It is because a sales representatives’ salary comes from the traditional industry’s commission. Thus, considering the cannabis industry different makes absolutely no sense. They have vast money-making potential, especially if you have talent and skills.

5. Edible Chef

The work of marijuana edibles chefs is more than just cooking. An edibles chef must infuse marijuana concentrates into doses to be safe carefully and have a measured consumption.

Professionals can earn anything between $50,000 to $100,000 per annum based on business size and chef’s talent level.

The Verdict: Achieve Heights of Success in Out-of-the-Box Career Choice

The cannabis industry is on a continuous evolution, which is why there is a greater demand for newer professions.

Do a magical plant and its product base excite you? If yes, then what’s keeping you waiting? Join the industry and reap the benefits of high-paying jobs!

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